Saturday Morning Takes

Sorry, had planned to get one or more things posted yesterday, but weather and basement issues got in the way. The house where I rent a room in the basement was built either in the late 1930s or 1940s, with driveway design and other systems not exactly to modern standards. The sewer system and storm water drains in the neighborhood haven’t really been upgraded since then either I understand.

So, when we first moved in there were some signs of past flooding, and then we experienced some of our own. Yes, I lost some things and had some others damaged in one of them. No, I am not happy about it. Yes, I try to keep on the landlord as needed. To be fair, he’s dropped quite a bit of $$,$$$ on the issue including replacing the sewer line out to the property line and having work done inside as well.

One of the things he did was to install a sump pump in the trench drain across the bottom of the driveway. We have one of those fun drives that goes around the house, and there is a steep drop down to the garage. Guess where the water pours down to from around half the house? The sump pump sends the water up to the front of the house via inch+ line, and thence down the hill to the street.

Been a good system and we’ve had few issues with it in place. However, I’ve been suggesting that he needed to check and test that pump for a bit now. Heck, I want it on a BBS. Yesterday morning, we got storms and the trench drain filled up, overflowed, and was headed to the garage which is in the basement. Multiple checks by me confirmed the pump was not working. We got lucky, and did not flood

In between storms, the landlord checked on the sump pump which was warm or hot to the touch according to him, but not working. He got out an older pump that has to be manually activated, got it hooked to a hose, and it did get used. Had to go move the end of the hose as having the water come back down the drive was counterproductive, and was not amused at being out more than once in all this with lightning in the area (though thankfully at a good distance). New automatic pump is supposed to be delivered today. Needed, as we’ve already had one round of storms early this morning that had me checking things.

Needless to say, that sorta blew my planned posting for yesterday as well as getting to the gym. Instead, I played jack-in-the-box jumping up to check various things. Hoping to get to the gym here in just a bit.

The other day I talked about the uproar around getting Sgt. Gee to Arlington. In part, I noted:

Right now, all we can do is keep digging, wait, and see what comes to light. The true full story may not be what it appears, or it may be far worse than we think.

Jeff Schogol at Task and Purpose has written that the story was incorrect. That the government was never asked for money and did not deny any payment or assistance. I am relieved, but am also left with even more questions, and am not sure things still pass the smell test. As it is, I am glad she is in Arlington, and that her service and death are being honored.

Oh, and on the Russian front (all puns intended), if you’ve been reading that Pringles was dead, arrested, etc., you need to find better sources to read. He’s been in public taking part in diplomatic conferences and doing other things. Good reason to think my suspicions that Wagner is going to pivot to the Middle East and Africa as primary areas of activity seem to be on the mark. Take a look at the coup in Niger and who has just offered troops and other services to the new regime. Pringles and Vladimir may no longer be best buds, but the Kremlin is clearly planning on using Wagner for work overseas.

If needed, remind me that I need to go back to some previous writings and discuss what it will take to ensure peace in Europe (and elsewhere) as what there are some interesting signs in that regard. Still think it very dangerous, but…

Am hoping to get a local politics post up later, as the local situation has some national implications. It also points out why I want to get moved as soon as practical after my next surgery.

UPDATE: Made it to the gym, did well, feel good, added in something to the mix as well. Stopped by a historic diner nearby and grabbed a salad. Their buttermilk chicken is good fried or grilled. The salad will make at least one more meal, if not two. Wow. Local politics may have to wait, as I’m a sated and somewhat sleepy wolf right now.

More soon.

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Between Annoyed And Giving Thanks

A week or so ago, I rejoined the local Y as it is close and they give seniors and those on limited incomes special pricing. Options being limited, having to make use despite how woke the Y has become as an institution.

Given that there were storms forecast for later this afternoon and some other factors, I went early as I was supposed to kick things up a bit today. After the aerobic/cardio workout, I was doing my E-gym work and was supposed to add in some regular machines afterwards. Right now, no upper body at all, concentrating on the aerobic/cardio and waist-and-below work. I’ve got goals in regards waist, lower-body, and cardio-response. For now, taking it very carefully and building.

The E-gym equipment is designed to make it almost impossible for people to screw up, and to get the most out of each workout. Not completely sold on the latter, but the former is a good thing for someone already in PT. You have to get a special wrist band, then you are fitted to each machine by a trainer, do an initial strength/mobility test, then the machine will guide you through a workout. Everything is stored in the wrist band, hit it near the sensor and you are good to go. Right now, hitting back extension, crunches, leg press, leg curls, and leg extensions. Not sure I will ever get back up to 400lb leg presses, but am curious how close I can safely get.

