Quick Thoughts On Fights & Protection

Sorry for the lack of posting, but life has been interesting. Mostly in good ways, as still processing the unexpected news from last week. The heart is good. Associated issues (hypertension, etc.) are still there. The body, well, that’s a different story. Trying to get some more medical lined up, and also having to verify that my insurance is good and will remain in effect. Just love paperwork…

Yesterday (I think) I posted on X about abject stupidity and breathtaking incompetence being indistinguishable from malice. Which leaves me with a bit of a quandry as I can’t quite believe either and am leaning towards embracing the healing powers of the word “and” in this regard.

Yes, I have helped do security, physical and other, including being close in. If you are close in, your entire job is to play bullet sponge and protect the package. If things go well your armor will keep you alive. If not, too bad, what matters is keeping the package alive. I could get into zones and such, but I figure most of you can guess that I do have at least some clue on the subject.

I’ve held off saying a whole lot for now, as this needed at least 72-hours and not 48. Problem is, it really doesn’t matter if it was malice or just DIE-inspired breathtaking incompetence and abject stupidity. Again, I’ve begun leaning towards “and” being operative here. Regardless, Mayorkas and the entire senior leadership of the Secret Service need to go. At this point, they have willfully endangered the lives not just of Trump, but also RFK and others for political reasons. The more that comes out from the assassination attempt, the worse it gets for the SS, DHS, and even LE.

I may get into all the failures one day soon, but they are legion. From SS members appearing to hide behind Trump to a response that couldn’t clear a basic fence, this is beyond amateur hour. Diversity Inclusion Equity leadership and participation failed spectacularly at the only thing that matters: protecting the package.

If Trump is eliminated, or if the public even thinks he MAY have been eliminated, I don’t think it will be pretty. It’s the whole rheostat versus on/off switch thing, and those playing with the dial don’t have a clue what they are doing or what will happen. Only idiots (on every side) are stupid enough to want such to happen. Those of us who have seen the world a bit, and studied history, have a clue and want to avoid such.

Which also gets into the calls for a new Munich by the Chamberlin Brigade. Cancel culture is now coming for the progressive side, and the civility brigade is all a dither at the horror of the “new rules” being done to “average people” on the left.

You know what? It’s not nice. It’s not pretty. It’s not the best of the best. It is, however, necessary. For long years, those anywhere to the right of Lenin (and mostly “average people”) have had their lives destroyed, families and friends threatened and attacked, and worse by the progressive cancel and rage mobs. The progressive elements have cheered those attacks and destruction, be it on children or adults.

Until it is driven home on them, until they experience what they have cheered on others, they will continue to do it and gloat. Our Republic can’t survive living under two sets of rules where only one side is destroyed. To paraphrase their secular icon, make the enemy live up to their rules. They have to experience it and do so unto a level that they stop this dreck. It’s like rubbing a puppy’s nose in the puddle or mess until they get the hint.

I don’t particularly like it, and look forward to the day it is no longer needed. But if we are to destroy the evil that is cancel culture and the rage mob, it needs be done and those demanding the high road will achieve nothing but the destruction of liberty by their misplaced and misguided efforts. The progressives were warned what would happen, and that they would not like the new rules; but, they were convinced that the rule(s) never would apply to them. Again, and again, and again: until those rules do apply to them and it impacts them, things will not change. If we stop now, not only will they not change, they will get worse. That’s a discussion for another day, but to the Chamberlin Brigade/MoQ types, this is NOT a fair fight, if you are in a fair fight your tactics suck, and if you insist on trying to be noble, high-minded and fair right now you are guaranteeing the death of freedom of speech. Suck it up, hold your nose, and rub the puppy’s nose in it until the lesson is driven home. Hold them to their rules until the rules are changed for the better FOR ALL.

More soon. Be prepared. Keep your friends close and your things where you can find them in the dark.

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I got home from choir practice (they are foolish enough to have me training to join the choir/chorus/etc.), Vespers, and Matins, to the news that Donald Trump was almost killed in an assassination attempt. The photos and video of him in the aftermath are iconic. Sadly, at least one bystander was killed and at least one seriously wounded.


Yes, among the odd things I have done I have done PPD work. YOU FLIPPIN SECURE THE LINES OF SIGHT! Basic, textbook one-oh-one stuff. I get that they have been asking for augmented security/assistance and been denied by the Biden administration — just like RFK has been denied ALL protection. Are they really so stupid they don’t realize what will happen if either is killed?

