COVID-19 A Plea To The Politicians (And Media)

COVID-19 is a threat to the Citizens and economy of the United States. It is not a threat to any single race, creed, color, or other manipulative subject of division. It is a threat to us all, and to our lives and fortunes.

For some, it is a threat to whatever sacred honor they may have. These creatures are so bereft of honor, decency, and basic humanity that they have gleefully tried to use it for political ends. They have used it to promote party, creeds, idiologies, or things other than the Republic and the Citizens of same.

For those who may still have some small spark of integrity, I beg you now, please stop. Pull back, reclaim some measure of manhood, and do what is right for all, not just yourself and your party.

For the others, I will steal a page from the far-left: How Dare You! How dare you put your venal interests ahead of my life, the lives of my family and friends, the lives of ALL Citizens and our economic well-being.

I would remind one and all that the Citizens are watching, and they will remember. They will remember who was willing to put their lives, and the lives of those they love, at risk for purely personal gain. When this is over, those who have lost those they love, and who have suffered adverse economic impact, will rightly look at you as being in part or in large measure responsible. And, they will be most right to do so.

Frankly, given the current climate, you will be lucky if they simply hold out for elections to hold you accountable. You may well be lucky if they only go so far as to try to recall you. You will be very lucky if they do not vent their rage in ways large and small at both you and whatever political party of which you are a part.

So, if honor and integrity are not enough, you have some strong motivation towards self-interest to stop this venal idiocy now. Show some maturity, some vestige of honor, some self-interest, and drop the politics.

If you don’t feel enough is being spent, propose more and put it towards really dealing with this and not underwater basketweaving/climate change. Don’t like a process or idea? Propose something else that is effective, efficient, and again FOCUSED ON THE DAMN PROBLEM AND NOT YOUR ELECTION/RE-ELECTION/PARTY!

This isn’t about you! It’s about all of us, and our lives and fortunes. Dig deep, dig hard, and find what it takes to do what is right for all, not just for you.