Pity. Another Accident In Iran

Seems seven ships caught fire in a port. Media is concentrating on the fact that it happened a dozen miles from Iran’s only nuclear power station, of course. Remember, take nothing from the Iranian government as the truth, they wouldn’t know what it was if it bit them on their rumps.

Sadly, they have executed a man they claim was a spy for the CIA. IMO, the odds against him truly being guilty are large. The mullahs have the habit of finding a scapegoat, saying they are a spy, and executing them anytime things go badly for them. There is another man accused of being a spy who allegedly helped us get Soleimani. Interesting fact about their legal system: defense lawyers are seldom allowed to see charges, evidence, or anything else they might need to defend their clients. See the case of the three protestors who were to be executed before mass outcry at home and abroad forced a new trial where their lawyers will be able to see at least some of the charges and evidence against them.

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