Well, the answer to that is yes, they are that stupid. I’ve long said they will not let Trump live to take office. Really, they won’t let him live until the election. By the Grace of God, he survived tonight. If he is to survive further, I would recommend he ditch the SS, and hire the nastiest bunch of pros he can. If not for him, for his family.

To say I have a lot of questions is an understatement. May we have honest answers fast, for much depends upon it.

Meantime, pray. Pray for our Republic. Pray for the dead, and pray for the injured. May God’s mercy be upon them, and may God grant unto all that which is needed to meet the challenges in all aspects of the lives and souls involved. Pray. For if this goes the way it is headed, they know not what they unleash. May we all avoid that, and may God’s mercy be upon us.

That’s Not Good

By now, you’ve probably seen this story or similar about the missing NYPD uniforms, car markings, and other delights. Not sure about you, but I’m hearing from sources that NYPD is not alone. In fact, it sounds like this is far more widespread that anyone sane should like.

One of the things that I’m finding interesting is that not all the missing uniforms and such are in major cities. That said, the areas where they are missing seem to be in areas with interesting (and critical) infrastructure, military, industrial, or other. Worrisome that is, at least for me. That this is traveling via LE-member and related circuits, and is NOT being discussed by politicians or political leadership military, LE, etc. could well be speaking volumes.

What just happened in Russia could be the opening bell as it were. Given the large numbers of military aged Chinese, Muslims, and others from a variety of countries inimicable to the United States and the tenets of Western Civilization… Well, if you were the Chinese and wanted to prevent a U.S. response to an invasion of Taiwan or annexation of portions of the Philipines; if you were Iran and wanted to cripple the United States while setting yourself up as a significant/major nuclear power (not just regional); or if you were one of several others: what would you be doing different via our open Southern Border?

Even if the tsunami of military aged males (and tens of thousands of children being trafficked too) weren’t a real threat, look at what is happening with our economy. Look at the debt, look at the loss of the petrodollar, and more. There’s more beyond that, lots more, and the new Kristallnacht that is underway here and abroad is but one sign . None of the things is good of itself, and offers much worse in synergistic terms.

Stock up. Keep your eyes open, head on a swivel, and your things where you can find them in the dark. It’s not the end, but I doubt it is going to be fun. Keep your family and true friends close, and be careful out there. If you care to help me with some food and preparation, feel free to hit the tip jar.

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Starship 4th Test Flight

Wow. What a flight! David Strom hits things on the head here, and I very much agree with his close: Elon Musk is a figure out of Heinlein. Love him or loathe him, he is making indelible changes on the world. From my viewpoint, most of those are good. Especially when it comes to getting us off this mudball.

Over the years, I’ve been fortunate to know and spend time with some interesting people, and to have done work for NASA twice. Today showed me several things I’ve been told were impossible, but I just watched them play out in realtime.

More years ago than I care to think about, Jerry and Roberta Pournelle took a callow young science writer under their wings. This led not only to interesting dinners but inclusion on several discussions of science and technology, often centering on spaceflight and heading out from Earth. Some discussions of such may have been a bit spirited, but it is interesting how they often led to investigation, experimentation, and change.

While my memory is not what I would like, I do seem to remember that Jerry was somewhat strongly of the opinion that landing rockets upright/vertical a la Golden Age science fiction was impossible. I’ve been watching SpaceX stick vertical landings on droneships for a while now and smiling. To be honest, think Jerry would be delighted at being wrong and seeing what is going on.

I’ve heard similar, but not nearly as spirited (and innovative) discussions at NASA at time or two. Then again, far too many there were wedded to the long, slow, expensive process at NASA. NASA is not only risk averse, but anything that smacked even slightly of failure was something never to be done again. NASA did not fail, it only succeeded — at great cost, lots of time, and one-off hardware. What Elon and SpaceX are doing is the best way to do real development: speculate, build, test, refine, test, refine, test, and then move out. Doing that is almost guaranteed to cut your development timeline by two thirds if not more.

