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The verdict in the show trial of Donald Trump should surprise no one. It was a foregone conclusion from the start, and the antics of the “prosecution” and “judge” were farcical to the point of making Chinese, Soviet, and Nazi show-trail judges shake their heads. There was absolutely nothing fair, proper, or even legal about the proceeding.

Those telling you to respect the jury system, the rule of law, etc. are telling you exactly who and what they are, and who they serve on Earth and beyond. This is especially true for non-Democrats doing such. Make note of them and shun them, for they are not your friends, comrades, or allies.

Those gloating in the guilty on all counts verdict, even when none can tell you the crime committed other than Trump being Trump and winning the election, the same applies. They do not respect rule of law, our Constitutional Republic, and are happy to go watch any they consider their enemies die horrible deaths in the local arena for their pleasure and to remind the masses what fate awaits those who oppose the state.

Indeed, what we are seeing used to be the norm and while many are pointing out the similarities to the late Roman republic, you can see it in modern China and other countries where to lose power is to condemn you and your family to rather nasty deaths or slavery. It was one of the reasons why our Founders enshrined the peaceful transfer of power as a foundation of the Republic, and it was one of the first times such has worked for any length of time.

Undermining both the Rule of Law and a Justice (not legal) system, that was to be equal for all, kicks two crucial supports out from under the Republic. It’s been clear for a while we had a two-tier system of justice (if not further divided) and that the rule of law was dead — especially when it comes to individual liberty, individual property rights, individual right of self-defense… I could go on, but if anyone has missed the points made by Ruby Ridge, Waco, the extra-judicial murders of various online cranks (see here for one example of several) and those daring to exercise their second amendment rights (see also prosecution here where ‘the 2nd amendment doesn’t exist in my court rooom’), or even self-defense and the defense of others (see here for one example). Yes, I do mean to say extra-judicial murders: what else should one call it when raids are conducted with no-knock/no-announcement, at early or odd hours, only when target present, no body cameras, target cameras taped over, etc. in defiance of law and regulation? There are many more examples for you, and it is clear the ATF, FBI, etc. have taken the lessons of the KGB (and the Gestapo) to heart with early morning raids and the deliberate mistreatment of family and others even after killing their target. This was actually a good discussion on X about this yesterday.

In their ignorance and arrogance, those desperate to cling to power and corruption have chosen to do anything needed for that end. That they are sowing a wind that will reap them a whirlwind that could plunge the world into darkness (not hyperbole, but a subject worthy of more than one long post) does not even cross their minds. They foolishly believe they can control this, use this to create more J6-style detentions and trials, and cow the rabble into submission. They are at best fools, and we may all pay the price for it.

As for those who think they will stop with just fines or a slap on the wrist in this Trump trial, what makes you think that given all they have done they will go to half measures now? They are making an example to discourage anyone from challenging them again. I will be amazed if it is not the maximum possible sentence in prison. Further, as I mentioned here before, I told another writer almost two years ago that if Trump showed any possibility of winning or did win, that he would not live to take office. I fully expect that he, and his family, will be killed. Most likely by a deranged individual that has been encouraged if not aided to do exactly that ‘to save our democracy’. If you think this is too much, look back at all the mass shooters (and there is a trans connection there too) who were ‘known subjects’ to the FBI and other law enforcement. Seriously, go back to the Pulse nightclub shooting and move forward. Take a look at the knowledge and even relationships between them and LE. Coincidence?

Think that those currently in power won’t do something like that? History, including recent history, says different. The Biden Regency and others clinging desperately to power more than live up to Amb. Molari’s quote on arrogance and stupidity in one neat package. As I said above, they really do think they can control and use what is to come. I think them fools.

That said, the first thing I think we should do is pray. We need to pray for the Republic, we need to pray for guidance, and we need to pray for the worst not to happen for this could well set the world on fire (think Ukraine, China, ME, etc. where they want more endless wars) and plunge it into darkness for centuries. Worst case, but still a case I can make quite easily.

Last night, Sarah A. Hoyt brought up Psalm 7 on X. It is a good one to read right now. It is a good one to pray. Right now, especially with all the Fed Boi’s on social media working as hard as they can to get people to say or do stupid things so they can pull out the J6 playbook again, Prayer is the best thing we can do. Please don’t be stupid and fall for the provocations.

Second best thing we can do is prepare. In this case, not just with physical supplies, but mental and spiritual as well. Quickest way to prevent something is to plan for it, so plan for that worst case. In addition to food and such, tuck away in secure storage copies of Locke and the others who influenced the Founders of our Republic; copies of the books and textbooks from the late 1800’s to around 1910, for they covered history, philosophy, language, and more; tuck away books on how to do things, from how the Romans did plumbing to how the pioneers preserved foods and cooked; and, tuck away Christian writings including the Bible, for Progressives worship the state and loathe those who worship God. Remember, you will eat the bugs and wear the rags and like it, and you will not have any other god but them and the state. Prepare accordingly.