Today, if all had gone as planned, I was going to be adding regular weight machines for additional lower body strength (and some flexibility). Add in some of my daily PT routine, and it would have been a great workout.

Great plan. Right up until lightning hit very close by. As in I wasn’t sure the building (which is rather extensive) might not have been hit. We were informed that unless power came back on pretty much immediately, everyone would need to evacuate. While I had only worn my gym shorts, I was wearing my shirt jacket with all the pockets. One of which had a Streamlight stylus pro in the pen slot. Given that large portions of the upper floor area were pitch dark, I played lamppost and helped get people safely to and down the stairs. Think I’m going to put the Streamlight pro tac light I usually keep in a pants pocket in the shirt jacket from now on when only wearing gym pants. We really could have used those extra lumens.

So, annoyed that I didn’t get to add in the new stuff, and because I was rocking the last E-gym machine. Power went out right as I was about to finish. Giving Thanks that the lightning was no closer than it was. When it hit, part of my mind went ‘I know that tune…’

Remember, Preparedness Pays! And if you don’t have something besides your phone for emergency light, you are not fully prepared.

Getting hit by lightning is not fun! If you would like to help me in my recovery efforts, which include moving once we have medical issues cleared up, feel free to hit the fundraiser at A New Life on GiveSendGo, use the options in the Tip Jar in the upper right, or drop me a line to discuss other methods. It is thanks to your gifts and prayers that I am still going. Thank you.

Quick Takes

Sorry to be so silent, but things are moving along. Mostly in good ways.

First, we entered a new phase of physical therapy, which is much more active. Good news is, already seeing yet more increase in range of motion. Also, figuring out where the issues are and having a lot more discomfort, and even some pain. The latter is usually brief, thankfully; but, the discomfort has been a bit more of a bear. It also probably doesn’t help that I’m trying to cut back (cut out pref.) acetaminophen as it doesn’t do as much as I would like and is frankly toxic. Take a look at liver deaths for people with chronic pain for but one example of why I want to be off it.

Add to that I’m hitting the gym three times a week. Main focus is aerobic/cardio, but also doing my home PT there as much as possible. I’ve bought a couple more things for home, so that when my paid PT runs out I can keep going. Going to look into trying to raise funds to do some more PT after insurance stops. We’ve changed things now to twice a week to make what I do have last, and paid might be as little as once every two weeks (or even once a month). Working on it.

Now, for the stories and events I’m following and find interesting.

First up, this one involving getting Sgt. Nicole Gee to Arlington sent me through the roof yesterday. As I noted on social media, if true I want heads on pikes. Problem is, the story is not adding up with the information given in the media. This is not to say it is a fake. This is just saying that at this time, with the information we have, it does not make sense. I’ve been talking with Beege Welborn at HotAir, who knows far too well what is involved with Arlington burials.

I’m hoping she can come up with more than I have, as right now there seems to be a lot of duck-and-cover going on in anticipation of a major shit storm rolling down. Lots of insinuation, but no real facts yet.

I know that at one point in time the Army had a liaison assigned to each family of the fallen to help. I will note that it is my understanding that Arlington assigns a liaison to the families to help with the process. That would include coordination on preparations and transportation if they are being reinterred. Depending on location of prior burial and other considerations, there may be an exhumation fee and there will be a fee to transport a body. In this case, such should be covered by DoD, especially in this case. Frankly, SecDef should have sent his personal plane given the responsibility he and senior leaders have in her death.

The $100k figure quoted in the article appears to be the cost of a fully-staffed air ambulance to transport a patient coast-to-coast. The $60k is still a mystery to me. Exhumation should not have been more than about $7k, more likely towards $1k in a civilian cemetery, and there should have been no charge if she was buried at a military cemetery. Major carrier like Delta or AA, if they didn’t do it for free, should have been about $3k (cargo rate). Maybe $5k if special containment required for some odd reason. If a local funeral home had to be involved with taking her body from Dulles to Arlington, there might have been a fee.

While we wait for more information, I will simply note that we are sadly long removed from the days of Taking Chance. Can I see multiple failures of command and leadership resulting in a series of FUBARs by multiple individuals military and civil service? Far too easily I’m afraid. In fact, from some of the reactions the story is getting I’m sort of leaning that way, but I also admit to cynicism and bias.

