Iran In Syria: Israel Strikes Back

In light of yesterday’s post on Iran, China, and odd patterns of data around the world, this post is most interesting (hat tip to Powerline). Seems Israel is systematically gutting Iranian efforts to provide precision guided missiles and production technology to various non-state actors in Syria and Lebanon including Hezbollah.

Fox News is catching up on things as well, talking about the events covered in this post along with some new attacks. While no one knows who (or how many whos) are involved, someone is systematically gutting Iran’s nuclear and missile programs. While I strongly suspect some non-state actors may be involved, there really is no way to know right now. Nor is that a bad thing, as some secrets really do need to be kept to protect sources, methods, means, etc. Really do hope that for once the bureaucracy keeps its collective mouths shut.

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The Trump Doctrine In Action

Two of the three principles of the Trump Doctrine I discussed here are that if you harm/kill an American the you will die; and, if you use a proxy, both you and the proxy will die. Simple, straightforward, and a good and much needed thing.

While the media highlighted the attack (and some ongoing), they seem to be downplaying the fact that we did retaliate. What’s more, according to Gateway Pundit and other sources, guess what, we did it again.

It seems that our strike took out General Siamand Mashhadani, one of the top leaders of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard who just happened to be in Iraq. Pity about that. Seems some people just can’t get their head around the fact that there has been a change in leadership, and that he means what he says.

Reminds me, I need to go back and do a more detailed post about the Trump Doctrine, as it is in action on everything from the defense front to the coronavirus fight. I truly do believe it is one of the most profound doctrines to come out of the White House since the original Monroe Doctrine.