GiveSendGo Update Up

I’ve done an update on GiveSendGo to reflect what is going on and my thanks for those who prayed — and especially those who prayed my special prayer request. Those prayers were answered and we are on a very good path healthwise. That it is likely to push my moving to the SW off until next year at the earliest is frustrating in some ways, but it will, among other things, give me time I think I need at my new Church home. It will also let some other things resolve (I hope) so that maybe I can get on a more solid financial footing as well on the physical and spiritual side. As I noted there, this is the first year I remember since I was 15 that I didn’t make enough to have to file a tax return. That said, I have Faith I am on the right path for me at this time and that the right things will happen at the proper time. Thank you all for being a part of that and putting up with me.