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As those of you who are regular readers know, I’ve had an interesting year on the cardiac front. There was a mystery diagnosis or two; there were interesting symptoms and odd data; lots and lots of questions; and, more than a few concerns. Throw in things not matching between previous tests and what was done in surgery or treatment…

So, I got an outside review of all things cardio, and in the process a new and fantastic cardiologist. As a result, I spent yesterday at a heart facility getting nuked, stress tested, echoed, and otherwise having all sorts of fun. Really needed to get good data, either for answers or for better questions as to be honest, the way things were trending I should have been headed towards cripple or dead.

What we found instead, amazed and delighted both my doctor and myself, and the term miraculous does apply. All that had been seen before, was gone. The mystery diagnoses were disproved in spades. In short, my heart shows as completely healed.

No apparent major or even minor blockage; no ventricular or other failure, no nothing wrong. Healed. It may not be the heart of a 20-year-old, but it is healed, whole, and going strong.

Again, miraculous is not an understatement. Lots of prayers of thanks going up, and I thank all of you who have prayed for me, especially on this.

The remaining edema is likely caused by a medication, so we are switching it out to see if that takes care of things. I will also write a bit about getting there and back, which was interesting but worked. In fact my cunning plan to get there on time worked almost too well. But that is all secondary. I’m still processing the news and the extent of the healing. I can’t describe the feeling of looking up at the EKG and thinking ‘that’s not right, that’s almost textbook normal.’

Thank you all. At least from a cardiac perspective, there is more to come!

Getting hit by lightning is not fun! If you would like to help me in my recovery efforts, which include moving once we have medical issues cleared up, feel free to hit the fundraiser at A New Life on GiveSendGo, use the options in the Tip Jar in the upper right, or drop me a line to discuss other methods. There is also the Amazon Wish List in the Bard’s Jar. It is thanks to your gifts and prayers that I am still going. Thank you.

12 thoughts on “Amazing News”

  1. Glad to hear it.

    I had something or a scare last week. Decided to check my blood pressure and pulled the home BP machine off the shelf, and checked it daily for a week.

    Got readings all over the chart, but showing a thirty point difference between left and right readings.

    Went to the doc, and her readings were in normal range with no difference between sides. So the lecture on my cholesterol was easy to take.

    1. LOL on taking the lecture, and sitting here nodding thinking about some of the home systems. For a while there, was able to calibrate some of the equipment to the doc’s equipment on almost a weekly bqsis. Glad your news was good too!

    1. Thank you! I’ve been giving thanks ever since, and plan to keep on doing so. For all that my body gives evil laughs when my mind thinks I’m still 20, it’s nice knowing that the heart is going strong. Makes it easier to help work on the rest of the systems.

  2. A friend of mine had a similar story where his heart just miraculously turned fine. Some four square people from his scout troop laid hands on him. He didn’t believe in that stuff but he figured it couldn’t hurt.

    1. Some things that have happened since my Baptism are truly amazing. People who are not of faith so often say things like this never happen anymore. Boy are they wrong.

    1. Indeed! Meeting with my priest this week to discuss calling and purpose for there clearly is one. It behooves me to pay attention, listen, and work towards it.

  3. Just going through this now. Waiting on the Cardio doc for news and final report.
    Glad you are good to go. Kind of makes you worry at our age. Not worried for my self as I am good to go either way and have a place waiting for me.
    Yes God answers prayers.

    1. May your news be as good as mine! It is a bit disconcerting, esp. at our age, to be told that things are very, very bad. Nice thing was, I thought that was bunk and so did the new cardiologist. That said, had already made certain decisions as I also think I have a better place awaiting. I had been praying more for other things and other people even, had no inkling of what was coming.

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