French Press Review/Update

Even with not being able to do the surgery last Friday, things have been interesting. Thankful for the extra time to get things done, and to start practicing to be a one-armed menace for a while.

One of the things I’m doing is trying to “break proof” some key items, including my french press for making coffee. The one I had is glass and plastic, and frankly I’m amazed it’s lasted almost two decades around me as I am a bit of klutz. It’s also hard to clean up two-handed, much less one.

So, I was reading reviews of french press coffee makers and found two reasonable choices for stainless steel models. Both were on sale online at Wally World, and one was temporarily sold out. So, I went with the Mueller 34oz (1L) base model.

NOTE: every stainless steel french press I can find is made in China. I could not find any made in Taiwan or the U.S. At least one place hints their product is made here, but that appears to be (very) misleading.

I’m really not sure why, but there is a tremendous difference in my coffee. I had long suspected the glass and plastic bargain was not a 34 oz as stated, and that was true. I’ve had to adjust the amount of beans ground (takes more) and am continuing to play with things to get exactly what I like. That said, with pre-heating the press, and putting just enough hot water in to make a slurry with the grounds and waiting 30 seconds, then filling up I’m getting some amazingly good coffee. For anyone interested, I’m putting in a pinch of smoked salt and doing 6.5 minutes.

Plus Notes: easy to clean and operate, though trying to wash any dish one handed is going to be fun. The insulated body will keep things warm for quite a while, so I have to remember to open the lid when done so it is cool enough to wash after breakfast. Sturdy.

Minus Notes: The finish will show fingerprints and water spots in a heartbeat, so if looks are super important, it will take extra work. The lid is a little loose, which is only a problem (for me) when pouring that last bit out.

I’ve broken down and also ordered a new airpot that is stainless steel instead of glass-lined, and is made in Taiwan. I like to pour my coffee out of the press, through a filter, and keep it in the airpot. I filter because of a study I read (found through Instapundit) that suggested filtering could improve some lipid numbers. While I did not get the lipid results the researchers claimed, I did find I liked the taste of the filtered coffee.

I’ve still got a lot to get done to prepare for the surgery. Hard to believe that in effect my arm will be amputated, repaired, then re-attached and all this is now outpatient surgery. I’ve actually started practicing trying to do things one handed, and that’s been interesting. I’m also going to have to do some minor re-arranging as things are currently set-up for me being right arm dominant. Going to have to have things were I can get to them with the left arm for now.

Also, figure for the first two weeks I’m not going to be up for a lot, so am trying to cook and freeze meals. Plan to buy some frozen breakfast stuff that I can heat and eat one handed (thank you Jimmy Dean!). May not all be keto, but will make do. Actually going to get some of the Folger’s “tea bag” coffee for the first few days as hand grinding the coffee like I do is going to be a real bear. May even drink tea for a while as much easier to make.

I’m trying also to see if the laptop will do voice-to-text so I can get some posts up. It is likely to be sporadic at first, and given pain and pain pills such posts might be a more interesting than usual. So, more soon.

Getting hit by lightning is not fun! If you would like to help me in my recovery efforts, which include moving once we have medical issues cleared up, feel free to hit the fundraiser at A New Life on GiveSendGo, use the options in the Tip Jar in the upper right, or drop me a line to discuss other methods. It is thanks to your gifts and prayers that I am still going. Thank you.

4 thoughts on “French Press Review/Update”

  1. Hah! In reading the title of this post I thought it would be about the different treatments of the war in Ukraine by Le Fígaro, Le Monde and l’Humanité. I’ll concede, though, that the actual topic is much more engaging.

    I wish you a prompt and full recovery from your surgery.

  2. Thanks for the coffee tips; I can’t count the iteations I’ve gone through trying to get Perfect Coffee. What post-brew filtering arrangement do you use, and which airpot did you settle on?

    RE: One handed life. A friend who had hand surgery scheduled spent a week with an oven mitt taped on his paw to see what compromises daily tasks required when he had only one hand available. Turned out it was the dumb little things no one thinks about that posed the biggest hassles, like putting toothpaste on the brush, showering with one hand, cutting up vegetables, opening bottles and jars, etc. As he put it after he was fully recovered, “having a girlfriend was extremely helpful, but that only went so far. Trying to make a sandwich with tomato slices alone at midnight gives one the opportunity re-think ‘just how hungry am I really’. ”

    Good luck with the rebuild. I hope all goes well and the results are better than expected.


    1. Glad to, and will try to get a post up this week on the new set-up. I use a pour-over filter holder and #2 filters.

      It truly is the smaller things that are going to be very interesting. Opening medicine bottles, bottles, cans, etc. One reason I’m trying to freeze as much food as possible so I don’t have to even try to do certain things. Instant coffee or tea for the first few days. Etc. More soon.

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