The Violent Racist Gathering That Wasn’t

Despite the best efforts of His Majesty’s Governor Northam, the Duke of Blackface (more commonly known by the Commoners of the the Commonwealth as “Racist Ralph”) and members of the media, the rally in Richmond was peaceful and did not feature bigotry (save by the media and progressive politicians).

Indeed, it was in most ways an idealized representation of what it means to be American. You had diversity of races, sexes, genders, and more.

This white supremacist (according to the media he is one) nuked several media memes and political talking points. Kudos to him.

This guy just cracked me up. He was the epitome of the humor and camaraderie I’ve seen in almost every video from the event.

Love the fact that some (am hearing that more did as well) LE came and joined in.

At least one agitator showed up. He was shown his ass and had it strongly suggested he get his ass, get on it, and get out of there. Again, Kudos to those who shut him down.

All this classic and ideal Americana has thrown Racist Ralph and members of the media into funk. Racist Ralph is still trying to smear those who came out. A typical example of media coverage is here. Here’s a good summary of the media malfeasance, though it is not complete IMO. There is another take on it here that is well worth the read. A good summation is found here. A very accurate piece about the media coverage can be found at America’s new newspaper of record (as opposed to the newspaper with a record).

BTW, loved this takedown of a bigot bloviating about the rally.

This group that was there were far more accurate than the media. And, finally, a huge difference between your typical progressive event and one like this one. Think the media would ever report that? No, I don’t think so either.

Hang On, Likely To Be An Interesting Week

So many topics, so little time. Since the progressives hate jokes being made about them (just ask the Babylon Bee, which has CNN and other progressives working hard to put them out of business), I’m going to have a little fun in making some points.

First, do something to make the week better for all. Go commit a random act of beauty or kindness. Heck, if you have the opportunity, do it every day this week.

This is a huge story, and is only the tip of the iceberg as it were. PowerLine has been on this, since the media refuses to cover it.

Yep, and Climate Change is not science but is a religion. A cult being used towards this very end.

Just ask Venezuela… And most of Eastern Europe.

Yes, they do want to take away your guns. The mask is off, as His Majesty’s Governor Northam demonstrates yet again. Why? A disarmed citizenry are no longer Citizens, but subjects.

I also agree with a comment I saw online about gun control having to be the most White Privilege thing ever, coming from an ivory tower and equivalent of “let the maid take care of it.”

The party of Diversity for thee, but not for me.

The media every day of the week. Lots to talk about there, and am amazed at how many intelligent and sane people I know can’t seem to get that the media routinely lies despite the many examples of that out there.

Impeachment is now just another political tool, to be used at whim. The theatre is designed to discredit Trump and his legacy, with an aim of undoing as much of what he does accomplish as possible. It is designed to taint every judge or other position appointed. That it will also do some other things along the way, along similar lines, is just icing on the cake. Nancy, you have sown the wind, now reap what you have sown.

Public education needs a lot of help, possibly more than can be given. One thing that does need to be done is to restore real history and real civics classes. Then again, if you don’t know history or civics, you are a lot easier to manipulate and control.

If you have ever talked with those who escaped from behind the Iron Curtain, you will find that our groceries were and are amazing to them. Think about the logistics, international trade, and even support of local sources come from the modern grocery that we take for granted.

Sorry, given all the hysteria over “WWIII” I just find this funny as all get out.

Getting ready last Friday for the Prohibition Party at O’Banion’s to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Prohibition. May share a few more photos in the days ahead.

Be careful, be safe, be informed.

Dead, But…

I had thought to explore a different topic this morning, but Victor Davis Hanson hit on something important that I’ve mentioned before: the Republic is dead.

Frankly, I can make the case that it has been dead since Teddy was in the White House; but, an even better case can be made for FDR. What truly matters is that the Constitution, and the legal protections it offers the Citizens of the United States has been ignored or increasingly overridden over time.

Today, there is a huge bureaucracy that makes that of Rome look tame. Those same bureaucrats form “the resistance” that protects the bureaucracy and “business as usual” from those plebes who think they have anything to say about what the government does (or should do). That cheerfully and willingly violate huge swaths of the Constitution via illegal surveillance, fraud, direct and indirect attacks on the Citizenry, and more. That face little to no punishment if caught.

Yes, the Republic as it was established, and as at least some of us were taught still was, is dead.

But… Yes, there is a huge one here. The fact is, it is in our power to resuscitate it. We are still within the Golden Hour.

It means braving the howling mobs of cancel culture vultures, of taking physical risk of real violence from Antifa and others, and of being outed and destroyed by those desperate to destroy the body of the Constitution and the Republic for which it stands.

If a stand is made. If we demand and force our representatives to truly be our representatives; if we demand and compel via the ballot and the purse equal justice for all; if we demand and compel that our elected and unelected officials be held fully, completely, and legally responsible for their misdeeds, then we have a good shot at reviving the Constitution and the Republic.

This is a topic I want to explore further, but it is some food for thought. We have the paddles to the AED in our hands, through our votes, our funds, and our ability to communicate. What we have experienced in terms of wage growth, economy, employment, and even in innovation (courtesy of the repeal or creative re-writing of regulations), is just a taste of what we could have.