Right now, all we can do is keep digging, wait, and see what comes to light. The true full story may not be what it appears, or it may be far worse than we think. If the latter, people need to be immediately cashiered from uniformed and civil service.

The other story I’m watching is the alleged drone attack on the MoD in Moscow. I say alleged for a reason, as there is no evidence of any drones anywhere near there. The damage looks far more like someone opened up with the AD guns (as opposed to missiles) either shooting at ghosts or shooting in a panic. Right now, leaning towards a combination of vodka for the right parties and panic at an imaginary threat. That said, if I wanted to truly fuck with the readiness of an enemy’s AD readiness, sending someone in with the gear to create ghosts at random would be a good way to do it.

I will also note the stupidity and cupidity of our leadership in going along with the insane concept promoted by Russia that it is an illegal act of terror for a country it has invaded to attack its territory. Can anyone find me a citation of any historical precedent for such? This is Vladimir in his dirty and frayed undershirt screaming at the police that if the bitch had just not resisted she wouldn’t be dead on a larger scale.

Here’s a clue to Vladimir and others: if you invade a sovereign nation, bomb not just its capital but most cities and target civilians, they have the right to return the favor. That’s not escalation in any way shape or form, just a legal and proper response to your aggression. I understand that what you are saying is for an internal audience, but the rest of us can point at it and you and laugh and laugh and laugh.

More soon.

Getting hit by lightning is not fun! If you would like to help me in my recovery efforts, which include moving once we have medical issues cleared up, feel free to hit the fundraiser at A New Life on GiveSendGo, use the options in the Tip Jar in the upper right, or drop me a line to discuss other methods. It is thanks to your gifts and prayers that I am still going. Thank you.

Surgical Update

I met with the orthopedic surgeon this morning, and he smiled as I deliberately shook his hand. The short version is that he is (very) pleased with how things are going. So much so I can now start to work on moving my hand behind my back (within limitations), using weights, and even joining a gym. In short, I can start working towards resuming normal activities.

He is also willing to back the request by the physical therapist to my insurance company for additional PT sessions. I hope we can start work on that paperwork tomorrow even. Within the limitations, lots to do but it’s a challenge I can deal with. So long as I continue to have flashes of discomfort and little to no real pain, life is good.

During my surgery, I had asked him to take a photo and he did. Sadly, can’t share it, but I now know why I’ve had so much pain and mobility issues. The X-rays showed a lot, but the photo drove it home. One side of the ball was a mass of adhesions, spurs, and similar delights. The rest of the ball, well, no cartilage and instead of smooth white bone it looked like the lunar surface.

I’ll go back to him in six weeks, and if all is still going well, we are going to talk about going ahead and doing the left shoulder. I have a practical criteria for if I am ready (involves activities around cooking), but will also be getting input from PT and maybe others.

While we didn’t really get into it, don’t see any easy solutions for the neck, lower back, or hands. Osteoarthritis just doesn’t get the research other forms do, and so there are not a lot of viable treatments even for advanced severe osteoarthritis. All the more reason I need to move West ASAP. For insurance reasons, need to get anything I can dealt with now. Sadly, really need to hit the lotto to try regenerative medicine options.

That said, got a reminder last night of the need to get moved soon. The basement — thankfully not my living area — flooded again for the first time in more than a year. So glad we don’t have cameras downstairs as the sight of me running around in my boxers while wearing Matterhorn hazmat boots and a scapular would be interesting. I’m focused on being proactive to prevent more, the landlord seems more in denial in some ways. Then again, I’m not the one who’s probably dropped around $40k on re-doing sewers and drains.

The house was built in the late 30s/early 40s I think; the area sewer system dates from the 1930s in this area of the city (maybe even the 20s); and, we have that lovely steep drive down to the basement garages characteristic of homes from that era. The way things are done, rain from most of the driveways (both sides of the house) is essentially focused into going down that slope, which is why there is a trench drain at the bottom. Problem is it can get overwhelmed so we actually have a sump pump in it to pump rainwater out, up, and down the front away from the house. When it works, it’s good but I’m not sure it cut on last night.

Oh well, we will survive. I really want to be out West ASAP, but may have to do an intermediate step to get out of Indy and the ring counties for now. That said, it is convenient being a city block from the doctor and hospital where the ortho work is getting done. On a nice day, it takes me about ten minutes to walk to appointments.

In short, thankful for how well things are going. Looking at next steps on several levels, and in getting as much taken care of as possible. Going to pick up some additional PT items just to be safe.

