Ashli Babbit, Martyr

Whatever she was before, and she was a 14-year veteran of the U.S. Air Force, Ashli Babbit is now a martyr. There are several videos of her shooting, and you can view some of them here; or, view a much longer video of the entry into the Capitol here (recommended). No links to Youtube from me, they are requiring sign-in to view them. Fuck them. And, yes, the videos are graphic.

She was climbing into a broken window when she was shot in the neck, apparently by someone in the library. None of the various videos indicate any warning. Once down, she pointed to her neck as blood came out her mouth and nose.

DC police are “investigating” her death, but I don’t expect much given their long history of covering up for various federal legal entities. I suspect that they, along with many politicians, expect that “the people” will just take it like always. They are wrong.

Both the Democrats and the establishment Republicans are seriously misreading the lay of the land. After months of riots over deaths of rather questionable individuals, the huge overreach of authority in the name of pandemic lockdowns, the huge and continuing economic impact of various measures — again in the name of the pandemic — that are killing small- and medium-sized businesses and keeping millions out of work, and an election that stinks to high heaven, the people have had enough. The murder (a term I use with deliberation) of Ashli Babbit will not just be accepted, and those who think they can control this narrative are fools.

What happened yesterday at the Capitol should not have been unanticipated. Most of the law enforcement I’ve seen inside showed restraint and a high degree of professionalism. However, it only takes one panicked and/or unprepared (or just plain stupid) person to do something this criminally stupid. To be honest, I’m surprised it was just the one shot, and I wonder if that person’s fellow officers did anything to stop them from firing again. It really doesn’t matter though.

Blood has been spilled, and the media response makes clear they realize that Ashli Babbit’s death makes her a martyr. They have and will continue to do all they can to avoid that. It’ won’t matter. It won’t matter if twitter, FB, and YouTube do all they can to suppress the videos. It’s out there, from multiple angles and multiple people, on multiple platforms.

If there is a case for a member of security shooting dead an unarmed woman who’s only threat was that of entering a library in the Capitol, they need to make it now if they are smart. However, they aren’t so I expect them to try to destroy her name and reputation, and will count of their minions in the media to carry their water for them. The media will do so, but it will not have the impact they think. It will only add fuel to the flames.

The progressive left sees violence as a dial that can be turned up (see this summer’s riots) or down at need. A good portion of the rest of the world, however, does not. They see it as a simple on/off switch. A case can be made that yesterday was a different side playing with the knob. An interesting philosophical discussion, but moot in terms of reality.

This year has seen multiple assaults and even murders of Trump supporters and/or those simply seen as such. The mayor of DC (and the DC police) encouraged violence in the city against Trump supporters (or those simply suspected of being such) at previous rallies. If they attempt to white-wash this, or to engage in further violence, I’m very much afraid that they will find that her murder has flipped the switch.

Hang on, as I am afraid it is going to get very rough, potentially to the point that we will see internal violence on a level we have not seen in more than 100 years. Be prepared, be smart, and be as safe as circumstances allow. Think. And think long and hard where you stand in regards freedom and liberty, and what you can and will do to preserve the same. There is still time and opportunity to pursue legal and other remedies to secure them; but, I fear that window may be as gone as the window Ashli Babbit was climbing through when she was murdered.