Now, let’s look at all the pretty pictures, and even more importantly the massive amounts of data, that we got during reentry. Let me repeat that: DURING REENTRY. Another thing I was told at various times was impossible, beyond technical capabilities, etc. Never happen. Heh. Right. All made possible via Starlink and innovative thinking. If you think Elon’s companies aren’t meant to work together… I have suspicions about The Boring Company, which is anything but boring…

Now, when it comes to burnthrough the conventional wisdom was that pretty much any burnthrough was a catastrophic event. Even a pinprick spelled doom for a craft, and the idea that any external component or system that experienced such could function afterwards was nonsense! Nonsense I tell you Sir! Cough. Guess what I watched today? Heck, they invited some burnthrough by deliberately leaving off some tiles and putting sensors and such there because that data was needed. Not in a critical area, but still…

When the flap began to burn through, I kept expecting to see the rocket tumble and fail. Instead, I saw — even with the damage to the camera — the flap move and operate, and the ship continue to maneuver and function. That was amazing, and again I had been told impossible. I’m beginning to think Elon’s breakfast consists of multiple impossible things each morning.

Perfect mission? No, but an amazing success anyway. Right now, looks like they hit all the major goals, including getting massive amounts of data so they can improve and try again. In fact, a surface reading indicates that nothing that did go wrong requires the FAA to investigate and delay work on the next TEST flight according to the paperwork. That said, the Biden Regency hates Musk and has been trying to throw wrenches into the gears as they can, so I really do expect them to try to find a way to do so now. The offset to that is that the military and the Intelligence Community are now both having to back Elon given their dependence on SpaceX for reliable and cost-effective launches. That may reduce the interference. We can but hope.

As I’ve said before: Earth is the cradle of humanity, but crib death is still a thing and we need to be out on as many worlds — large and small — as we can as fast as we can. Even if not for survival per se, it is also a good idea for political survival. See Kotani and Robert’s Island World/Act of God series for the latter.

Right now, Elon and SpaceX are our best shot at getting that underway. We need them, so keep them in your prayers as there are a lot of people who want them to fail. Heck, need them to fail.

As far as living and working in space full time, think we still have some research to do. Some recent investigations into blood and other issues long-term for those in space raises some concerns. I’ve talked before about the issues with reproduction in space.

Which reminds me, the Chinese investigations underway with fish are a thing to watch. This could provide lots of good data not only on how they do in microgravity. This ties into issues of food in space and reproduction in space, and may be a good step towards ensuring safety on both fronts. I suspect that some gravity is going to be needed, but how much is the question. One that can be easily and fairly quickly answered at need.

That, however, is for the future. Right now, today’s test flight was amazing. Not only visually, but operationally and from the standpoint of gathering data.

Keep doing the impossible Elon and SpaceX! We need this more than most may realize.

Getting hit by lightning is not fun! If you would like to help me in my recovery efforts, which include moving once we have medical issues cleared up, feel free to hit the fundraiser at A New Life on GiveSendGo, use the options in the Tip Jar in the upper right, or drop me a line to discuss other methods. It is thanks to your gifts and prayers that I am still going. Thank you.

Pray & Prepare

The verdict in the show trial of Donald Trump should surprise no one. It was a foregone conclusion from the start, and the antics of the “prosecution” and “judge” were farcical to the point of making Chinese, Soviet, and Nazi show-trail judges shake their heads. There was absolutely nothing fair, proper, or even legal about the proceeding.

Those telling you to respect the jury system, the rule of law, etc. are telling you exactly who and what they are, and who they serve on Earth and beyond. This is especially true for non-Democrats doing such. Make note of them and shun them, for they are not your friends, comrades, or allies.

Those gloating in the guilty on all counts verdict, even when none can tell you the crime committed other than Trump being Trump and winning the election, the same applies. They do not respect rule of law, our Constitutional Republic, and are happy to go watch any they consider their enemies die horrible deaths in the local arena for their pleasure and to remind the masses what fate awaits those who oppose the state.

Indeed, what we are seeing used to be the norm and while many are pointing out the similarities to the late Roman republic, you can see it in modern China and other countries where to lose power is to condemn you and your family to rather nasty deaths or slavery. It was one of the reasons why our Founders enshrined the peaceful transfer of power as a foundation of the Republic, and it was one of the first times such has worked for any length of time.

Undermining both the Rule of Law and a Justice (not legal) system, that was to be equal for all, kicks two crucial supports out from under the Republic. It’s been clear for a while we had a two-tier system of justice (if not further divided) and that the rule of law was dead — especially when it comes to individual liberty, individual property rights, individual right of self-defense… I could go on, but if anyone has missed the points made by Ruby Ridge, Waco, the extra-judicial murders of various online cranks (see here for one example of several) and those daring to exercise their second amendment rights (see also prosecution here where ‘the 2nd amendment doesn’t exist in my court rooom’), or even self-defense and the defense of others (see here for one example). Yes, I do mean to say extra-judicial murders: what else should one call it when raids are conducted with no-knock/no-announcement, at early or odd hours, only when target present, no body cameras, target cameras taped over, etc. in defiance of law and regulation? There are many more examples for you, and it is clear the ATF, FBI, etc. have taken the lessons of the KGB (and the Gestapo) to heart with early morning raids and the deliberate mistreatment of family and others even after killing their target. This was actually a good discussion on X about this yesterday.

