That’s Not Good

By now, you’ve probably seen this story or similar about the missing NYPD uniforms, car markings, and other delights. Not sure about you, but I’m hearing from sources that NYPD is not alone. In fact, it sounds like this is far more widespread that anyone sane should like.

One of the things that I’m finding interesting is that not all the missing uniforms and such are in major cities. That said, the areas where they are missing seem to be in areas with interesting (and critical) infrastructure, military, industrial, or other. Worrisome that is, at least for me. That this is traveling via LE-member and related circuits, and is NOT being discussed by politicians or political leadership military, LE, etc. could well be speaking volumes.

What just happened in Russia could be the opening bell as it were. Given the large numbers of military aged Chinese, Muslims, and others from a variety of countries inimicable to the United States and the tenets of Western Civilization… Well, if you were the Chinese and wanted to prevent a U.S. response to an invasion of Taiwan or annexation of portions of the Philipines; if you were Iran and wanted to cripple the United States while setting yourself up as a significant/major nuclear power (not just regional); or if you were one of several others: what would you be doing different via our open Southern Border?

Even if the tsunami of military aged males (and tens of thousands of children being trafficked too) weren’t a real threat, look at what is happening with our economy. Look at the debt, look at the loss of the petrodollar, and more. There’s more beyond that, lots more, and the new Kristallnacht that is underway here and abroad is but one sign . None of the things is good of itself, and offers much worse in synergistic terms.

Stock up. Keep your eyes open, head on a swivel, and your things where you can find them in the dark. It’s not the end, but I doubt it is going to be fun. Keep your family and true friends close, and be careful out there. If you care to help me with some food and preparation, feel free to hit the tip jar.

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6 thoughts on “That’s Not Good”

  1. I think you’re right. I’m going through my preps right now, and as a heads up – you will be getting some stuff delivered soon.

  2. The situation is definitely getting more … interesting.
    It’s never a good time to panic. It’s always a good time to prepare. For what I’m preparing is shifting.

    Keep up the good work, Wolf. It’s important.

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