Happy Thanksgiving

Today is a day to enjoy the bounty of nature, and to give thanks for that bounty. It is a day to enjoy family and friends, to make bonds, to reaffirm the bonds of family and friendship, and to give thanks for them. It is a day to reflect that together we can face hardship and more, and come out better than before if we stand and work together.

Take this day and do just that. Give thanks to God for all in our lives, not just the good; but, also that which is not but will in the end strengthen our Faith and our faith and solidarity with one another. If it means violating a mandate, well, too bad as the reasons of this day are far more important . Do not let tyrants petty or large dictate this day. Ignore them, and do take the time to count your blessings large and small, and to reach out to those family and friends and encourage them to do the same.

For me, I truly do give thanks this day. I still have a job, and while far from ideal it is work that is allowing me to get back on my feet in more ways than one. I give thanks that I have the opportunity now to seek new employment and to better myself on several levels in the process. I still have at least a few readers, and the opportunity to grow back to where things once stood, and hopefully do some good for others in the process. I give thanks that I have made mistakes, for I have learned from them and grown in positive ways in the process. I have food for my table, some food tucked away, and plan to enjoy it in the days and weeks ahead. I give thanks for the nightmare of the last six or so years in regards my health, for the worst never happened and while I have some issues and challenges to face with the arthritis and other related things, I also have the chance to fight it and get back to the life I want in physical terms. In fact, I give thanks that my last doctor visit showed that I am otherwise in good shape and we have plans to make that even better.

I even give thanks for what is happening politically. I hate some of what I fear is to come; but, this time has seen masks removed so that I can see who and what people really are and make better judgements and decisions in all of life. I give thanks that there are those who despite cancel culture, are willing to stand up for what they believe, and to fight regardless of affiliation for free and fair elections that are crucial to our Republic. I am thankful that yet others have made their intentions and desires clear, as again it allows us to make decisions based on facts and reality, not emotions. Most of all I give thanks for there is still time to deal with the issues if we keep the bonds of family and friendship and stand together. And, I give thanks for all those who stand for individual liberty and freedom.

I am glad for the friends in my life, for the acquaintances, and the chance to make new friends. I am glad for the chance to mingle and enjoy the company of others, and to have the chance to do more of that. I am glad and thankful for the many opportunities in my life, and that I have the chance to work harder at seizing more of them large and small.

Though it is hard, I give thanks for some horrible things in my past. I give thanks that in them I can see where Grace has saved me from worse paths and worse outcomes. I need look no further to see where that hand has guided me and kept me from far worse harm. Doing so reminds me to have Faith, and to trust that guidance and protection. While I have no faith in the institutions of Man, I give thanks that this year has helped me grow stronger in my Faith, for it remains.

I give thanks that I have a place to hang my hats, even though it not be my own. I give thanks for those in my life, and if I particularly give thanks for those that are a positive influence in my life, I trust that God will understand. I even give thanks for my stalker cat, for he reminds me that all deserve love and kindness (even if I occasionally wish for a restraining order on him). I give thanks for the chance to learn and grow, for we all too often choose not to do either. I give thanks for the lessons of life, for while they are often hard and unpleasant, they can not only help us learn and grow, they often require us to do so no matter what we may want.

I give thanks that God has not given me all I’ve wanted, as what has been given has been so much better. It is a reminder not to ask God for something in particular, but to put what is needed in my life in God’s hands.

I give thanks for knowing that I am not alone, and that individuals can still make a huge difference for the good in life.

So today, give true Thanks. Count the blessings large and small. Set aside fear, anger, uncertainty, and all the negatives in life and concentrate on the good. Concentrate of the love and fellowship with have with family, friends, and others we may not even yet know.

Eat, drink, and enjoy the bounty of food and fellowship that we have. Don’t let anyone or anything keep you from supping that greater meal this day.

Free Ice Cream Non-Shortage

Some things came up at the day job that have me going in early, so there is a free ice cream shortage here. That said, there really isn’t a free ice cream shortage overall. Allow me to recommend you go to:

Instapundit (who does very good space/science coverage too)

Sarah A. Hoyt (who has been ahead of the curve on many election issues because she’s lived this before and recognizes the tactics. For a large “white” male, she gets around).

Legal Insurrection


Also, here is the mask study that is in the news, along with an interesting study looking at children and COVID-19. Remember, even on the rare occasion a real science reporter does the article/broadcast, read the paper/study being discussed yourself to get the straight scoop. Meantime, The Great Silencing marches on as predicted with yet more efforts on the financial front (expect more of this type thing to come) and more efforts on the hosting and promotion front. Note that the first is NOT the software, but a hosting provider. No need to abandon the software.

Enjoy your day!

Still Here

Yes, posting has been sporadic, but working to change that. There are a lot of things going on in the background, but I plan to get this back as a regular place to post and share. I am on Parler as @laughingwolfone and on MeWe as Laughing Wolf. I will be using Twitter mostly to post links to things posted here or on other platforms — am a bit surprised my account is not already suspended. Not dropping Twitter completely, but can’t support a platform that is blatantly partisan and censors in violations of its own rules. My goal is to use it, rather than have it use me.

As noted before, have Faith. Have faith in Trump and the system, and do what you can to help efforts for free and transparent elections. More on that soon. Remember also that you are not alone. Again, more on that soon I hope.

Hold Fast

Don’t let the media or others get you down. Have Faith. Have faith in the process, and in President Trump and his lawyers. We may not have results for a week, or even longer — as anticipated. Remember, more masks are coming down, and the legal challenges for this latest batch will take time.

Meantime: be prepared, hunker down, and hold. If you can, stock up, can, and prepare. Remember, there were floods and more before COVID that are likely to have an impact on food cost and availability this winter. Set back some cash, just to be safe. In other words, be prepared as you really should be all the time.

