Memorial Day 2019

Safety Brief: Don’t be stupid. Do not add to or subtract from the population without due thought.

General Orders: Enjoy. Have a good time. Take the time to have good food, good drink, good times — all with good friends and family. Laugh, a lot if possible. Remember those who gave all for our lives and freedoms, for this is their day.

As I noted both here at at Blackfive over the years, none of the troops (or veterans) I know would want anyone to don sackcloth and ashes and mourn today. They would have been first about raising a beer, eating something tasty, or doing something fun with the important people in their lives.

So, go drink something good; eat something tasty; do something fun; and, if possible, do it with good people. Just take the time to raise a glass to them, to remember them.

And follow the safety brief, as only Carl does not want you to follow the safety brief. Don’t be Carl.


Today, I honor all who made the ultimate sacrifice; and, in particular, I remember:

ENS Albert Foster Powers, MIA 1945 Japan

LCPL Bill Stelpflug, Beirut

COL Rick Rescorla, NY 9/11

SPC Ryan Dallam, Iraq

PFC Damian Lopez, Iraq

SPC Marieo Guerrero, Iraq

CPT Anthony Palermo, Iraq

SPC David Behrle, Iraq

SPC Joseph Gilmore, Iraq

PFC Travis Haslip, Iraq

SGT Jean Medlin, Iraq

SSG Christopher Moore, Iraq

PVT Alexander Varela, Iraq

LCPL Jeremy W. Burris, Iraq

SSG Brian Cowdrey, Afghanistan

MAJ Andrew Olmstead, Iraq

Lucky He’s Cute

I get to share the current lair with some interesting critters — including two cats. They are young, less than a year old, and can make life interesting. In this case, I actually found this violation of the rules (they are not to get on shelves, counters, etc. according to their owner) by one of them amusing.

Not Sure About 185…

I got to take a Maserati out for a spin last week, and while I did not live up to the song I did get to try it on both regular streets and the “real” Indy 500 — I-465. Traffic was heavy so I did not get the opportunity to truly open it up, but wish I could have. Given some of what I’ve heard about the brand, I was surprised and pleased with the style, comfort, and ride. The only issue I had was with some ergonomics around the steering wheel which may be adjustable given all that can be adjusted in the car. A nice bit of fun.

More To Come

There are a number of things about which I want to write, and in a couple of cases, have promised to write. They are coming, as I slowly move towards a return to writing and more of the life I knew. It will take time, for a variety of reasons. One reason is that we had storms last night, and this evening I have to take care of some downed limbs/parts of trees before I can mow.

Also, I am sorry to say that all the comments to previous posts are lost courtesy of a glitch. If you care to replace them, please do.


Goodbye Facebook

Pulled the plug this morning and deactivated my FB account. Zuckerberg and those behind FB are antithetical to the concepts of the Enlightenment and the foundations of our Republic. When I HAD to provide a reason for my actions, I summarized by simply stating that they were scum and I refused to support them anymore. Yes, it will hurt on some levels, including marketing when I am writing again. Worth it though to be rid of having them sell me and my information, misuse my information, and otherwise supporting people that I do consider to be scum. Onwards.

Into The Light: Tim “Uncle Timmy” Bolgeo

As a writer, it pains me to say that for some stories, there just are no good words. The passing of Tim Bolgeo is one such story.

Rather, I would tell other stories about a man who was larger-than-life on many levels. The problem there is, where to start? Would it be about him having the cop who pulled him over for speeding sending him on his way without even a warning, then racing away from the nuclear power plant where Tim was headed as fast as he could? Would it be about the “report” on the loss of the Shuttle on a secure government server that ended with “It’s all Uncle Timmy’s Fault?” Would it be the sunburn that nearly got him courtmartialed many years ago? Would it be the extra duties he took on in Vietnam? Would it be, well, suffice it to say that there are several more to choose from.

I hate to admit it, but I can’t remember when I first met him. What I can say is that from the first he knew me, and acted as though I was family from the start. When he got the idea of starting LibertyCon, I found myself — whether I wanted to or not — railroaded into working the convention. By the time I heard the train, it was already over and past me — something not uncommon with Timmy as many will attest. It was an amazing time, setting up the first science programming and helping Klon with general programming. I can’t begin to count how many times I’ve stayed in his home, shared a room at conventions, or just sat and discussed everything from history to books with him. He taught me to play Killer Cutthroat Spades, encouraged me as a writer and offered good advice on life and work over the years. There are many tales there, from blanks getting slipped into his pistol at the range to his flask being liberated on the sly to provide drinks for guests at the dance. So many tales. I’m not sure he ever met a stranger, and today I remember the man who was a friend to all (even some who were not friends to him) and was there for his friends when needed.

It was an honor to know him and his family, and to be a small part of getting LibertyCon started. My prayers go out for him, for Linda Vannucci Bolgeo, Brandy Spraker, Jason, and all his family. I would ask you for your prayers, thoughts, or whatever you do for them all.

Absent Companions