Gust Front

Just a few thoughts to share about the approaching storm. What we have seen so far is, at best, the gust front that precedes the real storm.

Minneapolis was the test, with agitprop, communications, and deployment of resources getting their first run in the field. While New York and Seattle have seen further testing and refinement, the real work of testing and refinement has been Portland. It’s not just been testing external communications and agitprop, but internal communications and the plugging of holes.

Chicago was the final test. U-hauls, vehicle convoys, supplies, and agitprop were put to use to make use of a crisis/opportunity. Even Mayor Lightweight has noticed the organization.

Expect to see this roll out across the country in the days ahead. Expect to see it in some cities/towns you wouldn’t think to see such. September and October are going to be rough. The storm approaches.

Who In The Hell Thought This Was A Good Idea???

It had to be more than one given the development and manufacturing process, so several someones at Hasbro had to sign off on the idea of putting a button on the “private parts” of a female doll that make it giggle, gasp, and more. The doll has been pulled from the shelves, but what the everliving were they doing?

Play the video. Hasbro has some serious explaining to do.

Coincidence? Hmmmmm

While I firmly believe in Occam’s razor, and the theory that one should not ascribe complex motives when (governmental) stupidity is far more likely than a complex conspiracy, the news yesterday was fascinating. I also find it interesting that Iran and China are linked to sites and countries where odd things are happening.

First up, the original primary explosion followed by the massive blast in the port of Beirut, Lebanon. I agree that the red cloud on the second blast indicates nitrates of some type were involved, but am invoking the 48-hour rule on speculation for now. That is in part because some details don’t add up and in part that some other interesting things have been happening.

It seems that Iran suffered several mysterious fires in industrial and food and electrical warehouses. Given some of the photos of the fire, it seems very engaged for food supplies. The fires outside Tehran are quite interesting.

While it could be just chance, there was also a fire in a closed food market in the UAE.

Also, there was an explosion and fire in a North Korean town on the border with China. At least one South Korean media outlet has reported that a gas leak caused the explosion, though again I think the 48-hour rule is good on anything involving the Hermit Kingdom.

It could be, and likely is, random chance that all these happened over a large geographic area in such a short time. The fires inside Iran? Well, the safe bet is that those fires were not chance but yet more in the series of debilitating “accidents” that have hit Iran and crippled some of its more interesting activities. Hitting at food, if that is what it was, simply continues fires and possibly other attacks on crops and food that were also seen in 2019.

Still, interesting to see and worth noting for consideration.

Some Interesting Reads

On COVID19 and treatment, this study looks at T-cell reactions that provide a possible immunity, or at least a body primed to fight off COVID19, based off previous T-cell reactions to colds, which share some of the COVID genome. By testing blood samples taken well before the spread of COVID-19/SARS-COV-2, it would appear that some people do indeed have T-cells already primed to go after the disease. Interesting.

This article and this article by Molly Hemingway are well worth a read. One deals with the media and it’s coverage of the spymaster story and it’s crumbling. The other deals with the disturbing (though far from new) efforts and willingness to falsify history for political gain.

Yet More Medical Data on HCQ

The efforts by Big Tech (and Big Bureaucracy) to censor information about hydroxychloroquine have backfired spectacularly. More and more solid data is becoming available not only to those who dig for the data, but to the public as news stories now are getting out about those medical (not academic) studies.

For those interested in facts, read this study, this study, the information in this lawsuit filed by the Association of American Physicians & Surgeons, and finally, the information in this article from Brazil. Really hoping the latter group will do a formal study. The latter are also very correct that it is urgent to stop the politicalization of the treatment and deal with the medical results and facts.

Think I may try to link all the papers I can find in one easy place as soon as I have time.

Congratulations SpaceX

We truly are a space-going nation again. Somewhere, Heinlein is smiling as it took unabashed capitalism to make it happen. NASA spent decades fighting space commercialization, particularly launch commercialization, so this doubly warms the cockles of my black heart. One day I need to do a longer piece on that fight, and on all the problems that Dragon will not have (like years to update computers, or the most powerful computer on the Shuttle Orbiter being the calculator carried by the pilot).

Bravo Zulu SpaceX team and Elon Musk!

