While I mostly was successful in staying off social media yesterday, I have been following the terrorist attack in Nashville. Yes, I do consider it a terrorist attack. Short and sweet: until other information comes out, this was aimed at the AT&T center; that one or more people carrying it out stayed with the RV to ensure that it went off and/or that innocents were not harmed says quite a bit; that they broadcast a warning and countdown says even more and pulls from a couple of playbooks that have me more than a little concerned; and, I am waiting to see what comes next and from where before saying much more. That this was not a typical terror attack does not mean it was not a terrorist attack; rather, it means it was targeted and the psyop involved speaks to larger goals. It is asymmetric warfare as much as terrorism. Stay tuned, this is going to be an interesting ride.

Yet Another Pedophile Ring Busted

This one in Germany, with 70 subjects identified and approximately 30,000 potential suspects. Interesting how many have been busted over the last four years, almost as if some roadblocks to identification and prosecution have been removed. There’s more to it, of course, but a good start. And, yes, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Pity the media doesn’t do a better job of covering the topic.

Three Years, And Still No Justice

Listen to this voice. Listen Again. 

It has been three years, and this POS still is at large. Justice would be him having a short drop and a long dance, but simply finding him and having him face charges would be a good start. This thing does not deserve sanctuary or any other consideration — nor does anyone who conceals him.

Remember Abby and Libby. Remember and honor the courage and ingenuity that has given us what clues we have, including that recording above.

I have not forgotten. I will not forget.

There is still justice to be done. Spread the word, and leave the POS who attacked and murdered these two girls no place to hide.

Edit: Some previous coverage.