More Free Ice Cream Soon (?)

I really am working to get things up and going again. There are some posts I’ve promised people I would do; there are posts I want to do; and, there is fun stuff to share. That said, it is taking longer to get things working well for that than I care for. However, it is in work.

Meantime, here’s a shot from Utah Beach. I had put my Battlemug (full of coffee) down while I did some photographs not long after dawn, looked down, and realized there was a great shot literally at my feet…

It’s Interesting

Working to get back into the proper habits for real blogging — after so much time in the cesspits of social media — is interesting. Mostly in terms of the Chinese curse, but I will admit that some of it is good food for thought.

My start in blogging was built around posts that were effectively columns, or stories that laid out information and thoughts on a topic. That is where much of my heart lies.

That said, one of the more effective formats I’ve seen for current use is very short posts linking to longer posts by the authors and others. Going to have to think about what is the best way forward for me, and for you, my readers.

Meantime, I hope to start getting a new personal schedule in place that will allow more time to do some in depth writing even as I explore options to recover traffic and get done what I want to get done. We will see how it goes.

Not Sure About 185…

I got to take a Maserati out for a spin last week, and while I did not live up to the song I did get to try it on both regular streets and the “real” Indy 500 — I-465. Traffic was heavy so I did not get the opportunity to truly open it up, but wish I could have. Given some of what I’ve heard about the brand, I was surprised and pleased with the style, comfort, and ride. The only issue I had was with some ergonomics around the steering wheel which may be adjustable given all that can be adjusted in the car. A nice bit of fun.

More To Come

There are a number of things about which I want to write, and in a couple of cases, have promised to write. They are coming, as I slowly move towards a return to writing and more of the life I knew. It will take time, for a variety of reasons. One reason is that we had storms last night, and this evening I have to take care of some downed limbs/parts of trees before I can mow.

Also, I am sorry to say that all the comments to previous posts are lost courtesy of a glitch. If you care to replace them, please do.


Living The Wildlife

There are many things to write about, but decided to take a break this morning.  I moved a few months ago and despite technically being closer to the big city, am in an area with woods, orchards, a huge yards despite the surrounding big city.

Two weeks ago, spotted a coyote at the end of the street.  Had suspected they were around, but getting the confirmation was interesting.

This morning, had a red fox come trotting down the road.  Said good morning, which startled it a bit, but was very glad to see it.  Foxes keep down a lot of rodents and other things I don’t care to have around.

Both, however, cause me to worry about the landlord’s remaining cat, who I call Boopster/Boopsie/Fleabag.  She is declawed and was living inside, but has decided that she wants to be an outdoor cat.  Only comes in to eat, and quickly demands to be let out again.  We’ve already lost the other cat (possibly to one of the hawks living nearby), really don’t want to lose her despite the fleas (for which I am now applying flea powder on a weekly basis).

The Journey Continues

Not so much an apology, but an explanation of my lack of blogging the last few years.  For anyone interested.

As a good friend told me a couple of years ago, if you want to look after others, you have to look after yourself first.  That can be hard for me, as I tend to put others first.  Fact is, I was born allergic to almost everything, and that made my childhood interesting all by itself.

About three years ago, I was told I had cancer, based on a purely visual exam.  Took an exploratory procedure to prove I didn’t, and, yes, I fired the first doc in question and will never go back to a second.  Thankfully, found a very good doc in the process that I will cheerfully use again at need.  This was why I stepped down from Mission: VALOR and turned it over to others to run.

Then, other issues required me to be tested for a variety of nasty auto-immune diseases.  Again, thankfully, those were negative though I do have arthritis and some other inflammation issues.  I feel weather changes more than I realize, as I have a tendency to ignore (and not recognize) pain and related.  I’ve lived with some degree of pain for so long it simply doesn’t register as such.  Some of the issues come from things I’ve done in the past, and as I’ve told some, if I had known how much I would pay for them later, I would have done more so I feel that I have truly earned it.  That said, glad I did them despite the price.

Almost exactly a year ago today, I had what was supposed to be a routine colonoscopy.  Unfortunately, there was bleeding after that sent me to the ER and required an emergency procedure to deal with, during which I had to be given Epi to keep my heart beating.  I was conscious and watching when I started to crash again in recovery.  Remember not being scared, and found it interesting that the 12-lead data did not show what I would have expected for what happened.  Thankfully, my heart did not stop and I did recover.  Sadly, I never have gotten honest answers about comments I overheard in the ER about the original doctor and what was/was not done, and as such will never use the IU network again.

On top of it all, some other things led me to get some help and a diagnosis of non-combat PTS.  The root issue has been addressed, and I will add that my time in Iraq was beneficial for my PTS, which says a lot.  I will say that EMDR works, is intense, and I don’t recommend pushing it and treatment as hard as I pushed mine.  Now dealing with the secondary effects (all the things other than the original cause) and moving forward.  I would remind everyone that Hollyweird and the media do not give an honest or accurate account of PTS, and that the majority of those who have it are not a danger to others (mostly to themselves).

I’m now part of an amazing survivors group.  If you have PTS, depression, etc., please do reach out.  Too many don’t, and feel cut off and alone.  You are not.  Please, take the time and reach out to someone.  It is hard, but worth it and there is no shame in getting help.

So, putting myself and my life back together, and it is an interesting journey.  Sometimes in terms of the Chinese curse, most of the time a good and blessed thing.  My faith has been strengthened, as I see many blessings and examples of when and how things could have been much worse.  My faith in humans and human institutions, well, still not high and as a convert to the Catholic faith not improving given leadership of same, from Pope Che (as a friend calls him) on down.  There are a number of good priests, however, and they do so much for so many.

All any of us can do is try to do our best, to help others in need, and to try to do some good in the world.  The latter takes many forms, and I am more committed than ever to our troops and veterans for they do a lot of good at a high cost to themselves.

There is more to come, though it may be a bit sporadic for a while.