Memorial Day 2021

I don’t know any of them who would object to everyone having a good time, good food, and an adult libation or two; but, take a moment today to remember the real meaning for the “long weekend” we are enjoying. Remember those who paid the ultimate price for this country, for they are the reason the Republic lasted as long as it did.

Preparedness Pays: Proof Edition

This morning provided a chance to test some of my preparedness plans when the power went out in the middle of cooking breakfast. What could have been a disaster to my schedule instead turned into a minor annoyance.

First, I used my Streamlight tac light I carry in my pocket to go downstairs and get two camp lanterns, my portable chef’s stove, and a hook. Once back upstairs, I put the LE camp lantern up on an existing planter hook in the kitchen ceiling and used the hook I brought up to put up the Vont camp lantern up on a cabinet door on the opposite side of the kitchen. Then, I broke out the chef’s stove and finished cooking breakfast.

camp lanterns
Camp lanterns

The LE camp lantern is heavier than I would like for true backpacking, but provided an amazing amount of light on it’s regular setting. I could have set it higher, but really didn’t need to. The Vont was okay, but not nearly as bright though it would be my choice for backpacking. The Vont actually comes in a pack of four, which means I could have put one up in my room, the bathroom, and the common area of the basement and had plenty of light to get around.

The one thing I need to do is to get some brass cup hooks and put them up in those rooms so that I am ready to hang them if needed again. Plan to see if the landlord will mind if I put one up in the kitchen as well. Also, may look into trying to put some sort of diffuser on the Vont. May also try to sell the landlord into a UPS for the hot water heater, as while it is gas it is dependent on electricity for lighting.

I wish the LE wasn’t made in China, as I would consider buying more given how well it worked today.

Short version. Plans need to be tweaked (hooks in place), but the two-plus hour outage was simply an inconvenience instead of a morning wrecker. It ended up costing me about 15 minutes out of my schedule, which beats the heck out of a two-plus hour impact. Preparedness always pays.