Sunday Cigar

And pipe, of course. Today, I want to introduce you to my new favorite pipeweed: Spark Plug.

I’m told that this has been a while in the making, and G. L. Pease states that he’s been experimenting on it for more than a year. On the tin you will find:

“Deep and dark. Powerful yet refined. The smoky, leathery backdrop of Latakia is layered with an almost incense-like spice of rich orientals, with fine Virginias added for depth and a subtle sweetness. Like the classic roadsters that inspired its creation, Spark Plug has an alluring charm that invites you to rev it up and take it out for long drives in the country. Sliced thick or thin, it will never leave you stranded.”

While I have a fairly decent palate, I truly can’t begin to describe how rich and deep are the flavors in this tobacco. The depth of flavor is absolutely amazing, and three tins in I’m still not able to wrap my tongue around all the flavors. Yes, you get the smoke from the Latakia, the sweet from the Virginia, and spice from the oriental.

However, unlike most pipe tobacco and even cigars, what you are getting is not individual notes but a symphony of flavors that are blended from the individual notes. I hope this won’t offend Mr. Pease, but one of the closest things I can find to describe it is having real south India/Ceylon curries as done by natives: the flavor is amazing but it is almost impossible to guess all the ingredients that went in as different notes swim to the top at different times.

I may have a better grasp on all the notes and flavors by the time I am 20 or so tins into it. Will I hit that? Barring some disaster, yes. In fact, I’m liking it so much that I’m smoking my pipe more frequently than ever.

Plugs are a bit different, and if you’ve never smoked a plug tobacco before, don’t worry. Take it out of the can, use a sharp (good) knife, and cut off slices. Thick or thin really doesn’t matter as each will work on this one. Let the slices dry out for a few minutes, check with your fingers to see when it hits a more “normal” feel. Then load and enjoy.

If you have more than one pipe, try it in different size bowls. Each brings out a different range of amazing flavor and it has been quite fun doing so.

Recommendaton: Highest