Not Surprised

Unfortunately, with two things.

First, the death of Jeffrey Epstein. Conspiracy and murder, or just more proof of the incompetence and abrogation of duties of our governmental institutions? I wanted him alive, as the man had a lot more information on more than the sexual foibles of a lot of people. It would also have been very nice to see his victims get some satisfaction.

Second, I can’t even say I’m disappointed in Beto. He did the right thing, for at least an hour or two, before joining every other democratic candidate and leader in politicizing the shooting(s). Screw the lot of them.

El Paso & Ohio

While the 48-hour rule is in effect, there are a few points I can share.

  1. Gun Free Zone = Target Zone.
  2. Carry. Legally.
  3. Carry first aid gear, including tourniquets.
  4. In regards 2 & 3, always carry.
  5. In regards #1 and similar things, better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6. Be smart, talk with a good lawyer, and be prepared.
  6. In an emergency when seconds count, first responders are only minutes away. Be prepared.

At least two of the democratic presidential candidates have responded as expected, fornicating the corpses for political gain before they were cold. Confirms my thoughts in regards both of them.

That said, if what I am hearing is true, my hat is off to Beto. I had no respect for him (rather less than that actually); but, he has suspended his campaign to return to his district to do what he can for the people he represents/represented. That is the right thing to do and is truly stepping up. Bravo, and at least one got it right.

Meantime, all I can do is offer my thoughts and prayers to those killed and injured, those around them, and those who responded to these incidents and/or are treating the victims.