In their ignorance and arrogance, those desperate to cling to power and corruption have chosen to do anything needed for that end. That they are sowing a wind that will reap them a whirlwind that could plunge the world into darkness (not hyperbole, but a subject worthy of more than one long post) does not even cross their minds. They foolishly believe they can control this, use this to create more J6-style detentions and trials, and cow the rabble into submission. They are at best fools, and we may all pay the price for it.

As for those who think they will stop with just fines or a slap on the wrist in this Trump trial, what makes you think that given all they have done they will go to half measures now? They are making an example to discourage anyone from challenging them again. I will be amazed if it is not the maximum possible sentence in prison. Further, as I mentioned here before, I told another writer almost two years ago that if Trump showed any possibility of winning or did win, that he would not live to take office. I fully expect that he, and his family, will be killed. Most likely by a deranged individual that has been encouraged if not aided to do exactly that ‘to save our democracy’. If you think this is too much, look back at all the mass shooters (and there is a trans connection there too) who were ‘known subjects’ to the FBI and other law enforcement. Seriously, go back to the Pulse nightclub shooting and move forward. Take a look at the knowledge and even relationships between them and LE. Coincidence?

Think that those currently in power won’t do something like that? History, including recent history, says different. The Biden Regency and others clinging desperately to power more than live up to Amb. Molari’s quote on arrogance and stupidity in one neat package. As I said above, they really do think they can control and use what is to come. I think them fools.

That said, the first thing I think we should do is pray. We need to pray for the Republic, we need to pray for guidance, and we need to pray for the worst not to happen for this could well set the world on fire (think Ukraine, China, ME, etc. where they want more endless wars) and plunge it into darkness for centuries. Worst case, but still a case I can make quite easily.

Last night, Sarah A. Hoyt brought up Psalm 7 on X. It is a good one to read right now. It is a good one to pray. Right now, especially with all the Fed Boi’s on social media working as hard as they can to get people to say or do stupid things so they can pull out the J6 playbook again, Prayer is the best thing we can do. Please don’t be stupid and fall for the provocations.

Second best thing we can do is prepare. In this case, not just with physical supplies, but mental and spiritual as well. Quickest way to prevent something is to plan for it, so plan for that worst case. In addition to food and such, tuck away in secure storage copies of Locke and the others who influenced the Founders of our Republic; copies of the books and textbooks from the late 1800’s to around 1910, for they covered history, philosophy, language, and more; tuck away books on how to do things, from how the Romans did plumbing to how the pioneers preserved foods and cooked; and, tuck away Christian writings including the Bible, for Progressives worship the state and loathe those who worship God. Remember, you will eat the bugs and wear the rags and like it, and you will not have any other god but them and the state. Prepare accordingly.

Worst case covered, plan for now. For all that I think every effort will be made to ensure a dishonest election, vote. Encourage others to vote. Vote as if your life and the lives and future of your family depend on it. Vote not for individuals (put not your faith in the princes of men), but for the Republic and those who will support and defend same. If you get a stupid law or order, malicious compliance is a thing. Even at great cost, fight any injustice done unto you and any effort to erode your rights and liberties. Document, turn Alinsky back on them and make them live up to their statements. They won’t, but that just makes it easier to document, point, and laugh and ridicule them. They can’t stand the latter, so make as much fun of them in as many ways as you can. They truly are ridiculous, so share it far and wide. When they do things (or are caught), point it out and do so in a way that makes people laugh at them. It truly is their kryptonite, though expect backlash and examples to be made of those who dare do it.

Now, some of you were already doing this step long before it became a thing, but look at the Benedict Option and how it can (still) be implemented. For all that I am not a fan of Mr. Dreher, he has pushed a good idea for people of Faith. Some of you have already done something similar, pulling together in communities with shared ideals and grouping together people with needed skills should things go towards the worst case. It is a good idea, and if I get the chance to move (once health assured) would love to join such a grouping.

