The Data Oddities Continue, And Three Iranians Arrested After Illegally Crossing The Border

In this post, I noted some “odd and interesting swirls and flows” in the data patterns in several parts of the world. That post came, in part, from this post on Iran. In the first post, I asked why the cartels were smuggling Chinese nationals across the western border, and what else were they smuggling?

Now, there’s a bit more. Three Iranians were arrested illegally crossing the border. Yes, it was a family, but I do wonder how old the “child” was given that the term has been applied in the past to “children” who were 21 or over. The thing is, other people from the Middle East have been apprehended, including one female who happened to have a map of the region’s gas pipelines.

Chinese nationals in the west, Middle Eastern in the east. How many of each are the cartels getting across? What else besides people is being smuggled into the United States? Who is behind the explosions and fires that have just crippled several projects related to nuclear weapons and advanced rockets and missiles in Iran?

Keep in mind that China is tied to all the areas I mention in that first article. The actions of the Chinese government, open and clandestine, are not the actions of a strong and confident leadership, but those of a very desperate leadership.

Also, while the data patterns on the Indian border are interesting, not elevating that to something to keep a strong eye on yet. Yes, it is worrisome, but some of what happened may have been a miscalculation on the local/regional level. If things start to stand down, that’s likely the case. If we start seeing it ratchet up, then it joins the others.

Again, keep an eye on these anomalies in the pattern, and be prepared. Remember, preparedness always pays.

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