A Chapter Closes

1982. Chicago. I was a student without a lot of money, so going out for anything other than a Chicago Dog (which is far more than a hot dog) was a rare treat.

Having already spent some time overseas, I discovered I loved not just German food, but in particular Bavarian food (and beer). There was a place not too hard to get to that had some of the best Bavarian food I’d found outside of Bavaria. I saved and scrimped and went there one night, I think it was 2 October, a Saturday.

The food was good, but you knew something was wrong. The staff was distracted, to be polite, and some of the regulars were flat out distraught. Turns out that one of the regulars had passed away. She was a flight attendant and had been out of town. Word was she got home on 29 Sept., had a headache, and took some Tylenol as she had not heard the news. They found her body the next evening.

Unless something new has come out, Paula Prince was the last known victim of the Tylenol killer. Can’t say I knew her, but I do know her murder ripped holes in a lot of lives.

Got reminded of that today, as while there was more than one suspect, a lot of different LE investigators felt one man was behind it. He’s died, (not going to mention his name) so it is doubtful justice will be found on this Earth for the victims. For all I believe in, and hope and pray for, forgiveness and redemption, there is a part of me that will hope for Divine Justice in this case. Do say a prayer for his soul, but also pray for his victims and those they left behind.