All that said, and as far as the Republic has fallen, I still think we are not yet beyond repair and redemption. For a musical take, I think we are still On The Border in regards the opportunity to recover and restore the Republic. That said, I think we are rapidly approaching the point of The Story In Your Eyes and having to go from the ashes we can build another day. I really hope that we can avoid, for this or any other reason, needing to play Genesis Ch1, V32 as a theme song. If you need something to buck you up, I like Victory despite disagreeing with some of the lyrics. If you need something a bit more martial, may I suggest Preliator? I’m afraid, however, that some of us — even now — may end up needing to play Winterborn, but if so let those who do and those who remember them wear and remember their names with pride. For there will be martyrs created by those who seek power for themselves, their children, and grandchildren no matter the cost. Best is to put Faith into Prayer, and hope for the ballot box and the courts, despite the strong efforts underway to de-legitimize both.

So, buck up. It may not be easy or fun, but few worthwhile things rarely are such. Be prepared, keep your family and friends close, and your things where you can find them in the dark. Pray.

UPDATE: This is a good, if short, read on the Romans, looking forward to the promised parts to come. If you want good, first-hand history on China, show trials, and more, allow me to recommend Xi Van Fleet. As always, Stephen Green/Vodka Pundit, is doing some good work. One of several I think. Lot of good takes at Hot Air.

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Memorial Day 2024

With the car as it is, not going to be able to do my usual trip to Oaken Barrel to buy a beer for the guys. I may see if I can get down to the Church later to say a prayer, already done one here at home. I plan to cook some hot dogs, enjoy a good beer, and celebrate their lives even as I honor their sacrifice. Please join me in remembering:

ENS Albert Foster Powers, MIA 1945 Japan
LCPL Bill Stelpflug, Beirut
COL Rick Rescorla, NY 9/11
SPC Ryan Dallam, Iraq
PFC Damian Lopez, Iraq
SPC Marieo Guerrero, Iraq
CPT Anthony Palermo, Iraq
SPC David Behrle, Iraq
SPC Joseph Gilmore, Iraq
PFC Travis Haslip, Iraq
SGT Jean Medlin, Iraq
SSG Christopher Moore, Iraq
PVT Alexander Varela, Iraq
LCPL Jeremy W. Burris, Iraq
SSG Brian Cowdrey, Afghanistan
MAJ Andrew Olmstead, Iraq
CPT Carroll LeFon, CONUS

Thank you Lord that such men lived, and heeded the call to protect and defend. We are all the richer and the better for them and their brothers and sisters who lived the words “No greater love…” You are remembered. You are not forgotten. You are missed. God Bless.


Meant to do something yesterday, but got distracted. It was absolutely amazing to be in the path of the totality, and I am thankful I got to see it. I seem to recall being more on the edge of the path when much younger, but it was cloudy and we really couldn’t see anything. Got a bit dark(er) for a bit, birds went to roost, and then we went back to normal cloudiness.

For a bit, I was afraid we would have our fairly normal spring low clouds, which would have blocked it. Instead, we had some high thin clouds that may have added to it. My landlord bought a bunch of glasses so everyone could watch it, and we set up camp out in the front yard for the show. Yes, I did smoke the last good cigar I had, and enjoyed a small glass of brandy with the view. My camera being dead, I didn’t really try for much in the way of photos as I wanted to concentrate on the view itself.

To call it amazing is an understatement. As a writer, it pains me a bit to admit that words are not truly up to the task of describing the event. To watch the moon inch it’s way across the sun, and the radiant glory when it fully covered it, is something I think is truly impossible to describe.

In that few moments of totality, night fell. The birds went to roost and into silence. There was no traffic on our normally busy street. The only sounds were those of awe from everyone out watching it. The streetlights came on, and everyone still looked up, watching. It was a timeless moment of beauty and glory.

When the sun started to return, so did normal life. Some of the birds sounded a bit confused but quickly went back to daylight mode. The streetlights went off, and the people went back inside or to regular life.

What did you see? I remember this from childhood. To the moon!

I did try for a couple of photos on the phone, but not too hard as I much preferred just to watch. The best one is at the top.

If you were fortunate enough to see it, good! If you get the chance to watch one, take it! I am grateful I lived long enough to see this one.

Getting hit by lightning is not fun! If you would like to help me in my recovery efforts, which include moving once we have medical issues cleared up, feel free to hit the fundraiser at A New Life on GiveSendGo, use the options in the Tip Jar in the upper right, or drop me a line to discuss other methods. It is thanks to your gifts and prayers that I am still going. Thank you.