On A Happier Note

Or possibly notes. First up, I agree with Instapundit that I hope this is right and COVID19 has peaked, and it trends with other data breakdowns I’ve seen elsewhere. As the article notes, the media is into fear porn and does not take into account that the daily death totals released DO NOT ALL DIE ON THAT DAY. It can take days, or even weeks, for the information to come in, so you have to look at when the deaths actually occurred. It also helps to look at the actual death certificates (as one researcher is doing in at least one state) to see if the person died with COVID19 (cough, motorcycle crash, cough) or died of it. Keep in mind that the highest death rates are in the group of 80 plus years old with co-morbidities. Most deaths have on average 2.5 co-morbidities.

Big Tech’s censoring of the group of doctors trying to get the word out about HCQ/Z-Pac/Zinc being used by them (and hundreds of others, probably thousands around the world), has backfired rather spectacularly. As a result of their heavy-handed tactics, a real debate over the effectiveness is slowly starting to take place with real data making it into at least parts of the media as well as social media. In my COVID19 reports, I’ve linked to medical studies (as opposed to the academic studies) from doctors who actually treat patients that when used properly and at the right time, that they are seeing up to a 99 percent success rates. Even when not given as early as is best, the success rates still are above 90 percent. This article puts a lot of things into perspective, and raises serious questions about why there is such a sustained campaign by some (Fauci, who is a bureaucrat and administrator, not a practicing physician). It is link rich, and well worth a read. Again, hat tip to Instapundit.

And, a reminder that the FDA and CDC are political agencies, not healthcare agencies. The testing issues we had at the start, which prevented early detection, treatment, and control, came from the bureaucratic desire to control everything — even though they did not have the resources (or expertise) to do effective testing, nor to do the amount of testing. Despite raising a number of hurdles and efforts to, frankly, thwart development of inexpensive home testing, such efforts are in work. Again, courtesy of Instapundit, comes this article looking at those efforts and where they stand.

Again, keep in mind that when caught and treated early, the success rate is not just more than 99 percent, the severity of the symptoms and the need for hospitalization and ventilators is significantly reduced. That’s a bit of an understatement — see the studies linked in the above article (some of which were previously linked to here). Almost all the problems we have had, as well as the lockdown, can be laid squarely in the laps of the CDC/FDA/NIAID. Testing difficulties, resistance to treatment, interference in doctor/patient decisions on how to treat, and actively trying to suppress evidence from medical studies by real doctors has been, along with general incompetence, have been the hallmark of our so-called elites.

For me, if I am diagnosed with COVID19, I’m asking my doctor for HCQ/Z-Pac/Zinc and we will discuss it and other treatment options. Then, an informed decision between my doctor and I will result in treatment. The idea of one doctor (who is not a practicing physician but an un-elected bureaucrat) determining the treatment for millions is not only ludicrous, but un-American.

Let’s hope it is not needed, and that the good news on the peak is correct. Let’s hope that a real discussion of real medical studies and treatments can take place despite the efforts of Big Tech and Big Government to censor it. Let the marketplace of ideas, and free individual choice, rule.

None Dare Call It

The headline harkens back further than the 1964 book showing communist infiltration of American culture and politics. In fact, it goes back roughly 400 years to John Harington. Both actually apply to what is happening today, and while treason doth apply, there is another topic on which the media is being extremely quiet, for none dare call the violence violence, or what it truly is.

There is active collusion between politicians and the radicals engaged in not peaceful protest, or even peaceful intensified; rather, they are engaged in armed insurrection. That they are well funded and supplied is a fact, and it takes little (particularly if you don’t use Google) searching to find evidence of it. This article highlights part of it, and there is much more to be found: advanced communications gear, PPE, and more. One hopes that the competent in federal law enforcement are gathering intel, infiltrating, and will press charges where warranted. Hope, however, is a thing in short supply given the many failures of our so-called elite.

Believe those engaged in insurrection when they tell you what they plan to do. When they talk of encouraging random attacks. When they say they plan to kill you. They are not even hiding this point. Indeed on that bastion of free speech Facebook, they are openly calling for the killing/assassination of federal agents. Talking about killing white or conservative citizens and assassinating federal agents is acceptable to their community standards; but, dare mention HCQ and you will find yourself suspended or gone.

That targeted assassination is a thing, look no further than the murder of Bernell Trammell. The media all refer to it as a murder, but it has all the earmarks of a targeted assassination. None in the media dare call it that. I’m not sure he was the first, but sadly suspect he will not be the last. One toes the line or else.

Another good example of a targeted assassination can be found here in Indy. Jessica Doty Whitaker was gunned down by an assassin hiding on a bridge for the crime of saying “All Lives Matter” during an altercation that happened earlier in the evening. The local media has bent over backwards to avoid calling it what it was. In fact, other than WIBC (which also has avoided using the word assassination), the media has worked hard to avoid covering the story except when absolutely necessary.