More soon.

Alive Days Weekend

I will be trying to reply if and as needed to comments and such, but I also hope to mostly take the weekend off. I’m celebrating a bit this weekend.

This weekend represents a combination of alive days, including surviving getting hit by lightning on June 30 two years ago. Like I say, several days, one weekend of celebration/contemplation. Plan to relax, enjoy life, and give thanks that I’m still around to enjoy all of it.

More soon.

Getting hit by lightning is not fun! If you would like to help me in my recovery efforts, which include moving once we have medical issues cleared up, feel free to hit the fundraiser at A New Life on GiveSendGo, use the options in the Tip Jar in the upper right, or drop me a line to discuss other methods. It is thanks to your gifts and prayers that I am still going. Thank you.


Okay, the Biden Regency is moving to tap the IRR. If memory serves (stupid lightning) the last time we did this was the First Gulf War. W considered it during the GWOT but if I remember correctly (and a veteran on social media is right) it ended up being extremely limited to some very specialized MOS. The howls of outrage from the media and elsewhere over even thinking of tapping the IRR were long and loud. Word is, those forced back in during FGW were far from happy (massive understatement) and made that known.

For the GWOT, I would note that things were done to allow IRR who wanted to return to volunteer to do so. While there were (apparently) a few very select MOS pulled back involuntarily, a number did indeed volunteer to return.

For those not familiar, there are two elements to our national military reserve. When you sign on that dotted line, you are not just signing up for a single hitch, no matter what you may think. While you have options, you also incur some non-discretionary obligations.

Most people are familiar with the Selected Reserve (SELRES) where people join the National Guard or Reserve after an active-duty hitch or hitches, and maintain active status while participating in regular drills, training, etc. You maintain an active military ID and at need you can get that bright and joyous notice that you are recalled to active duty.

A lot of the public is unfamiliar with the IRR, or Individual Ready Reserve. Technically, that’s pretty much anyone who has ever served. Some in the IRR are completing terms of military service, and the fact that IRR members can be involuntarily recalled is often downplayed IMO. The idea is to have a cadre of (semi) trained troops that can be called upon “in time of national crisis.” In other words, something really bad has happened.

IRR does not maintain current military ID, does not drill or participate in regular training, draw uniforms, etc. They do have to do a yearly readiness screening. Cough.

So, drawing on the IRR is not something one does lightly. Those recalled have to be brought back in, the rust blown off, and unless they are recently detached that takes time. Those pulled back in involuntarily are likely to be a bit grumpy and uncooperative. Cough.

So, the decision by the Biden Regency to use the IRR is raising eyebrows in the military/veteran community. I’ve heard rumors that this particular action in support of Operation Atlantic Resolve is normal and happens every year. However, I’ve not been able to confirm that and people who should know if it is true or not have not said it is. Going to keep an ear open on that.

The use of Guard/Reserve troops in support is not surprising. There are units that are tasked to step into various roles, including critical roles, in the event of war and that they would take part is a given (and smart). It’s the use of IRR that is concerning.

Absent a national crisis that has depleted resources in Active and Guard/Reserve formations, or pulling a few people with extremely select MOS, why hit the IRR?

I fear it says much about our readiness, manning, and capabilities. If we are in a position where Active and Guard/Reserve formations can’t provide enough manpower (and the correct manpower), we are in deep trouble. Then again, we’ve known the military was in trouble for a while. That said, the use of the IRR would tend to indicate that things are a lot worse than we thought.

This is another one of those where I hope I’m wrong and the info I getting from those I trust is wrong. I really hope this is just limited to a very small number of people with a very specific MOS who have recently left service. Otherwise, what it says about our ability to fight a one-front war, much less the two-front we are supposed to be capable fighting, borders on terrifying.

NOTE: VodkaPundit has, as usual, a good take on this.

Getting hit by lightning is not fun! If you would like to help me in my recovery efforts, which include moving once we have medical issues cleared up, feel free to hit the fundraiser at A New Life on GiveSendGo, use the options in the Tip Jar in the upper right, or drop me a line to discuss other methods. It is thanks to your gifts and prayers that I am still going. Thank you.

Tuesday Morning Slowdown

Things got kicked up a notch at PT yesterday, which has me moving a bit slow today. PT is far from what I consider a strenuous workout, but it seems to hit in many of the same ways.

