More Deals/Unabashed Capitalism

Here are the hot new releases at Amazon today.

More Gold Box Deals

I’m more than happy to post this link to multiple products by Epic! I’ve been ketogenic for a while now, and love their products. The meat products are all great, and their performance bars are amazing (love the lime).

Yes, I’m an Affiliate. Per government requirement, I have to tell you that I might make money off this someday if you buy using these links. See disclaimer

Morning Deals Of The Day

I like Prime, and use it more than I should. Want to have Amazon Prime yourself, but your budget/financial situation is tight? If you have an EBT or Medicade card and qualify, you can get Prime for $5.99 a month. Or, you can just go for the 30-day Free Trial.

Meantime, here are some best sellers in grocery; some deals on generators for those wanting to prepare for more than COVID-19; and some Gold Box deals.

Yes, I am an Affiliate, see disclaimer. Maybe one day someone will buy enough I actually make some money this way. 🙂

Deals Of The Day

Late starting to prepare? Amazon can help! Click here for deals on groceries and gourmet food (remember, survival is good, survival in style rocks). For those more budget conscious, here’s a link to regular grocery deals. Don’t forget the canned bacon! Yes, I am an Amazon associate and might make money from so being one day if anyone ever does buy anything. See disclaimer.