It’s Interesting

Working to get back into the proper habits for real blogging — after so much time in the cesspits of social media — is interesting. Mostly in terms of the Chinese curse, but I will admit that some of it is good food for thought.

My start in blogging was built around posts that were effectively columns, or stories that laid out information and thoughts on a topic. That is where much of my heart lies.

That said, one of the more effective formats I’ve seen for current use is very short posts linking to longer posts by the authors and others. Going to have to think about what is the best way forward for me, and for you, my readers.

Meantime, I hope to start getting a new personal schedule in place that will allow more time to do some in depth writing even as I explore options to recover traffic and get done what I want to get done. We will see how it goes.

Smarter Than I Thought…

My landlord’s cat (see photo in previous post) is perhaps a bit smarter than I thought. The landlord is out of town, and the cat has finally figured out that I am not going to let it in my room to sleep with me at night (he and the other cat are both barred from my room at all, a fact that bothers them both) while the landlord is away.

So, stinker tried a new tack this morning. He tried to lead me into the landlord’s room in an apparent bid to have me get in bed so he could cuddle/sleep with me like he does the landlord. Dog-like actions with a cat’s arrogance and determination. The logic is fascinating: if he can’t sleep with me in my bed, have me get in the landlord’s bed instead since he is allowed to sleep with/cuddle humans there.

Have to admit, it made me laugh when I figured out what he was trying to do. I’ll give him points for it; but, I declined and instead got ready for work. Cats…

Memorial Day 2019

Safety Brief: Don’t be stupid. Do not add to or subtract from the population without due thought.

General Orders: Enjoy. Have a good time. Take the time to have good food, good drink, good times — all with good friends and family. Laugh, a lot if possible. Remember those who gave all for our lives and freedoms, for this is their day.

As I noted both here at at Blackfive over the years, none of the troops (or veterans) I know would want anyone to don sackcloth and ashes and mourn today. They would have been first about raising a beer, eating something tasty, or doing something fun with the important people in their lives.

So, go drink something good; eat something tasty; do something fun; and, if possible, do it with good people. Just take the time to raise a glass to them, to remember them.

And follow the safety brief, as only Carl does not want you to follow the safety brief. Don’t be Carl.


Today, I honor all who made the ultimate sacrifice; and, in particular, I remember:

ENS Albert Foster Powers, MIA 1945 Japan

LCPL Bill Stelpflug, Beirut

COL Rick Rescorla, NY 9/11

SPC Ryan Dallam, Iraq

PFC Damian Lopez, Iraq

SPC Marieo Guerrero, Iraq

CPT Anthony Palermo, Iraq

SPC David Behrle, Iraq

SPC Joseph Gilmore, Iraq

PFC Travis Haslip, Iraq

SGT Jean Medlin, Iraq

SSG Christopher Moore, Iraq

PVT Alexander Varela, Iraq

LCPL Jeremy W. Burris, Iraq

SSG Brian Cowdrey, Afghanistan

MAJ Andrew Olmstead, Iraq

Lucky He’s Cute

I get to share the current lair with some interesting critters — including two cats. They are young, less than a year old, and can make life interesting. In this case, I actually found this violation of the rules (they are not to get on shelves, counters, etc. according to their owner) by one of them amusing.

Not Sure About 185…

I got to take a Maserati out for a spin last week, and while I did not live up to the song I did get to try it on both regular streets and the “real” Indy 500 — I-465. Traffic was heavy so I did not get the opportunity to truly open it up, but wish I could have. Given some of what I’ve heard about the brand, I was surprised and pleased with the style, comfort, and ride. The only issue I had was with some ergonomics around the steering wheel which may be adjustable given all that can be adjusted in the car. A nice bit of fun.