Random violence is also up, and again the media (and some authorities) are quick to either deny any racial motivation or to avoid mentioning the possibility at all. A random shooting here (stopped by a good guy with a gun) had the police quickly saying no racism, only mental illness. I have no doubt as to the latter, but no basis for the first has been given. A road-rage killing has the racial factor ignored as well. There are many more to choose from, as if you go search for videos of random attacks they are easy to find. Also do a search for unprovoked attacks on Trump supporters, and it sad to see how many there are where a younger person attacks an older without warning or cause.

I fear the situation is only going to get worse. Say the wrong thing, and the mob will come for you. Say the wrong thing, and you can die. Violence and assassination have been normalized, and will be used to intimidate and coerce. It is not enough to cancel you, and destroy your life. You must be killed. Believe them when they openly say this. Believe what you see when the masks don’t just slip, but are openly thrown off to reveal that which lies beneath.

So far, the violence is being ignored and/or covered up. With the active collusion of politicians at every level, it is encouraged. After all, there’s an election to win and one group clearly plans to win at any cost. If lives are destroyed and people killed, it is a small price to pay to win the big prize.

I would, however, caution those who are promoting and conducting the violence. They see it as something controlled via a rheostat, to be dialed up or down at need. Others, however, see it as an on/off switch and as the violence increases are considering flipping that switch and the consequences will be horrific. As others have pointed out, the police they seek to defund are in place in large measure to protect those who violate the rules of society. When society has not had such, the consequences to those who transgress (and far too many innocent parties) tends to be rather gruesome.

We are fast approaching a point where the Citizens of this Republic will have to make a choice. Not just a choice between Rule-of-Law and Rule of the Mob, but on our very civil institutions. If the Social Compact is rendered null and void, what do we do? What can we do?

For now, we can educate, warn, and prepare. We can vote with our dollars and with our feet. I would like to suggest to the thousands who are fleeing various locations for more peaceful locations that they not bring the politics with them that led to their cities becoming war zones. If you are in a location where the local/state governments have or are encouraging rioting and worse; or, are gleefully using the pandemic to seize power: get out. Vote with your feet.

Meantime, prepare. Prepare for the worst. If it doesn’t happen, the preparations are still good to have in place. If it does, being prepared will ensure you stay fed, healthy, and alive. I truly fear what September and October will bring. May my fears be in vain.

A Lot Is Going On

There is a lot going on, both with the insurrection/Info Op underway and with China, Iran, and the spots I mentioned. Working to confirm a few things, and hope to get more up soon. Meantime, day job has been too busy and that cuts into my writing and research time. Also, note that the war on HCQ/Z-Pac/Zinc continues apace. Finally, not posting on Twitter until Wednesday as part of the boycott over their/their allowing rampant antisemitism.

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Dear Professional Sports: It’s You

Dear Professional Sports,

It’s not me, it’s you. When I watch sports, I do so to be entertained and to enjoy the physical skills and tactics of the athletes and coaches. I’m not going to say how many years I’ve done so, but I remember going to the old Atlanta/Fulton County stadium to watch Hammering Hank before he set the home run record. I’ve enjoyed the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat over a wide range of sports — often despite some of the announcers.

I have not watched for hectoring and scolding lectures, sermons, or to hear any participant in any sport expound on politics, science, history (except of the sport), or social topics. In fact, I watch to get away from all that.

However, I no longer have that option. It’s been bad enough dealing with all the players who have legal or other troubles — there was a day when the various sports dealt firmly with such things. Now, such seems to be the norm and not merely tolerated but celebrated.

The current move into “wokeness” is the final straw for me, particularly given the hypocrisy involved since almost every sport (and media outlet) has ties to China. China, which unleashed a pandemic on the world and is literally rounding up ethnic minorities and others and putting them into rail cars. Profit above all else is what counts now, and the idea of sportsmanship and sportsman-like conduct are but quaint notions no longer in vogue.

There is no respect for America, the American Citizen, our military, or our veterans in what you are doing. There is, in fact, an amazingly high degree of disrespect being shown.

So, my days of watching, on television or in person, are done. I have no plans to buy team merchandise, or do anything else that puts another dollar in your pockets. I’m actually quite content to do other things, and take my business to those who show some respect.

If you ever decide to go back to doing sports and letting us, your viewers, enjoy it, well, good luck with that. For me, I really don’t anticipate ever coming back.