Quick Take On First Debate

No, I did not watch it. Well past my bedtime and from the clips and commentary it went pretty much as expected. Based on the clips and commentary, it seems:

  1. Trump more than held his own against his primary opponent, Chris Wallace.
  2. Trump scored hugely by bringing up the stories the media is refusing to cover or downplaying. For many, first they’ve heard of them and hopefully they will look them up.
  3. Trump fought back, instead of just smiling and bending over further as is the Republican party norm. According to the Biden camp, this is unpresidential. Though, to be fair, the better term for the media and the never-Trumpers would be camp followers.
  4. Why was Joe wired, and constantly bringing his hand up to his face?
  5. Joe didn’t win, otherwise his camp and camp followers would not be calling for him to skip the remaining debates.
  6. Apparently, Latino voters see Trump as the victor, and I suspect a lot more do as well.

Your take may vary, and that’s a good and healthy thing. We are each entitled to an opinion, and to safely voice the same. Only True Fascists™© seek to prevent free speech and honest discourse.

Into The Light: Dame Diana Rigg

The Avengers was not a show my mother liked for me to watch, but watch it I did whenever I could. Usually re-runs on PBS, but for me the Diana Rigg years were the best of the series.

Over the years, I saw her in a number of television shows and movies. Sadly, I never did get to see her on stage. She could do everything from ultra-serious drama to high camp, and did so with grace and charm — and clearly had fun with most or all of the roles. They actually let her drive in the race scene in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, and she admitted she had a huge amount of fun, though she also reported the cameraman in the car turned green… If I could have had the opportunity, I would have loved to ask her about a scene in The Avengers where her opponent broke into a series of ballet moves in hyperspeed. The look on her face was “WTF???” and I’ve always wondered if they did that just to get her reaction.

Sadly, cancer has claimed her at age 82.

Thank you for many years of solid entertainment, and all else you provided through your roles. May the light shine down on those you leave behind, and comfort and guide them now and in the days ahead.

An Interesting Read On COVID-19

A friend shared this and I found it an interesting read. It is a different take on COVID-19 based off a supercomputer study done on the genetic composition. Hoping to get some feedback on the study from doctors, see what they say about it.

And It Continues

Dear Mitchell Byars, the female did not confront the 12-year-old, she assaulted him, violently, for supporting a candidate she doesn’t like. Thank you for your contribution to the DNC and your strong support of normalizing political violence. Again, please note she turned around, stalked, and assaulted a 12-year-old rather than engage in any rational action, much less rational discourse. The progressive Marxists really are not going to like what happens once such violence is fully normalized. Or now, when a parent catches them and deals with it on the spot…

For all that I think the post stupid on several levels, Facebook removed a congresscritter’s post citing their violence policy. This is not the only post they have removed, nor have they been shy about removing people from the platform. Twitter has done the same, banning everyone from minor followers of Q to major journalists who are pro Trump. The Great Silencing (Phase I and Phase II) continues, and will accelerate over the next couple of months. It is nice that both Facebook and Twitter have effectively acknowledged that they are publishers, not common carriers…