Worst case covered, plan for now. For all that I think every effort will be made to ensure a dishonest election, vote. Encourage others to vote. Vote as if your life and the lives and future of your family depend on it. Vote not for individuals (put not your faith in the princes of men), but for the Republic and those who will support and defend same. If you get a stupid law or order, malicious compliance is a thing. Even at great cost, fight any injustice done unto you and any effort to erode your rights and liberties. Document, turn Alinsky back on them and make them live up to their statements. They won’t, but that just makes it easier to document, point, and laugh and ridicule them. They can’t stand the latter, so make as much fun of them in as many ways as you can. They truly are ridiculous, so share it far and wide. When they do things (or are caught), point it out and do so in a way that makes people laugh at them. It truly is their kryptonite, though expect backlash and examples to be made of those who dare do it.

Now, some of you were already doing this step long before it became a thing, but look at the Benedict Option and how it can (still) be implemented. For all that I am not a fan of Mr. Dreher, he has pushed a good idea for people of Faith. Some of you have already done something similar, pulling together in communities with shared ideals and grouping together people with needed skills should things go towards the worst case. It is a good idea, and if I get the chance to move (once health assured) would love to join such a grouping.

All that said, and as far as the Republic has fallen, I still think we are not yet beyond repair and redemption. For a musical take, I think we are still On The Border in regards the opportunity to recover and restore the Republic. That said, I think we are rapidly approaching the point of The Story In Your Eyes and having to go from the ashes we can build another day. I really hope that we can avoid, for this or any other reason, needing to play Genesis Ch1, V32 as a theme song. If you need something to buck you up, I like Victory despite disagreeing with some of the lyrics. If you need something a bit more martial, may I suggest Preliator? I’m afraid, however, that some of us — even now — may end up needing to play Winterborn, but if so let those who do and those who remember them wear and remember their names with pride. For there will be martyrs created by those who seek power for themselves, their children, and grandchildren no matter the cost. Best is to put Faith into Prayer, and hope for the ballot box and the courts, despite the strong efforts underway to de-legitimize both.

So, buck up. It may not be easy or fun, but few worthwhile things rarely are such. Be prepared, keep your family and friends close, and your things where you can find them in the dark. Pray.

UPDATE: This is a good, if short, read on the Romans, looking forward to the promised parts to come. If you want good, first-hand history on China, show trials, and more, allow me to recommend Xi Van Fleet. As always, Stephen Green/Vodka Pundit, is doing some good work. One of several I think. Lot of good takes at Hot Air.

Getting hit by lightning is not fun! If you would like to help me in my recovery efforts, which include moving once we have medical issues cleared up, feel free to hit the fundraiser at A New Life on GiveSendGo, use the options in the Tip Jar in the upper right, or drop me a line to discuss other methods. It is thanks to your gifts and prayers that I am still going. Thank you.

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  1. I appreciate this. I would add FASTING to your list of action items.

    1. Good point! I’m already on a fasting schedule, and highly recommend adding such to those who are not. If interested, might I recommend the fasting schedule of the Orthodox Church to those interested? It really does add a lot of good to life and prayers.

  2. “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1: 9

  3. May I suggest as a possible template for future action Britain’s Glorious Revolution of 1688. It toppled a king and it resulted in a series of political and economic reforms that laid the groundwork for the next century’s Industrial Revolution.

    The reason the English call it the Glorious Revolution is because it was 99.5% bloodless.

    1. And set the stage for the Great Experiment that is, or was, our Republic. Interesting suggestion, and I do recommend people read up on it.

  4. The Glorious Revolution was “let’s stab our friends in the back, and then collect our pay, and then pretend nobody minded!” But lots of people did mind, including the religious dissidents who ended up in the Colonies. James was not the greatest leader, but even he didn’t deserve all that skullduggery.

    So that is why it is exactly what our Founding Fathers were claiming not to be doing, in the Declaration of Independence and other documents. It is hilarious in a sad way that nobody ever teaches the Glorious Revolution as the evil opposite of the American Revolution.

    1. When comparative revolution is taught in high school it is the American vs. the French. Plenty of dramatic contrast.

      1. Indeed, and I wish more focus was given to successful revolutions. For they are unicorns: vanishingly rare unto the point of being mythological. The American Revolution was an anomaly in that regard, and we kept things for more than 200 years, which is unheard of. The educational background and shared experiences that went with it that made it possible are something that has been being deliberately attacked and erased for about a hundred years now, which when you add in the Gramscian damage does not bode well for the West and the Western school of thought. Let me once again commend to all the character of W. DuHavel in David Weber’s books and the discussion given by Dave and the late Eric Flint on the subject of successful revolutions. To be pendantic, keep in mind that better than 99 percent of revolutions fail, either in the instance or within a year or two.

  5. I’ve seen several suggestions to get older textbooks, but where can we find them?

    1. If there is a good or antiquarian bookstore in the area, check with them. You can sometimes find them online (ebay and the like), but also check out antique stores and flea markets. Amazing what you can find in the latter! I found a copy of an early book on space exploration, filled with clippings from the local newspaper for that area about same, in a fleamarket. And at a good price.

  6. thanks for the link and the kind words. I certainly intend more compare and contrast between the Late Republic and America. There is plenty to unpack and help us understand what we see today. Trump and Tiberius Gracchus comes to mind, for example.

    Preparing for a bad time is a good plan. Even if the bad time doesn’t materialize, you will have made yourself stronger, more competent, and a better citizen.

    1. Glad to do it, and look forward to further posts! There is indeed, and that is a most interesting example. It’s ringing some bells, think I need to do a bit more digging to be sure I’m remembering things right. Yes, and I would simply say Preparedness Always Pays! 🙂

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