Be Alert

There has been a lot of unofficial chatter, and even a few official statements of concern, over the possibility of terrorist attacks in the U.S. (thank you open borders!). Quite a few of us think it is a given. Something that happened at Church yesterday makes me even more concerned.

A young male came into the Church during the service, wearing dark clothing that had the air of a delivery uniform, with one of those urban draw-string backpacks on. Under one arm he was carrying what looked like a (decent sized) cardboard box with a delivery label on it. He came in and sat down (most were standing at the time) and stayed a while.

My first thought was ‘heck of a time for a delivery’ and the second thought was ‘uh oh.’ I kept a discrete eye on him, and it turns out the friend sitting next to me was keeping an even stronger eye on him. He got up and left, and my friend went to be sure he was leaving and see where he went — which was to the church across the street.

Now, this could be entirely innocent, however… The box was more than large enough to have held a single SMG or multiple regular pistols with spare mags. It could have held one or more explosive devices (may have walked over to be sure nothing left on the floor or secured under a pew despite not seeing any indication he had tried to access the box). My friend’s thought was to be sure he wasn’t going out to arm up before coming back in. Both of us, I think, have a concern he was casing churches in the area.

Could be innocent. Could be recon. Know I’m going to have an eye out and am inclined to see about giving an unofficial heads up to some LE types.

To all of you out there: keep your head on a swivel, have a plan, and be prepared. Things are such I will be amazed if biological material does not impact the rotary impeller and soon. Keep your family and friends close, and your things where you can find them in the dark.

UPDATE II: Someone pointed out the Idaho ISIS member, very pertinent to this discussion.

UPDATE: My thanks for the many, many good comments and suggestions. Since not everyone reads the comments, my response to a comment that might be of interest:

I’m going to treat this as an honest question, despite some doubts, and put on my teacher/instructor hat for a moment. Might I suggest that your comprehension of what I wrote is a bit off, and that it appears you not only did not read the assignment but did not do any additional reading? First, I thought I was clear that I wasn’t happy with my own response, though that could have been lost via less-than-perfect writing on my part. However, you also seemed to have missed that I wasn’t the person who followed them out the door and tried to keep an eye on them. You also seem to have missed that I didn’t write in any form about what was or was not done by the person who did follow them out beyond that basic fact. There’s a reason for that, and it is called OPSEC and the fact is neither you nor anyone else has a “need to know” on that subject. More on that in a moment, first, let’s go back to the top and cover a few points that may help improve your comprehension and/or misapprehensions. Had you fully read the post and done even a modicum of other reading, you would have noted that there might be a reason I did not attempt to follow the person as I’m not moving as well as I might like after getting hit by lightning and experiencing multiple surgeries and other delights. The fact is I’ve never been a high-speed low-drag type even before that. Cheerfully admit it, reluctantly admit that the walking stick is not always a prop (and frequently a prop), and grudgingly admit that the idea I have one more war or good battle in me may be coming from the same part of my mind that thinks I’m still 20. Currently, it clearly is not my strength, and I’m probably better as a meat shield at need though it’s not my first choice. The person who did follow is younger, fitter, and is also in a much better position to deal with the situation both within the Church and in any liaison role. Precisely why again falls under the concept of OPSEC. Speaking of which, allow me to put on my nasty spook hat for a moment, and note that your comment would actually be in keeping with someone trying to gain intel on both my Church and the people across the street. It is clearly designed to provoke, and possibly elicit an response along the lines of ‘ah my honor has been challenged and my ego hurt by some unknown internet rando so I must reveal details to assuage my honor!’ Eh, no. The conclusions you leapt to suggest much about you, but do not require much more than a shake of the head at poor “student” performance from me. Back towards educating, have you considered that regardless of potential “lone gunman” or something more organized, that they are likely to be checking to see if they were noticed/got a response? A good Boolian search would have found this post even without use of a scraper bot. Consider also that there may have been more than one purpose to the post, and that in situations like this if you aren’t hitting on three or more levels you aren’t trying. For the slow students in back, consider that if they do see this, anyone involved knows they were noticed and that people care; given how poorly most official networks function, that quite a few churches over a much wider area (nationwide even) now know to be on the lookout; given that various LE agencies/members read this site, that this is now known across far more agencies (and much, much faster) than through channels (and avoided potential “roadblocks” in the process); that it has also engendered some good discussion on security and security in depth; and, well, there are a couple of others but I will leave them as an exercise for the student as it were. Also, in the process of this, no details were provided on what levels of security exist beyond the greeter (and that some of us care) and there is a reason for that. It is also why I have avoided any discussions here or elsewhere on photos, video, or other possibilities that may or may not exist. I also note for the record that I have no idea what security is in place at the church across the street, but I do hope they are on their toes and that I hope all churches in Indy are doing the same. I will also note that I can only do what I can do, and this is part of it. As a response to others, I will note that certain suggestions remind me to suggest that legal consultations are a good idea as there are often fire regulations and other delights that need be kept in mind, and that surrounding someone in a parking lot and demanding they open packages may not be a wise move legally or otherwise (boom). Similar to why I recommend Guy Relford’s Indiana Gun Law class to anyone buying or carrying a firearm in this state, as Theodore Sturgeon (Sturgeon’s Law) was wrong and it’s not 90 percent but 99 percent of the “legal” advice (or anything) on the interwebs is crap. Something you and young mister Love should keep in mind. Again, I will admit I was not happy with some things including my own response. To be fair, however, it is not so much that I was in the white as I was and am a bit more focused on the service itself these days. None of us know the time of our departure, and while I could have 20 years left in me that could also be 20 seconds (true for all), I’m at a point in life where it behooves me to act more towards the 20 seconds and thus was more focused elsewhere. In whatever time I have left, I have that focus and I post about preparedness, current events that may influence the need for same, and try to spark discussions and awareness. I can but hope that the warning and discussions here have a positive effect across as wide an area as possible.

