Protests, Armed Or Otherwise

Don’t be stupid! Don’t go. Period.

For the first, what I’m seeing screams false-flag/set-up/bad news. They need something more than the demonsration at the Capitol if they are to have any chance to ram through gun control and gun confiscation legislation. So, don’t give it to them. As with all things, make them work for it.

For the second, boycott the inauguration. Don’t acknowledge it, don’t view it, don’t listen to it, ignore it. Make the ratings tank. It is the most powerful thing we can do. That includes not protesting it, which sends several messages while preventing anything but a staged incident that could be used to further cement their power and erode our remaining freedoms.

Don’t be stupid! Don’t go. Period.

The Great Silencing Proceeds

When I wrote this post, I had hoped that it would take much longer to get to this point. I’m not at all surprised at what is happening, just how fast — and how open — it is going. See my posts on Phase II and Mask Dropping for additional thoughts.

They don’t just want to silence any and all opposition, they want to destroy any and all opposition. To be honest, to hold power, they will have to do so, and literal killing has been going on for months now. The media has relentlessly suppressed the political assassinations of, and attacks on, Trump supporters, focusing instead on the few real instances of any pushback at their brownshirts. Sadly, I believe that killing by the progressives and their brownshirts will soon go wholesale. Be prepared.

The efforts to demonitize opposition is also rapidly escalating. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has entered the fray, along with other major companies. Look at what happened to Parler, and how even family and those not directly associated with attempts to create bastions of free speech have had all means of funding/banking suspended (see Gab’s founder as but one example).

Mainstream media continues to fall deeper into the sewer, with more mainstream reporters turning against independent journalists. In the media, it has been widely ignored for some time that “journalists” in Portland and elsewhere have engaged in active efforts to put Andy Ngo’s life in danger.

The destruction of lives continues, with the call to ban anyone who worked for or supported Trump already bearing fruit. Here is but one example of people being driven to suicide. Yes, there are more, go dig.

They hate you, they really, really hate you and literally do want you dead. When they talk of camps, re-education, ending careers and threating to destroy any who employ anyone who worked for or supported Trump, or killing anyone who worked for or supported Trump, they are being quite literal, not figurative. They mean it. Believe them. Now, they are going to move even more into the open. Also, keep in mind that hate is all they have. They have no love, no forgiveness, no Grace; and, while that will eventually will turn them on themselves, they will have no compunction about and will celebrate every destruction and death.

The next major operation will be creating another incident to use to push not just gun control, but gun confiscation. They’ve started by turning the demonstration at the Capitol into such a moment, but need more. All the more reason I urge anyone and everyone to boycott the inauguration and especially the false-flag armed protests being talked about. They hate to be ignored and they hate to be ridiculed. A boycott hits both, so use it. Do not fall for false flag events, don’t do something stupid and give them what they need. Make them fabricate it, so that more and more see what lies beneath the masks that have been removed.

Meantime, fight back. Get active in forums that Big Tech has not yet brought down. Read, listen, think, and share. Then, start local. There is a reason George Soros has been funding people in local elections. A good start is to find out who took such funding, and primary them and support a decent replacement. Support not establishment candidates, but good people who will do the job and follow the Constitution. Cleaning out the establishment politicians and the progressives locally isolates those in DC and chips away at their power.

Go read the posts from Sarah A. Hoyt, especially her posts Dance To The Line and Line Dancing: How To Be A Scary Moron. There are others I will mention later, but Sarah has already surved socialism once and has insights many do not.

Some Food For Thought For Those Of Faith

It is not comfortable thoughts, more savory than sweet. Yet, much needed. Those who choose style over substance to my mind miss much in scripture. Keep in mind that Jesus was not a comfortable person to be around, a rebel who defied convention and actually ate with sinners among many other uncomfortable things. Those who decried his words and actions were those of the Pharisees, or members of the Sanhedrin, not the Apostles.

A reminder that elections can have lethal consequences, and a reminder from me that appeasement never works. Next, a take on Christians shaming Christians for their vote. For dessert, an excellent column by Larry Alex Taunton.

Enjoy the feast.

Boycott The Inauguration

Following up on my post from yesterday on false flag ops and other IW, Roger L. Simon has a very good take on how to avoid being drawn into such. If no one shows up to protest anywhere, it will be harder (but not impossible) to turn it into a false flag event. Remember Aikido, and that the best way to avoid an attack is not to be where the blow lands. Step aside and let your enemy be the one extended and off balance. Make them look the fool, and if they happen to trip and fall, well, too bad.