Hold Fast, and keep Faith and faith.

Some Quick Food For Thought

There is a lot going on. Some of it truly is good, and gives hope on several fronts. Far more, however, is frankly terrifying to anyone who believes in the rule of law and the philosophical tenets of Western Civilization. Political assassination and violent assault is the new norm. We are on the brink not of a slippery slope, but a cliff, and it will take very little at this point to put us over that cliff.

If you have not made basic emergency preparations, start now. Even if there are no food shortages from weather early in the year or problems with production related to the lockdown, food prices are going to go up as we move into fall and winter. Can, buy what you can of canned goods, freeze — stock up. Take supplements or prescriptions? Get as much of each as you can, I’m working on a six-month supply myself. Have batteries? Flashlights? Means to cook if the power is out? If not, you need to prepare. Nature may strike even if we keep from falling over the cliff. And, yes, buy ammo and guns. Also some edged weapons.

I still hope for the ballot box and the courts, but am no longer counting on it. I really do hope that the efforts by Rand Paul and others to investigate who is funding and supplying Antifa/BLM/Etc. takes off, as they are well-funded, well-supplied, and are very well coordinated. Take a look at what people and vehicles keep showing up at trouble spots… Also, as I’ve noted in this series of posts, we really need to know what besides people are coming across the Southern border (and a small amount seems to be coming over the northern as well).

Hope to have more positive thoughts up later this week, work permitting, but this morning finds me perhaps a bit too realistic. Now is the time to prepare, to think about protecting home and family from both people and nature. It is time to stock up, take stock, and be prepared to act at need.

It is also a time to think and decide on the future of the Great Experiment that is America. Are we to continue as a Constitutional Republic with the philosophical foundation built into it by the Founding Fathers? Or, do we want to tear that down and replace it with the socialist state desired by those who are rioting, looting, raping, and murdering their way through major cities? That choice, for now, is yours. Educate, study, then make informed votes for every level of government. Go for the best candidates you can find. Don’t like your current government and what it has done/is doing? Vote in change. Please make informed choices for all, and most of all, get out and vote. Your future truly does depend upon it.

More To Come

Sorry for the delay, but working overtime which cuts into my writing time. Was going to try to get up a post today about those screaming about how dare the parents of the 7-year-old assaulted by the “peaceful” Biden supporters take that child to such a dangerous place: they are wrong, sending the wrong signal, and abetting the enemy. Maybe tomorrow.

Instead of writing that column up and getting it posted, I woke up to a fraudulent charge on my debit card, and caught the perps starting to make a second. Foiled that by transferring all remaining funds out of the account, then spent a bit of time on the phone with the fraud people at my financial institution. Still have to call back when main office opens to get a new card sent to me, but at least I saved a bit of money. Also, it may be a while before I get back what they spent on the first charge. I’m suspecting it may have been gotten via a skimmer, as I know one place I shop was hit a year or so ago with very sophisticated skimmers added to their card system. With all the new COVID safety measures, it may actually be easier to get them in place because the cashiers can’t see anything going on on the pads; and, it is almost impossible to check them because you can’t see the area where the card goes in. Be careful out there.

Hope all have a good week.

Quick Note On Comments

The first time you comment here, the comment is held for moderation. Most weekdays, I only get to check for such early in the morning, so the fact that your comment doesn’t show immediately should not be a cause for concern. Once you are approved, you are automatically whitelisted and future comments will appear immediately.

An Ode To A Troll

Yesterday, I came home to find a comment on a COVID-19 post that I thought I would share:

“Yesterday Trump officially surrendered to the Taliban
You post yo blackfive
When will you try and discuss with the other contributors the cludterfuck that was our war in Afghanistan ?
I posted there as johnr and continually raised doubts when others were cheering our ongoing success
My email is below”

I really should ignore it, but it also lets me point out a bit more about how I run my site. Now, this hit me wrong for several reasons. Yes, there were a number of trolls, paid and un-paid, at Blackfive. Yes, I do believe some of them who pretty much told me they were paid to spam us. No, hate to say it, don’t really remember you off the bat.

Next up, I don’t demand English as no one here speaks or writes it; but, I do expect clear American and not broken, er, something. Want to get my attention? Consider doing something like making a proposition and then supporting/attacking same in a rational manner. A good cogent piece can get some good discussion going. This abortion of language deserves little more than mopping up and being put in an incinerator to prevent spreading infection.

Next, you couldn’t figure out how to send an e-mail (hint, it’s there)? Instead, you spam an unrelated post? That’s an automatic “fuck off” from my point of view.

Then, you demand I address, well, something. Again, that wrecked bit of random words doesn’t tell me what point or points I made, others made, or much of your position on those points. It is a mass indictment of the team at Blackfive without any real charge or means of defense. Want to play cancel culture? That’s “Fuck Off” number two.

Now, consider you are also demanding I write about what you want. Want me to write about what you want, versus what I want to write about or think is important at this moment? Then pay me jackass, as I don’t work for free. Cheap, yes, on occasion, but not free. That’s “Fuck Off” number three.

Three strikes, and you are out of here!

For those of you not trolls, I don’t mind disagreement, particularly if you cite facts. Change my mind! That’s how we grow intellectually. Keep it polite, fairly family friendly, address points and avoid ad hom. Fairly easy and painless.

Oh, as a final finger to the troll, it might want to check this out by Uncle Jimbo:

Jim Hanson: Trump’s Taliban peace deal is right move – After almost 20 years it’s time to exit Afghanistan https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/trump-taliban-peace-deal-afghanistan-jim-hanson

Thanks to GB of Blackfive for the link.