Quantum Computing, For Good Or For Ill

It may indeed be BS, will wait for my computer friends to say more. Meantime, we would do well to think about the results, both for good and for ill, that will come from this technology. It will come, after all, and we should be prepared for it.

Meantime, read what Rod Dreher and his readers have to say. Yes, I read Rod though we disagree on many things political (I do wish he would stop clutching his pearls and flouncing to the fainting couch any time Trump does something), and because he is one of the few out there doing real and serious reporting on sexual abuse and other scandals in all churches. His coverage of the Catholic Church is incredible, and his gets the problems some of us have with the Church. As for me, my faith in the spiritual Church is strong, but I fear I have no faith left in the institution erected by man. That, however, is a post for another day.