SABO Strikes Again: Say Her Name

Copyright SABO

I will admit I was wrong in my original post about Ashli Babbitt. While some effort has gone into impeaching her character, they are memory holing her just as they have done with others they don’t want as a part of the narrative.

Street Artist SABO has taken up the cause, and has a downloadable portrait of her available. If you want to help support him, and I hope you do, you can buy one to help support his work.

Remember her, and say her name!

Hat tip, Instapundit

Ware False Flags And Friends

Short and sweet this morning. If you are thinking about attending an armed protest: DON’T. Do you not think that these will be used to set-up a provocation, an “incident” that will be used to push through legislation on gun control and confiscation? Don’t be stupid, they will do so (as with Waco) and take it as far as they can.

For all that I agree with Sarah A. Hoyt on the fact that we need to Dance To The Line, I would recommend strongly avoiding most protests. As with the one in southern California, they will be attacked and despite video and other evidence, only one side will commit violence and be charged. HINT: It will not be those attacking the peaceful protest.

Beware online and real-life “friends” egging you and events on. The amount of IW/Psyops underway is beyond amazing and disturbing. The left needs violence, and will do anything to anyone to get it. Step back from it, make them overextend so that you/we can step aside and let them fall on their face (think Aikido). Don’t play into their hands by being stupid and giving them something they can seize on and distort. We do not need any more martyrs like Ashli Babbitt (SAY HER NAME!), though we will have them. Far too many of them I suspect.

There will come a time when to save their life, or the lives of a loved one, someone will defend themselves. The left and it’s leaders in politics and the media, will do all they can to demonize and destroy that person. They will lie through their teeth about what happened, and use it to push not just gun control and confiscation, but to go after all weapons if they can. They want everyone who might oppose them disarmed.

Ridicule them, counter them with facts, make them take ridiculous swings so that the masks slip for all to see. But, be as safe as you can and don’t give them any unforced errors to use against those who oppose them.

Two Variations On Broccoli Cheddar Soup

The Final Product

Sunday, I made a batch of broccoli cheddar soup. New recipe, designed for those on Keto, and to do one batch, I had to get enough ingredients to do two batches. Works for me on more than one level, and it gave me the chance to experiment. The first batch was okay, but not quite where I wanted to be. Today, I made a batch with a slightly modified recipe, and then I added a Morroccan-style chicken to it.


1/4 white onion, finely diced

2 stalks of celery, finely diced

4 cloves of garlic, finely minced

2 cups chicken stock

4 cups chopped fresh broccoli

2 cups heavy cream

16 oz. block of extra sharp cheddar, grated

8 oz. block of sharp cheddar, grated


smoked salt


sweet and hot smoked paprika (optional)

1t Zanthan gum (optional)


Sweat the onion, celery, and garlic (add salt and pepper to it as you start, I use a bit of smoked salt to add to the flavor) over medium heat until soft. Add the two cups of stock, put lid in place, and let simmer over medium heat for 10 minutes. Then, add in the broccoli, re-cover, and simmer over medium heat for an additional 10 minutes. Add the heavy cream, stir, re-cover, and simmer an additional 10 minutes on slightly reduced heat. Add grated cheddar a handful at a time, stirring until dissolved, repeat step many times. If you are going to use the Zanthan Gum to thicken, take some of the soup and use it to make a slurry with it, then add it to the soup. Re-cover and let simmer for another ten minutes. Taste, adjust as needed, and add smoked paprika at this point.

Halfway There
Halfway there

PRO TIP: don’t try to use pre-shredded cheese from the store. The agents they use to keep it from caking will prevent it from dissolving. If you are melting cheese, always grate it yourself.

Pre-cooked Chicken Awaiting Its Time To Join In

Today, I used the above, and added to it with the broccoli some diced chicken thighs that I had coated with olive oil, salt, pepper, smoked pepper, and Ras El Hanout, then cooked up before I started the soup. Plan to experiment more with chicken and Ras as I really liked how it tasted. The chicken I did today really seems to work very well with the soup, making it into a complete meal (IMO).


