An Ode To A Troll

Yesterday, I came home to find a comment on a COVID-19 post that I thought I would share:

“Yesterday Trump officially surrendered to the Taliban
You post yo blackfive
When will you try and discuss with the other contributors the cludterfuck that was our war in Afghanistan ?
I posted there as johnr and continually raised doubts when others were cheering our ongoing success
My email is below”

I really should ignore it, but it also lets me point out a bit more about how I run my site. Now, this hit me wrong for several reasons. Yes, there were a number of trolls, paid and un-paid, at Blackfive. Yes, I do believe some of them who pretty much told me they were paid to spam us. No, hate to say it, don’t really remember you off the bat.

Next up, I don’t demand English as no one here speaks or writes it; but, I do expect clear American and not broken, er, something. Want to get my attention? Consider doing something like making a proposition and then supporting/attacking same in a rational manner. A good cogent piece can get some good discussion going. This abortion of language deserves little more than mopping up and being put in an incinerator to prevent spreading infection.

Next, you couldn’t figure out how to send an e-mail (hint, it’s there)? Instead, you spam an unrelated post? That’s an automatic “fuck off” from my point of view.

Then, you demand I address, well, something. Again, that wrecked bit of random words doesn’t tell me what point or points I made, others made, or much of your position on those points. It is a mass indictment of the team at Blackfive without any real charge or means of defense. Want to play cancel culture? That’s “Fuck Off” number two.

Now, consider you are also demanding I write about what you want. Want me to write about what you want, versus what I want to write about or think is important at this moment? Then pay me jackass, as I don’t work for free. Cheap, yes, on occasion, but not free. That’s “Fuck Off” number three.

Three strikes, and you are out of here!

For those of you not trolls, I don’t mind disagreement, particularly if you cite facts. Change my mind! That’s how we grow intellectually. Keep it polite, fairly family friendly, address points and avoid ad hom. Fairly easy and painless.

Oh, as a final finger to the troll, it might want to check this out by Uncle Jimbo:

Jim Hanson: Trump’s Taliban peace deal is right move – After almost 20 years it’s time to exit Afghanistan

Thanks to GB of Blackfive for the link.