Getting hit by lightning is not fun! If you would like to help me in my recovery efforts, which include moving once we have medical issues cleared up, feel free to hit the fundraiser at A New Life on GiveSendGo, use the options in the Tip Jar in the upper right, or drop me a line to discuss other methods. It is thanks to your gifts and prayers that I am still going. Thank you.

Back Monday?

Doubt I will be posting much as I leave tomorrow morning for a retreat at a Greek Orthodox monastery out-of-state. The men’s group of the Church I’ve been attending (which is not Greek Orthodox) is going up to spend the weekend there. I am looking forward to it as the last real monastery visit I did was many years (sigh, cough, decades) ago when the Methodist youth group of which I was a member went up to the Roman Catholic monastery in Conyers, GA for the day. Yes, for you science fiction fans, that monastery. Go Team Conyers!

Thanks to a wonderful person, I now have a new study Bible and will be taking it with me. For those into the details, the Old Testament portion is a new translation of the Septuagint (LXX). The New Testament is taken from the New King James version. In doing previous study to see how the long-term memory issues impacted things, there were and are gaps in what I do readily remember of scripture. I do find it interesting that Luke and the writings of the Apostle Luke appear to have stuck with me better than most. The Old Testament took a far heavier (near total) hit on the memory loss than the New. In doing Psalm readings for Lent, I’ve gotten little flashes of “I’ve read this before” but no major memory cascades. Remember folks, pay attention to the lightning safety briefs as getting hit is not fun.

Between the new Bible, which features a lot of history and non-scripture commentary from the Fathers of the Church and others, and the Bible study at Church, looking forward to re-learning and exploring anew. Also, the class I’m taking at Church has proven interesting, as we have gotten into some of the Greek and translation issues. As noted before, we keep diving down all sorts of interesting rabbit holes in our discussions, while our instructor tries hard to keep us on track and schedule. Not sure we have ever finished on time or covered everything on the schedule for that day. 🙂

To those hitting the tip jar in the upper right, thank you! You and your help are much appreciated. There are a few more things I would like to get, including some items that will be the basis of the new series of preparedness posts. Hope to look not just at the what, but the how as well. Maybe even some hardware evaluations as well as general product evaluations.

As for current events, stay vigilant and be prepared. On the Moscow terror attack, there are still a number of questions about who truly was behind it; however, the real issue is what actions Vladimir takes on the basis of who he blames it on (regardless of who actually did it). Remind me to do a post on why he can’t do much, based in part on the article I linked to the other day about how fast they are running out of critical items. On the FSK Bridge, John Konrad has been on a tear with good commentary and links to lots of good and interesting sources. Between him, Sal, and Sal, you are in good hands for those discussions. Remember what was said about preventable and what we would find? Yeah, maintenance seems to have been an issue with the ship and other protective measures that could have been in place got torpedoed by politicians of various stripes. Quelle Surprise.

If anything major happens, hit the links in the upper right as I will not be taking much in the way of technology with me. Figure most things can wait until I get back. Be safe, be alert, and be prepared. Keep your things where you can find them in the dark. More soon I hope.

