Consult Update

Yesterday, I finally got my consult with a “new” cardiologist. New to me, that is, thankfully not brand-new given what is coming out of DIE-infested med schools these days. In fact, mature, level-headed, experienced, and methodical. Even better, he spends three days a week treating and only two days a week on office visits as a general rule.

The truly good news of the day is the above. He thinks more than one of my medicines may need to be changed as at least two of them were quite popular with doctors back in the 1990s. However, before he does anything, we are going to get data. Oh, and he will only change one prescription at a time so we can monitor and not have to play the ‘which medicine did what’ game if there are issues. What he is considering putting me on is not known to interact with anything else I’m taking, but still going to take our time just to be safe.

I like this. I like him. Didn’t hurt that he knew who Les Geddes (Leslie A. Geddes) was, and was intrigued that I had the honor of working with him. Honestly, I use Les as a test of anyone in the cardio field as if they don’t know who he is (or why he’s important even beyond cardio) then I tend to think I can do (a lot) better in a doctor.

The next bit of good news is that he thinks the major mystery diagnosis is less than accurate. Which is a LOT of stress off of me, since there are not a lot of options available if it were correct. To be safe, however, especially as there could be some inconsistencies in some of my records (to be polite), in early July I’m going to get to go spend a day at the heart center for testing. Think we both wish it could be sooner, but the medical group (national) he is part of got hit with a cyberattack that is causing all sorts of fun for everyone.

Once we have real data to go with what has been done in the past (and, side note, if you send a doctor more than 500 records for a consult why would you not provide surgical notes, films, and other critical info???), then a plan of treatment will be developed for whatever is going on. Frankly, I’m more confident on several levels than I have been in quite a while. The only time before I felt things were being done right and as needed was when I hit the ER and had the open-heart surgery 48-hours later.

Oh, we are doing a temporary increase in one medication to see if it makes a difference in some symptoms. If it does, well, that’s a very useful data point on one issue. It will also make it easier for me to start getting the exercise I need to be doing. Also, while he is not Orthodox his mother is, and he is going to be reviewing what I am doing for fasting and other issues and making suggestions as needed. I think this very good.

So, we magically didn’t get all the answers at once; but, there is a solid plan in place to safely get the data needed and improve/develop treatment plans as needed. This was the best-case outcome, and we got it. Thank you Lord. Now, to remind myself to be patient as we move forward.

Oh, before I forget: it may have been the last real ride of the zombie car, but it got me there and back. It may have taken four or so gallons of antifreeze, almost a quart of oil, and some other bits and pieces, and some prayer, but it did it. For that I am extremely thankful. Now that we are getting my health in order, may put a bit of time and prayer into transportation and abode.

More “regular” posting soon I hope.

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