Citizen versus Subject is a concept foreign to most of the younger generations. Foreign as in it is a part of civics no longer taught in most schools. As a philosophical concept, I would venture that it is terra incognito to the vast majority these days.

There is an interesting twist on the subject, which is the trite concept of “citizen of the world.” What began with Diogenes has morphed, or been hideously misshapen, by modern socialists into something else.

This concept is discussed here, and it is well worth the read. Go read.

The Experimental Cocktail: The Last Two Current Ingredients

The current final two ingredients (as ingredients are subject to change after 4-6 weeks) are the two for which there is the least scientific data. That said, they offer a chance to kick some things into action.

First up is cinnamon. Yes, the spice. It’s also long been used for medical purposes (as with many spices). This write-up provides an overview of it’s uses and a good bit of data (such as it is). Frankly, there is a lot of potential there, though studies appear to be sparse and the governmental studies (unsurprisingly) are ambiguous.

One does need to be very careful, however, about the source and strength of the cinnamon. In short, there are two types of cinnamon on the market: Ceylon (True, or British) and Cassia (Saigon Cassia). While cinnamon would appear to have many positive aspects, one particular compound in it can cause liver damage or failure in high enough dosages. Cassia/Saigon Cassia has a (much) higher concentration of this compound. Therefore, I am taking a supplement made from Ceylon cinnamon.

While the governmental data is ambiguous, there are enough other studies (including some governmental) that indicate it can have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, positive blood-sugar and cholesterol activities, and anti-cancer actions. Some of what I’ve read also indicate it could be something of a catalytic in terms of helping the cocktail work. So, in it is.

The final ingredient has, frankly, the weakest scientific evidence — at least when it comes to anti-inflammatory properties. However, it does provide all the components needed for the formation (and restoration) of cartilage. The reason I’m taking it isn’t the alleged anti-inflammatory properties, it’s the chemical building blocks it provides.

There are 16 types of collagen, but Type II is a component of cartilage, while Type I and III are in your skin. While there are many sources of the amino acids that are collagen, what I’m trying to do is provide my body with easy-to-digest/absorb amounts of those that can help my joints, skin, and other tissues. So, I’m taking a supplement that provides Types I, II, III, V, and X. It is also Keto-friendly, which helps.

So, that’s the current mix. At this point, I’ve been on this cocktail for about four weeks. While I would prefer to be on it six weeks before saying antyhing, I probably will release some initial assessment next week.

BTW, if you care to help with the experiment, feel free to hit the tip jar in the top right corner, or use the Amazon wish list in the same spot as what I’m currently using is listed there. Thanks.

Thoughts And A Request

The news of al-Baghdadi is confirmed. Couldn’t have happened to a better man. Those so opposed to Trump that they are praising al-Baghdadi show themselves for what they are. Pity them, and hammer them into the ground.

On top of that, seems we took out the spokesman for ISIS on Sunday. There may have been a few other targets in there as well. Again, couldn’t have happened to better men.

The West, and Western Media, have largely ignored the horrors inflicted by ISIS. Sexual slavery, rape of captives (including at least one U.S. citizen who was then made a slave and had to serve as the wife of an ISIS leader), crucifixion of Christians (and others), burning prisoners alive, tossing gays off rooftops. Western media, particularly that in the U.S., are determined to cover stories that undermine the progressive narrative with a pillow, until they quit moving.

More on supplements tomorrow, but for today, a favor to ask. If you can hit the tip jar, or perhaps the Amazon wish list, up there in the top right corner, it would be appreciated. The supplements are expensive, as are some other steps I hope to take here soon. Also, I’m going to have to learn/re-learn how to shoot offhand. That is going to take ammo, range time, and probably even some coaching/instruction. Anything will help. Thanks.

Al Baghdadi Dead?

Announcement at 0900 Eastern today (Sunday). But, reports are already out that SF took him out/caused him to kill himself to avoid capture.

Christians are not supposed to celebrate the death of anyone, that any death is a loss. Well, I’m probably not in the few hundred thousand to get into heaven anyway, so bleep it. Thinking this is cause for a smoke and a drink.

Random Thoughts On A Friday Morning

The Katie Hill story has it all: power, privilege, sex, betrayal. A politician has multiple affairs with staff members of both sexes. How old were some of them? What’s more, it appears to have been a pattern with that politician. In the age of #metoo, it would be grounds for running that politician out of town on a rail.

But, this is a female politician of the democratic persuasion. The woman card has been played. The divorce/revenge card has been played. Major media outlets are focusing on that, while refusing to report on the events, and are doing their best to put the original, and highly professional, investigative reporting by Jennifer Van Larr at RedState into either a negative light (eeeevil conservatives!) or by pretending it doesn’t exist.

Stealing a great line, remember that modern journalism is all about covering important stories, with a pillow until they quit moving.

On this story, and on several others involving the inquiry now criminal investigation of the whole Russian hoax, it is also very clear (yet again) to anyone willing to watch that JournoList is (and has been) up and running. Most of us knew that was the case within weeks of the original being outed.

That outing has been the subject of a number of rumors: that it was by someone upset at the perversion of the journalistic code of ethics (it was); that it was by a closet conservative; that it was by someone who didn’t feel it was progressive enough (I can see that); or, take your pick.

I will say this: the new JournoList is to be commended for whatever security they put in place. So far, it seems to be holding, though I’m not sure for how long that will last. Remember, progressives always end up eating their own.

Quantum Computing, For Good Or For Ill

It may indeed be BS, will wait for my computer friends to say more. Meantime, we would do well to think about the results, both for good and for ill, that will come from this technology. It will come, after all, and we should be prepared for it.

Meantime, read what Rod Dreher and his readers have to say. Yes, I read Rod though we disagree on many things political (I do wish he would stop clutching his pearls and flouncing to the fainting couch any time Trump does something), and because he is one of the few out there doing real and serious reporting on sexual abuse and other scandals in all churches. His coverage of the Catholic Church is incredible, and his gets the problems some of us have with the Church. As for me, my faith in the spiritual Church is strong, but I fear I have no faith left in the institution erected by man. That, however, is a post for another day.