Hold Fast: Thoughts And What You Can Do

Don’t let the media get you down. You are not alone. Much of the news cycle is bull, or as Sarah aptly puts it, a blue smokescreen. Keep in mind, the media does NOT get to call the election. The States must first ratify/certify the totals, then the Electoral College will meet and and vote (Dec. 14th at the earliest), then Congress must ratify/certify the results in January. Right now, there is NO President elect, nor can there be until December at the earliest. Given the multiple lawsuits and complaints, who knows.

What can you do? Let the President know you support him and his efforts. If you can, donate here. Stay involved and remember: Noli sinere nothos te opprimere/Non illegitimi carborundum (latter is fake Latin, but accurate /sarc). Also, donate to the races in Georgia: donate to David Perdue here and to Kelly Loeffler here. Better yet, if you live in Georgia or can travel there, volunteer and help get the word and vote out.

If you experienced or witnessed first hand voter fraud, here’s how to report it. If you call your local office and they are not interested in pursuing it, then document that and start moving up the chain. Make a post about it, get the word out like this person did. Shine a light. Can’t hurt to let the President’s team know about it either.

Is there voter fraud? Yes. Here’s one list that attempts to be complete. As for why we should think there is fraud, read this and this about the red flags from Larry Correia based on his experience as an accountant. While I haven’t had a chance to delve into this article, the fact that FB and Twitter are determined to bury it (and to ban accounts that share it) means it probably should be looked at in seriousness.

Hold Fast. Do what you can to share accurate info; volunteer and do other things you can for the elections in Georgia; report problems and fraud you have experienced or witnessed; and let the President know you stand by him and his efforts. Don’t let the media and others get you down.

Still Here

Yes, posting has been sporadic, but working to change that. There are a lot of things going on in the background, but I plan to get this back as a regular place to post and share. I am on Parler as @laughingwolfone and on MeWe as Laughing Wolf. I will be using Twitter mostly to post links to things posted here or on other platforms — am a bit surprised my account is not already suspended. Not dropping Twitter completely, but can’t support a platform that is blatantly partisan and censors in violations of its own rules. My goal is to use it, rather than have it use me.

As noted before, have Faith. Have faith in Trump and the system, and do what you can to help efforts for free and transparent elections. More on that soon. Remember also that you are not alone. Again, more on that soon I hope.

Hold Fast

Don’t let the media or others get you down. Have Faith. Have faith in the process, and in President Trump and his lawyers. We may not have results for a week, or even longer — as anticipated. Remember, more masks are coming down, and the legal challenges for this latest batch will take time.

Meantime: be prepared, hunker down, and hold. If you can, stock up, can, and prepare. Remember, there were floods and more before COVID that are likely to have an impact on food cost and availability this winter. Set back some cash, just to be safe. In other words, be prepared as you really should be all the time.

Hold Fast, and keep Faith and faith.


I went to my local polling place, getting there just before it opened. There were already more than 50 people in line. By the time it opened, that had more than doubled. The line seemed to be staying around 100-125 people as voting began and was still at that when I left. The line moved steadily, and it took me less than an hour from arrival to voting.

Please remember today: voting is both a right and privilege; and, making an informed vote based on reason and examination of the facts rather than emotions is a responsibility.

Take up that burden of an informed vote today. Vote as if your freedoms, your life, your fortune, and your sacred honor are at stake — they are.