Getting that is up to us. It is up to each of us as an individual. Think about it.

Food For Thought Tuesday

There is more to write about the Trump Doctrine, but it could literally become several doctoral theses in the years to come. Meantime, there is a lot of good food for thought out there, and I’m going to share some of it here.

Older, but still worth the read is why there won’t be a draft or WWIII.

How Dare You Not Include Us??? The real reason behind some of the strong reaction.

The media misses not one, but many huge stories. This is but one of them.

Is Donald Trump writing a farewell letter to the Middle East? An interesting possibility.

If anyone thinks that Journolist is dead, take a look around. One good example

I agree that the leadership of the Democratic party hates Trump with a passion that leaves them no way, no room, to love anything else. To that end, they have embraced the enemies of the United States as a mean to defeat Trump. Just one part of the mask slipping. For them, it doesn’t matter if Americans are killed or the interests of the United States and its Citizens are compromised — all that matters is winning and defeating Trump.

A companion piece to the excellent story linked yesterday in the discussion of the Trump Doctrine. Read it, and try not to weep.

A Never-Trumper has an epiphany. Now if we could only get Rod Dreher, who’s writing on faith and issues in various churches I read somewhat religiously, to quit clutching his pearls, pissing his panties, declaring FlounceCon1, and flouncing to his fainting couch every time Trump inhales…

The media is in the tank for the DNC, and would be willing to die (literally, I suspect) to protect the illusion and reputation (such as it is) of Obama. But one example is this cringe-worthy effort out of the rapidly tanking CNN.

More questions than answers. Have to agree, the news reporting today does bring that out.

The world is indeed watching, and not just the Iranian leadership. U.S. leadership, and the leadership of the so-called free world, is being watched as well. The masks are slipping, will they come completely off in the days to come?

The Emperor’s New Clothes

The old children’s story and cautionary tale seems to be getting a bit of a makeover. At least as it applies to Iran and America’s foreign policy.

An interesting article states that Iran and America are both naked now, in that Iran’s power was and is an illusion generated by Washington’s handling of Iran. The author makes a very good case, and I will simply note that almost anyone with two neurons to form a synapse long ago figured out that Jimmah (we elected the wrong Carter) was terminally clueless and naked in terms of the article. Thank goodness only in those terms…

The idiocy of our Iran policy, starting with Chief Idiot Carter, is indeed now laid bare. It is clear that our past emperors had no clothes (or much of a clue) in their dealings with Iran.

Trump, however, has shown that he at least was clothed and had a clue. What’s more, he’s provided those smart enough to so what I think is an amazing wardrobe: The Trump Doctrine.

It really is very simple, having but two or three parts depending on how one outlines it. First, if you want peace, then we want peace and to engage in free trade beneficial to all. Second, if you kill an American, you will die. Third, if you use a proxy then both you and the proxy will die.

The complexity woven into it, however, is interesting. The first part stands a great deal of existing foreign policy on its head. Regime change? Not our job, that is up to the people of the nation in question (as it should be). Parts two and three may set up the conditions where an oppressed people can take matters into their own hands, but that is just a happy benefit of going back to an older take on treatment of our Citizens.

Free and fair trade is going to take more room and time than I have this morning. Trade is a way to reward, to the benefit of the populations of both countries. It can also be a carrot to encourage changes desired by the U.S. It can also be a way to assist regime change without having to employ troops. For a historical example that applies to some degree, look to the Dutch “Golden” island and it’s role in the American Revolution. Trade can also be a formidable weapon, as Trump has repeatedly shown over the last three years.

Parts two and three are, in my opinion, long overdue. There was a time where if you made it a point to harm American’s, there were repercussions. Look at the “War of Jenkin’s Ear.” I think the Marine’s have something about one or two places where they went for just that reason in a song of which they are rather fond.

There is much more to get into with the doctrine. For now, I would simply note that past American foreign policy as a whole, not just with Iran, has been shown to be naked per the article. There are already strong efforts underway to insist that this is not so, and that we must, simply must, return to that threadbare charade. With luck, that will not happen. We should make the most of this new clothing, armor really, that has been given to us.

Trying Something Different

It has been a wet and wild Saturday. The rain started yesterday and was a bear. Today has seen yet more rain, winds, and other delights. Good news is, only small limbs down in the yard and no flooding here — though I am hearing of flooding elsewhere in the Indy area.

Given the weather, I only made one stop when shopping. They were out of one thing I wanted (adobo sauce), so I modified my plans a bit.

In the slow cooker, I have put down one layer that was a large white onion sliced fairly thick. On top of that went about a dozen boneless and skinless chicken thighs. On top of that went two cans of chipotle peppers in adobo sauce, along with one can of mild and one can of medium enchilada sauce. On top of that went another large white onion that was sliced thick.

Tomorrow morning will tell the tale if this worked as I wanted. Even if not, I hope to get something tasty as the temps are to drop next week. Hoping to have tasty, somewhat hot, chicken with lots of good onion to eat here next week (or so).

Hope you are all having a good weekend!