Buh-Bye Amazon

I fear there is little that can be done to stop what is coming. That said, there is no choice on my part but to take a stand. As such, I’ve just cancelled my Amazon Prime membership, and closed my Amazon Associate account. This site is no longer a part of it and the disclaimers will be removed. Yes, I did let the associates program know that I was leaving over what was being done to Parler. Plan to do everything I can to avoid buying anything from them unless I can’t find it elsewhere. May play a bit of hob with the budget, but will live with it.

Ashli Babbit, Martyr

Whatever she was before, and she was a 14-year veteran of the U.S. Air Force, Ashli Babbit is now a martyr. There are several videos of her shooting, and you can view some of them here; or, view a much longer video of the entry into the Capitol here (recommended). No links to Youtube from me, they are requiring sign-in to view them. Fuck them. And, yes, the videos are graphic.

She was climbing into a broken window when she was shot in the neck, apparently by someone in the library. None of the various videos indicate any warning. Once down, she pointed to her neck as blood came out her mouth and nose.

DC police are “investigating” her death, but I don’t expect much given their long history of covering up for various federal legal entities. I suspect that they, along with many politicians, expect that “the people” will just take it like always. They are wrong.

Both the Democrats and the establishment Republicans are seriously misreading the lay of the land. After months of riots over deaths of rather questionable individuals, the huge overreach of authority in the name of pandemic lockdowns, the huge and continuing economic impact of various measures — again in the name of the pandemic — that are killing small- and medium-sized businesses and keeping millions out of work, and an election that stinks to high heaven, the people have had enough. The murder (a term I use with deliberation) of Ashli Babbit will not just be accepted, and those who think they can control this narrative are fools.

What happened yesterday at the Capitol should not have been unanticipated. Most of the law enforcement I’ve seen inside showed restraint and a high degree of professionalism. However, it only takes one panicked and/or unprepared (or just plain stupid) person to do something this criminally stupid. To be honest, I’m surprised it was just the one shot, and I wonder if that person’s fellow officers did anything to stop them from firing again. It really doesn’t matter though.

Blood has been spilled, and the media response makes clear they realize that Ashli Babbit’s death makes her a martyr. They have and will continue to do all they can to avoid that. It’ won’t matter. It won’t matter if twitter, FB, and YouTube do all they can to suppress the videos. It’s out there, from multiple angles and multiple people, on multiple platforms.

If there is a case for a member of security shooting dead an unarmed woman who’s only threat was that of entering a library in the Capitol, they need to make it now if they are smart. However, they aren’t so I expect them to try to destroy her name and reputation, and will count of their minions in the media to carry their water for them. The media will do so, but it will not have the impact they think. It will only add fuel to the flames.

The progressive left sees violence as a dial that can be turned up (see this summer’s riots) or down at need. A good portion of the rest of the world, however, does not. They see it as a simple on/off switch. A case can be made that yesterday was a different side playing with the knob. An interesting philosophical discussion, but moot in terms of reality.

This year has seen multiple assaults and even murders of Trump supporters and/or those simply seen as such. The mayor of DC (and the DC police) encouraged violence in the city against Trump supporters (or those simply suspected of being such) at previous rallies. If they attempt to white-wash this, or to engage in further violence, I’m very much afraid that they will find that her murder has flipped the switch.

Hang on, as I am afraid it is going to get very rough, potentially to the point that we will see internal violence on a level we have not seen in more than 100 years. Be prepared, be smart, and be as safe as circumstances allow. Think. And think long and hard where you stand in regards freedom and liberty, and what you can and will do to preserve the same. There is still time and opportunity to pursue legal and other remedies to secure them; but, I fear that window may be as gone as the window Ashli Babbit was climbing through when she was murdered.


While I mostly was successful in staying off social media yesterday, I have been following the terrorist attack in Nashville. Yes, I do consider it a terrorist attack. Short and sweet: until other information comes out, this was aimed at the AT&T center; that one or more people carrying it out stayed with the RV to ensure that it went off and/or that innocents were not harmed says quite a bit; that they broadcast a warning and countdown says even more and pulls from a couple of playbooks that have me more than a little concerned; and, I am waiting to see what comes next and from where before saying much more. That this was not a typical terror attack does not mean it was not a terrorist attack; rather, it means it was targeted and the psyop involved speaks to larger goals. It is asymmetric warfare as much as terrorism. Stay tuned, this is going to be an interesting ride.