For example, by the time I got back from PT and having to run down to pick up some refills, I was starving. So, I hit the taco truck for a couple of good asada tacos (proper, cilantro and onion), which I was going to photograph to share with a friend. As soon as the box was opened, they were inhaled. No photos. No crumbs. No nothing left but the container. Breakfast this morning was also inhaled, and I’ve been hungry since.

I am cooking at least breakfast again. The problem has been more doing dishes, which really can’t be done one handed IMO. Also, while I’ve done a bit of offhanded shooting/weapons work over the years, it never occurred to me that I might should learn to whip eggs and flip eggs and other things off-handed.

I actually slept better last night than I have in a while. Not great, but better. That said, up early and moving slow. More discomfort than pain, but I can tell they did step things up.

It is interesting where things are going in terms of politics in Russia. A piece that some seem to be missing is that Wagner owns some critical resources in the CAR, as well as controlling other resources (on behalf of Russia/Vladimir) elsewhere. For all that Pringles is loyal to Vladimir (and yes, I do think he is in his own very Russian way), keep in mind that others — including some who work hard to stay in the background — are involved with those resource efforts in Africa and elsewhere. To say that what is going on is Byzantine is an understatement, but Russian politics have always tended that way. To the dismay of many in Foggy Bottom who persist in thinking that they are just like us but talk funny. Let me reiterate that if you are basing your take on how we do things and what makes sense to us, you will continue to be disappointed, unpleasantly surprised at events, and wrong about the outcomes.

Another thing I’m noting is some of the discussions of artillery and how Ukraine is being outgunned. True, they are. Russia has stockpiles of artillery and ammo — most of which were subjected to the same looting and storage as their tanks and such. Duds are one thing, but the guns and ammo that get cranky when fired are reportedly making life interesting for the Russian red leg brigades. It is straying from politics and into operational, which I try not to do, but look at the accuracy difference between Russia and Ukraine. It’s significant. Yes, with numbers you can overcome precision. If all the numbers work.

Also, while our enemies probably know we are out of critical segments of ammo, Joe going and telling the world that’s true is not a good thing. Never confirm, and never give the enemy an advantage. Admitting it, and pretty much admitting we are going to be years if not decades (see previous writings and links in this category) rebuilding stockpiles (which were far too little to start with) falls under the category of “bad thing.”

And, yes, our stockpiles of every type of ammo are inadequate for actual combat. If you can tell me a single time the bean counters have been right about numbers needed for the last 100 years, it will be news to me. They always vastly underestimate what is needed, and I’m beginning to suspect that it may well be a historical truism.

As for Russia stepping up production of various weapons: how? They depend on ball bearings from the U.S. and Europe for their tanks and more. Chips from the West for almost everything. They have lost a great deal of manufacturing capability, and if they can’t obtain parts and more from the West, well… Again, if you aren’t following Kamil Galeev, you should be.

Can things get out of control in terms of the Russian invasion of Ukraine? Yes. Do I expect to see global thermonuclear war any time soon? No. Nuclear exchange? Maybe. Nuclear terrorism? Actually, yes. I still say that if it hits the point Vladimir can’t win he may just decide that no one should have the territory and what’s needed to unleash a dirty war has already been practiced almost a year ago. Still, right now, I would expect to see some form of conventional expansion before any of the nightmare scenarios being breathlessly touted.

Besides, as I’ve noted before: Vladimir wants to hurt us, not help us. With the Biden Regency and related doing more damage to the Republic than he could hope to inflict with a thousand nukes, I don’t see him taking out DC or initiating a larger exchange (which is problematic per previous writings) anytime soon. It would take something truly massive to change that I think. Possible? Yes. Likely? Not so much even with the staggering competence of the Biden Regency. (/sarc)

Meantime, I need to get back to doing more writing on preparedness, especially given how things are going domestically. Definitely have some new points to consider and perhaps lessons to share given the start of the shoulder replacements.

Keep your friends close, and your things where you can find them in the dark. Life is interesting, and I suspect it is about to get even more so.

A Chapter Closes

1982. Chicago. I was a student without a lot of money, so going out for anything other than a Chicago Dog (which is far more than a hot dog) was a rare treat.

Having already spent some time overseas, I discovered I loved not just German food, but in particular Bavarian food (and beer). There was a place not too hard to get to that had some of the best Bavarian food I’d found outside of Bavaria. I saved and scrimped and went there one night, I think it was 2 October, a Saturday.

The food was good, but you knew something was wrong. The staff was distracted, to be polite, and some of the regulars were flat out distraught. Turns out that one of the regulars had passed away. She was a flight attendant and had been out of town. Word was she got home on 29 Sept., had a headache, and took some Tylenol as she had not heard the news. They found her body the next evening.

