The Attack

Thanks to Dr. Alice, I got to read Kurt Schlichter’s The Attack (no, I don’t get anything for the link other than the joy of promoting a good book). It is a mix of horror, humor, and insightful analysis combined with very good writing that is hard to put down.

The style of treating it as first person interviews and recordings for historical purposes was indeed a great choice. It allows it to keep a good pace, cover a lot of territory, and build a believable world in a way that would indeed require a massive novel to do otherwise. It also allows glimpses into mindsets and characters that would be difficult to pull off in a novel.

The result is a fast-paced read that builds and fills a complex world in a realistic manner. While it is a fictional treatment of current events, it still deals with them in a mostly realistic way.

Indeed, my only disagreement with the good Colonel is that I think he understated some things, even though I suspect I know why he did so. For most of the public, what is presented in the book is going to be eye-opening and hard to believe. I suspect reality is much worse.

Personally, I suspect that we may be facing more than two divisions of Islamicists (and supporters, a concept well and convincingly explored in the book) given what has poured across the border in the last three years. That does not include the Chinese (again, well covered in the book) and others who are, again, known to have come across in very large numbers. Take a look at who is buying up land around military and strategic sites (hint, it’s not just the Chinese), and, well, I think that in this book we are looking at a best-case scenario.

As for the attacks on the schools, again I think it understated. Years back, several of us took a look at schools, security, and more as a result of Beslan. If you don’t know what it is, look it up. In short, a “hostage” situation (as often is seen in this book) that was really a front for rape, torture, and murder. This is one of the few times you will hear me say I don’t think the Russian’s went far enough in dealing with those behind this. (sorry, still working on being more New Testament instead of Old Testament). Back to subject, I know that at least one of the people Kurt thanks at the start of the book is one who took a look at this and what could happen here.

I don’t know about him, but the thought of such here doesn’t scare me: it terrifies me. It terrifies me that every effort to harden and protect our schools against this and other threats has been fought for domestic political reasons that willingly sacrifice our children. Beslan proved that not only were schools great targets, but that faking it being a hostage situation was a great way to draw things out for propaganda purposes while allowing maximum time for rape, torture, and murder. It’s a concept tested again to some extent on Oct. 7, and one that features prominently in the book.

Which leads me to the one overly optimistic thing in the book, and the thing that came closest to throwing me out of any suspension of disbelief: the response. The response(s) shown in the book only work in the presence of strong leadership and a tangible form(s) of collective justice. In the absence of such, you are going to get mobs, vigilantes, and worse as civilization is a veneer even today. While there are some who want to see such, so as to justify yet more radical restructuring, they are fools. They do not understand that what we witnessed on Oct. 7 is the way most of the world works and has worked for an age or three.

There is a reason in the past that people fled when it looked like towns were to be sacked. It is not limited to the distant past: Look at the sack of Berlin and what happened to females 8 to 80. Look at the looting (though I do tend to think the Soviets did the Germans a favor by taking all those stool-shelf commodes, look it up), and outright murder that went with it. If you really want to, you can find examples even more recent.

The concepts of just war, limited war, rule of law, and even the peaceful transfer of power are recent and quite possibly fleeting. When one actively circumvents safeguards, such as opening a border, guess what goes away?

Now, imagine a world where The Attack happens and strong leadership not only does not emerge, but you see the multi-tier “justice” of the last few years applied to those who took part in this. What do you think will happen?

Especially given that the schools and our children will be targets just like Oct. 7. In fact, here’s an equation for you: (Beslan + Euvalde) * Oct. 7 = X2 That is the horror that will happen in our schools. The response to it by the public, however is likely to be: (Beslan + Euvalde) * Oct. 7 = X4 Now, imagine that released in an uncontrolled and uncoordinated manner not just in the U.S., but around the world. That is what will happen without strong leadership and a good grasp of history and social dynamics.

Enough on that. Back to topic, this is a good book that I highly recommend not just as a good (and enjoyable, though not necessarily fun) read, but also as a warning and full of things to factor into your planning for life. Get it. Read it. Just remember, it can be enjoyed on many levels.

As always, be prepared. Keep your friends close and your things where you can find them in the dark.

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