Getting hit by lightning is not fun! If you would like to help me in my recovery efforts, which include moving once we have medical issues cleared up, feel free to hit the fundraiser at A New Life on GiveSendGo, use the options in the Tip Jar in the upper right, or drop me a line to discuss other methods. It is thanks to your gifts and prayers that I am still going. Thank you.


Pray for the missing, and the survivors of the FSK Bridge collapse. The immediate is a thankfully small human tragedy. What is to come will be much worse.

Baltimore is about the 12th or 13th busiest port in the United States. For all intents and purposes, consider it offline for at least a year. For the next few months, the ships that are there are likely to stay there, and no new ships will arrive. This is going to have several major impacts.

First, goods that would normally arrive there and be distributed will not. This is going to impact logistics and supplies in the mid-Atlantic region rather significantly. Second, Baltimore is on the ropes financially and otherwise. Right now, I sure don’t have a clue how bad the impact will be to a city already teetering on the brink, other than to say it’s going to be very, very bad. Third, how bad it will hit our national economy is something I don’t really want to think about right now. It’s not going to be good, but I can see scenarios where the level of suck could truly sucketh mightier than a Hoover. Fourth, don’t forget that the bridge is part of a major interstate, and a good stretch of 465 is now offline. That will impact not only interstate transportation, but will hamstring a significant segment of local regular traffic as well.

Could it have been deliberate? Yes, but for now there is insufficient data to say yes or no. Could it have been an accident caused by shipboard problems? Yes, but for now there is insufficient data to say yes or no. The thing to keep in mind right now is insufficient data. Once we have more data, then we will know what happened and why. As someone noted on X, the odds favor that this was an issue warned about, that steps could have been taken to prevent, and that nothing was done. I would add to it the likelihood that such steps were deemed too expensive and unnecessary by bureaucrats at the time — and now we face financial and other impacts that are several orders of magnitude worse.

And, yes, I’ve watched some of the video and yes it does appear almost as if it turned straight into the support — from one angle. That said, it also looks as though the ship suffered at least two power outages as it approached. For all that it looked like someone tried to step on the power and maneuver (note the plume of black smoke), a ship that size does not handle like a sports car. You might want to think of the Evergreen in the Suez.

Meantime, I’m going to pay attention to John Konrad and Sal. Unlike many/most pontificating right now, they have real-world experience that puts them well ahead of others. Pay attention to them. I plan to.

Also, as you pray for those involved, pray for the nation and the impact this is going to have. Yes, you have Savannah, Philadelphia, and other ports but there are limits on how much of the Baltimore traffic they can take on, and expanding those ports is a non-trivial challenge. That they can and will do so is good for them and the area around them, but that’s also going to be an additional hit on the already tottering Baltimore.

It’s a lot more than just a bridge. Keep that in mind, and keep in mind the likelihood that there could be other hits. Be prepared.

UPDATE 1: As I note in the comments, I wish they had gone with a tunnel to start with and if our leadership had a brain they would switch to one now despite the time and expense involved. That said, the key to replacing the bridge is likely to lie with the supports. If they can be used as is, or with only minor repairs at or below the waterline, the replacement could take place rather rapidly. If they have to sink new pylons into the bedrock, that is a time-consuming process, even if relatively straightforward. If they can use any of the existing approaches and inner spans, that too could speed things up. Those, however, are going to need a detailed engineering survey as I suspect the outermost upright spans took a lot of torsion and other stress. Which could mean replacement. Having been a very minor part/on the sidelines for a major rebuild once, make it a challenge: Put up a sum of money and have people bid on doing the job for that amount, with the caveat that if they complete within one year or less and bring it in meeting all engineering and safety specifications but for less than that amount, they still get the full amount. You would be amazed at not only what gets done, but the improvements that still take place within such an environment.

UPDATE 2: To those hitting the tip jar today, THANK YOU! I can’t tell you how much you and the help are appreciated.

UPDATE 3: The tunnel idea is getting a lot of approval from the naval types (especially on X), and some justified pushback from those who note the restrictions on same. Putting in a tunnel will either increase traffic time around the city for those who can’t transit the tunnel or put more traffic onto surface streets. Good points on both sides.

Getting hit by lightning is not fun! If you would like to help me in my recovery efforts, which include moving once we have medical issues cleared up, feel free to hit the fundraiser at A New Life on GiveSendGo, use the options in the Tip Jar in the upper right, or drop me a line to discuss other methods. It is thanks to your gifts and prayers that I am still going. Thank you.