Unless something new has come out, Paula Prince was the last known victim of the Tylenol killer. Can’t say I knew her, but I do know her murder ripped holes in a lot of lives.

Got reminded of that today, as while there was more than one suspect, a lot of different LE investigators felt one man was behind it. He’s died, (not going to mention his name) so it is doubtful justice will be found on this Earth for the victims. For all I believe in, and hope and pray for, forgiveness and redemption, there is a part of me that will hope for Divine Justice in this case. Do say a prayer for his soul, but also pray for his victims and those they left behind.

Monday Thoughts

Some quick thoughts before I head to PT. Not sure I am supposed to be doing it, but using both hands for typing right now. Doesn’t bother me much, and less discomfort/pain than I had trying to sleep last night.

First up, interesting the number of articles suddenly coming out that put Resident Xiden and the Biden Regency in a bad light. That certain “safe” outlets are also asking questions about the cocaine found in the White House is telling. If the heat suddenly goes up on Cackles, expect to see some changes.

Second, having the Resident admit that we are low/out of certain critical ammunition and that’s why we are sending cluster munitions (bad idea) is almost as good as some of the factually incorrect statements he’s made about Sweden in the last day or so. My desk has a dent in it where my head has hit it so many times in this administration. The last few days have made it deeper. For those that read Honor Harrington, think Admiral Byng in regards the Biden Regency.

The facade of “nice old Joe” who also happened to be a great diplomat is one of the more interesting creations of the last election cycle. He’s always been a nasty, vindictive piece of work as most anyone in DC could have told you, and his diplomatic skills are far more reminiscent of throwing hypergolic components together. Domestic or foreign.

Third, the situation in Russia remains interesting. Pringles and company have indeed met with Vladimir and sworn loyalty to him. Loyalty to the MoD, not so much. Still not convinced Vladimir is one of the silent partners in the mutiny, but you can start to build a good case for it. Especially since it is allowing loyalty tests to be applied to not only generals (at least those who truly have military experience, as opposed to the instant generals of a few years ago), but down into the ranks a bit further. Say, those ranks that traditionally figure highly in coups and revolutions. The fact that the Guard will be getting armor and more is most interesting.

The problem for casting Vladimir as one of the silent partners is the damage his position has taken. He has come across as weak, indecisive, and worse. Far worse for him and those in his orbit is that Pringles message of the incompetence of the military leadership is out and spreading rapidly with key segments of the population. Even if Vladimir wanted to do so, to move against Pringles now would just reinforce the message with large segments of the population. Even if Pringles died gallantly fighting Ukraine, the message would be reinforced.

Interesting to note the number of people keeping low profiles right now. Or that Luka is continuing to be the MC of the show, revealing things carefully to the audience. Luka is playing his own game quite well, even as he stands (sorta) with Vladimir. Also notice how many have dropped all mention of the nukes to Luka, as well as the question of what nukes if any Pringles may have gained in his little march.

For those who continue to try to place Western values on Russian leadership and politics, much less ignore Russkiy Mir and its influence, what is going on will never make sense. It does, however, make sense to those in Russia though we are still missing pieces of the puzzle.

More to come, I’m sure. Not promising anything else after PT, as while it is far from what I would call a good workout, it leaves me a bit wiped. Overall, doing well. Much more discomfort than pain, and even the discomfort (at least during the day) is minimal. At night, well…

More soon.

Quick Recommendations

I plan to do a post on what worked, what didn’t, and what fell in between here in a few weeks. Meantime, here are three things I can recommend.

For the absolute state of the art in cooling, go with the Aircast liquid cooling system. They used this in the hospital and sent me home with it. Very good system.

For what professional physical therapists use, I went with the Torex/Mojility standard size cold pack. Not quite as intense as the Aircast, but molds to you and puts the cheap pack I got at the big-box store to shame. Also, the cost was only about $5 more. I’m using a pillowcase to hold it and wearing a shirt, and it is still quite intense. Should be good for years, and am looking at some of the other offerings to keep on hand for general medical preparedness.

Finally, one set of exercises makes use of what I call a slip-n-slide system. This Tumbltrak is the system the PT center uses, and I am glad I bought one for home, even if I did have to buy a pair. Beats the heck out of towel, pillowcase, or other make-do at home. If your PT does something similar, was well worth the money IMO.

More soon.