Recovery And General Update

Sorry for the lack of posting, but it has been intense and interesting on several levels. Been getting to test both surgical and general preparedness a bit.

This last week, we started kicking things into high gear. I am now doing “real” PT with a therapist at a facility three times a week. This is an hour or so of the home exercises, additional exercises, and range of motion manipulation. Great results so far, almost enough to make me nervous as I don’t want any shoes to drop as it were. That said, I’m most happy to report that in one area we got a 20% increase in the range of motion.

Now, in addition to that, I get to do the home exercises twice a day on every day that I don’t do real PT. It does make a difference, but is also a bit tiring. I’ve actually invested in a gymnastics slider like we use at the therapist for a couple of exercises, as it works so much better than the make-do’s. I also have invested in the same professional grade cold pack that the therapist uses. I think it was only $5 more than the home-use pack I got at the big box store. For all I do love the Aircast liquid cooled system, it gives me something intense but not quite as intense.

We are still having to keep an eye on that area of the incision that did funny. Very glad to be finishing the antibiotics today! So far, so good.

Interestingly, more discomfort and pain in my biceps/triceps than the shoulder as he apparently he had to move some attachment points for those muscles. I’ve been very lucky on pain, and suspect the pain management plan worked very well. Thanks to the re-arrangements, my right arm has guns like it hasn’t had in years.

Yes, I am driving (with permission) though I try to limit it to essentials as it is one handed. Mostly to PT or for groceries. Okay, I may have driven to the taco truck once. Not comfortable doing much more than that, especially with Indy traffic. The sling comes off July 4th, which is quite appropriate. No weight and limited use, but no sling. Some trepidation as the sling has kept me from doing stupid things, particularly in my sleep or upon awakening. Probably another four to six weeks before I’m anywhere near starting back into real two-handed operations.

Now, on top of all this, we’ve had some interesting weather. Canadian smoke was so bad one day you literally could not see the downtown skyline, even downtown. Then came the storms, and more than 80,000 lost power in Indy, with some 20,000 still without power this morning. More than 140,000 others lost power across the state. Truly sad to see the number of 30+ foot trees that came down in town.

We did lose power, though thankfully for only 5 or so hours. The big complication for me is that both the recliner (where I’ve been sleeping post surgery) and my bed (head raises up like a hospital bed) depend on electricity. The idea of a battery backup for either never crossed my mind before this. It has now, and if anyone has suggestions please let me know. Meantime, I’ve adjusted the bed as best I can while we have power. Sadly, adjusting the recliner in advance just isn’t feasible.

I also never contemplated initiating various preparedness protocols one handed. Need to think, make notes, and consider some specialized SOPs. Also considering a few additional items for purchase.

To make life interesting, we have a good chance of more severe weather both today and tomorrow. Joy. Few things I would like to get today, but thinking that’s not going to happen.

So, that’s a bit of what has been going on. Need to do a Russia update, invest in popcorn as the fat lady has not sung and may not yet even be in the building. On France, I’m wondering if Col. Kratman is going to be right yet again. Be prepared, and keep your things where you can find them in the dark — especially if the power goes out.

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  1. RE: Battery backup. I’ll assume both devices have motors, and that wlll heavilyy stress whatever battery system you get. For smaller stuff a good Uninterruptible Power Supply – like a 1500 VAC unit from Amazon, probably $150-$180 – would work (the APC BX1500M is $180). IIRC the 1500 VAC APC UPS delivers 900 watts max which sounds like a lot but isn’t that much. UPSes are designed for lower draw stuff like PCs, not high draw like refrigerators (“locked rotor current” is the name for high wattage motor startup draw) – my fridge draws 1280 watts for a second or so, then tapers down to 135 “running” watts within about 25 seconds; handling the 135 with a UPS is easy, it’s the 1280 that’s the problem. Can a 1500 VAC UPS operate the fridge? Sort of, for a little while, then the imbalance stress kills the fridge compressor motor in a couple months. I’ve seen it happen in industrial applications. Bigger UPSes are available that would handle the fridge, but they come with a corresponding Bigger Price (~$500 and up). Probably the same is true for the motors in your bed and chair. I’ve built larger capacity units with large car batteries and inverters, but they always seem to wind being a kluge of sorts. Amazon has 3K – 4K inverters, ~ $180-$300, figure $250-300 for a large battery, add in a charger (Schumacher is IMHO the best, ~$110 +/-), then it needs to fit in a container of some sort, so you can see where this is going dollar-wise.

    Lighting with a UPS is easy, small fans, etc. about the same, but “real” motors are a PITA. A Honda 2200 watt generator would serve well, but they’re ~$1100+ now, plus fuel cans, 12 and 10 gauge extension cords, etc., etc.

    I wonder if your bed and recliner manufacturer have solutions.

    Could we please have the info on the Pro grade cold pack? Sounds like a useful item to keep on hand.


    1. Yes, may be tomorrow or Thursday though as have had a rough couple of days. Suspect weather was the trigger, but still doesn’t mean I don’t feel like someone didn’t work me over with a baseball bat… 🙂

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