Hold Fire

If you are no reading the fearless reporting of Mr. Andy Ngo, you should be. The man has risked and IS risking his life by providing honest coverage of Antifa and the riots in Portland (and in Seattle). They caught him once and beat him badly enough he was hospitalized with bleeding in the brain.

He has documented a number of the tactics being used by the rioters, which is to lure police/LE out so that they can be swarmed. The other thing Antifa, CHAZ/CHOP, and others are doing is not peaceful protest; rather, it is an effort to use violence to provoke a strong response from LE which will then be used my enablers in the media to make a claim of brutality. Indeed, many of the smaller attacks around the country being done on individuals is to provoke a deadly response, again so that claims can be made of racism, excessive force, need to confiscate guns, and to take extraordinary legal actions against not only the persons involved, but any who are not of the chosen few. They are also encouraging people on the edge to be violent, and when those do go off, they can claim innocence even as the acts stoke the fracturing of America and increase the odds of force/excessive force being used in return.

Given media complicity and enabling, these are effective strategies for now. The restraint of federal LE has deprived them for now of what they desperately want, even though the strong response could result in injury or deaths of their own people. The the calling off of local LE by various mayors, have both allowed the riots/arson (and reportedly rape, murder, assaults) to run unchecked to the detriment of their communities.

The problem is, that the violent insurrection — which is what this is, as it is not a peaceful/”mostly peaceful” protest — will have to be faced at some point. These actions are not likely to fade away as would be normal, as those involved have stockpiles, advanced gear, national/international coordination, and continued funding to draw on. These actions will increase, and be deliberately spread across the country as the election nears. When that happens, the responses are not likely to be pretty. Keep in mind that any use of force, even if mild, will be played as excessive by both those behind the insurrection and their fellow-travelers in the media. Trust not the narrative. Do not fall for it.

It may be that the quiet actions in arresting those accused of federal crimes by federal LE, infiltration, and going after the coordination and instigators will pay off. Such arrests and trials are the first real pushback these groups have had, and a number of those arrested are reportedly shocked to find out there could be real consequences to their actions. More of this will have an effect, but how much remains to be seen.

Meantime, watch the videos by Mr. Ngo and other independent journalists. Watch the violence hurled at LE and anyone who gets in the way of the mob. This is what you are not seeing on mainstream media (for the most part). Then, think about the restraint being shown. Right now, it is the best way to not give those in insurrection what they want.

To be honest, I’m inclined right now to agree with James Woods that the best response would be to move all federal functions out of Portland and other cities allowing and enabling the riots/arson/etc. Then let those cities eat themselves. No federal bailouts, no federal help, etc. Yes, Antifa and other groups will try to follow where those federal functions go, but those communities are not as likely to enable/allow the destruction in their own cities; and, the rest of the nation (and world) can see what happens when such violence goes unchecked by the local authorities.

Keep in mind that, as others have rightly said, this is an information/psyop action, not a kinetic action. The response needs to be information/psyop for now. Spread the videos and truth as far and wide as possible. Show the people who have dropped the masks, as what lies beneath is not pretty. Believe those people when they tell you what they are and what they plan to do, for they would not have dropped the masks unless they were ready and willing for the world to see what truly lies beneath. Also, if you are in one of those cities where mayors have refused to let the police do their jobs, ordered them to stand down or stand back, move. Above all, vote. This election truly will decide the fate of the Republic for the next several generations.

Meantime, defend yourself at need but avoid the provocations. Step back, step away, and let their efforts fail. Spread the truth about what is going on, as it is the best way to destroy the narrative and to let reality show.