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Two quick things before I head to the gym for workout and “home” PT. I really would appreciate your thoughts on two separate things.

First, I think I mentioned that I had been considering getting a guitar to see if I could learn to play it. Someone had suggested it as a form of physical therapy, but it’s really not. That said, it could help test to determine if I can learn a complex new skill after the lightning strike despite memory and other issues.

I put it off a while back simply because I couldn’t justify it in the budget. Missed out on a sweet Ibanez that was on sale used, but just not in the budget. Oh, and I was shocked to find out how few used guitars are available. Still looking and hoping that maybe enough comes in through the tip jar to go for it. There is a nice Ibanez acoustic-electric available for a bit over $300, and I’m keeping an eye out for used. Want to go with the acoustic-electric as the thinner profile is easier on me post surgery.

To be honest, it’s a crapshoot. Positive is that if I can learn, it gives hope in other areas while giving me something fun and entertaining to do. If I can’t, well, I can at least torture the cats and maybe the landlord with my efforts. Not what I want, but I can sorta make it into a win. What are your thoughts on this?

Second, and this is way too soon, thoughts on an option a realtor suggested to me for the move. I still have to get the other shoulder replaced and recover, and that may take a while. For all I would like to get it done here soon, the right arm has to be recovered a bit more before we can do the left I suspect. How long that will take is a good question.

The option was to buy or rent an RV and use it to explore in the area where I want to move. The idea is, park the RV for a month in a general area, and explore on foot and by vehicle to get to know the area and look at options. Want to check out another area? Drive there, park for another month, and lather, rinse, repeat.

Question for you: does anyone know of any low-cost options for getting or renting an RV? I think it a good idea, but also am having to consider that the car is not doing well and replacing it is going to be a challenge. If it does hold on, and I’m not another year out from moving, any ideas on this or other options for exploring?

Yes, still looking primarily at Arizona, but also checking to see options in west or north Texas. My original thoughts of being a lone wolf out by myself isn’t going to work. Probably need to be close to/around more people, would be nice if they were good people. Near decent medical wouldn’t hurt. So, looking hard at Benson area, though it might be fun to check out Winslow or even Flagstaff. After all, a girl in a flatbed Ford might stop for me… If you get that, you might remember Pat Paulsen.

If anyone has any suggestions for a good way to get me out West, explore a bit, and find the right situation for me, please sing out. I just want to get my stuff out of storage and have a place of my own again one day soon.

Getting hit by lightning is not fun! If you would like to help me in my recovery efforts, which include moving once we have medical issues cleared up, feel free to hit the fundraiser at A New Life on GiveSendGo, use the options in the Tip Jar in the upper right, or drop me a line to discuss other methods. It is thanks to your gifts and prayers that I am still going. Thank you.

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  1. If North TX is a viable option, might I recommend Cooke County? We’re just an hour away from the UTSouthwestern med school in downtown Dallas (where I go for all my weird specialized neurological and other medical stuff) or all the great medical facilities in Fort Worth, but we’re just outside the more expensive DFW metroplex counties. Of course, property taxes are ridiculous anywhere in TX, so that’s a strike against us. And while we’re drier than the East TX jungle, we’re definitely going to be more humid than Flagstaff.

    Guitars… ahh… being a bluegrass gal through and through, I know precious little about the electrics. I used to have a pal in DC who was a yuge PRS fanatic, but those are usually pretty spendy, I think. Alas, if it ain’t a Martin acoustic, I’m out. I have a Baby Martin that I goof around on, but I’ve never even installed a pickup on it since I don’t play guitar publicly. (I do have an acoustic-electric ukulele which I use to accompany myself at public functions from time to time.) I’ve been playing the piano for fifty years, which -alas!- does me absolutely no good in a bluegrass setting.

    1. I will look into Cooke County. As much as I wanted to be out from Tombstone, I need to be around people, within an hour or so of good medical, and some sort of gym or workout facility. May be done with “official” PT after a year, but it really is for a lifetime. I really liked the area around Ft. Davis, which had decent local medical; but, anything else was 2-4 hours away. Will look into it.

      I sorta learned the piano years ago, but that was really mom’s thing. Yeah, not in the greatest demand for bluegrass. 🙂 I did play trumpet in school. Would love a Martin, but around here even used are out of reach. The big problem for me was the thickness of the pure acoustic. The Ibanez dreadnaught I’m looking at is about half the thickness. Then again, in a year it might not be an issue even. Will see.

  2. Benson, as in Dark Star?

    The RV approach sounds like a good idea. When we were starting to plan our move – after on-line research had led me to the conclusion that Tennessee was the best match for my criteria – my wife and I made multiple trips out here to check out things in general, and to narrow the search area. Had I been in a position to take several contiguous weeks off, and to rent an RV, we could perhaps have done the exploring all in one go.

    And, yeah: the lone-wolf thing is for those who are in robust good health, don’t have family to take care of, are already proficient at farming in the specific area, etc. Most of us still have constraints that preclude that option.

    1. Wow. I actually had to go look that up. Not sure if I somehow missed it or if that is one of the memories zorched by the lightning. Listened to the song, now to find the movie…

      Yep, too many constraints and I need a new beginning in many respects. Hard to do that by yourself. 🙂

  3. As an aside, if you’re ever in the NTX area, I’ll hand you this Baby Martin for free. It’s just a downsized dreadnought, and it’s in great shape. My piano hands and stubby fingers just don’t cope with a guitar fret. I’ve had it for about 20 years, I think.

  4. Logistics and physical mobility are key to the RV experience. Power steering is a given, but the ready use of both hands and arms during spotting the rig is essential, even with power steering. There are RV parks everywhere with “hookups” – water, electric and sewer – and one quickly becomes adept at setup and teardown. There’s a short list of things you cannot afford to miss which the typical RV place will not think to provide, or only at piratical rates; but with a decent checklist, any local Camper World or equivalent will have everything you need at a reasonable price. In the “RV Community” you will find many “full timers” who live in their rigs, moving when it suits them, or when their spot-term expires. Amazing how inexpensive that can be. Great people who will help and support you. Happy to discuss and advise.

    1. I will be in touch! Right now, both hands and arms are an issue. 🙂 If it weren’t for my books and kitchen, I could see doing the RV/camper life. Will find out in a couple of weeks when we are going to be looking at doing the other shoulder. For all I would love to do it right now, it may be a while just given the need to get the right arm back to where it can handle the load. Thank you, and I will be in touch!

  5. The lack of used is likely due to people stuck at home and deciding to start to learn. Sooner or later they will decide that they aren’t going to use one, and sell again.

    1. That could be. The only used ones outside of stores here were very-off brand, not in good shape, and/or sellers with interesting backgrounds. 🙂 The large local guitar store I checked out said they were having to pull in from not just out of town, but out of state; and, if they got a used one in it almost immediately got shipped out of state.

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