My Politics

While there are many who presume my politics, I think it is time to lay them out again so that people who think can know what they are. In some regards, it is simple:

I’m a cranky individualist who is getting crankier by the day.

In more refined terms, I am a small-L libertarian, classical liberal, fiscal and defense conservative, and strict Constitutionalist. I believe that the best government is a small government, and that real (not crony) capitalism is the best system to bring people out of poverty and ensure prosperity for all.

I despise the current leadership of both the Democratic and Republican parties. There may be a few exceptions in there, but neither party puts the well-being of the Republic and its Citizens ahead of their own power and money. That is changing a bit in one case, but absent constant push they will go back to what they’ve been doing for decades to the detriment of the Republic.

I’m a small-L libertarian because the Big L party is nuts and unserious. I really want something like what is described in The Probability Broach, but that is for now a dream. Yes, I’m an Amazon Affiliate, see the disclaimer upper right.

I’m a classical liberal in that I believe that property rights are inviolate, and the first and most important property we have is ourselves and our lives. I believe that each individual should make the decisions that are best for them, free from interference. Yes, people will make bad decisions, and in that case it is not up to the government to save them from themselves (impossible anyway), especially using taxpayer dollars taken at gun point from the rest of us. That is not charity, it is mugging dressed up in a fancy suit. If individuals or a group of individuals working as a charity want to do something, that’s great and fine as they are doing it with their own funds and of their own free will.

I believe that freedoms do come from God as noted in the Constitution, not the government. I want to see freedom restored and expanded, so that we can (and will) do more. Everyone should be free to live as they see fit, with their rights only coming to a stop when they impinge on the rights of another. Morality can’t be legislated or forced on people. So, please quit trying. Also, stop trying to force immorality on others.

I do believe that we need the best defense possible, and that such is incorporated into the Constitution. I think that whatever size government, though I want a small one, needs to be frugal and stretch every dollar as far as possible.

I believe in trimming the government back to the limits of the Constitution. It is bloated, the regulatory environment onerous and out of control, and all branches of government have failed to do their sworn duties and obligations.

I believe that we, the Citizens, need to make educated and informed decisions for ourselves and for our voting.

I don’t think that those who disagree with me are automatically evil, mean, etc. In fact, there are any number of people who disagree with me that I like and can talk to. The othering, the denial of Grace and forgiveness, and the violence have to stop.

What you do in your own home is up to you, provided that all involved consent. Who you love, and how, is really none of my business — again, provided it is between parties capable of forming consent. Don’t demand that I endorse anything you say or do, on any subject, as that impinges on my rights and even on my responsibilities. That includes the extremely anti-freedom (fascist even) PC and related codes. Cancel culture needs to go, now.

Don’t demand I vote a certain way, for a certain party, or anything else that removes my right to vote my conscience and beliefs. My Dad raised me to vote for the best person, not a party, and his words are wise. Heed them.

Equal opportunity does NOT mean equal outcomes. Every system that tries to create equal outcomes has failed, and in the process killed millions over the ages even as they eliminated all concepts of freedom.

Finally, going back up a bit, freedom means taking responsibility for our own actions. For good or for ill, step up and own your convictions and your actions. Don’t blame society for your choices. Live, learn, and grow. That’s what each of us should be doing. We sometimes learn more from our mistakes.

If someone screws up, owns up, do what you can to help them get back up. Encouragement, support, or more — it’s up to you.

So, in a nutshell, there you go. Each point can be debated and expanded upon, but it gives you a rough idea of where I stand.