Prayer Request

Yesterday, I did the difficult but important visit to say goodbye to someone. M is a member of the Church I’ve been attending, and welcomed me when I started attending. She almost always had a big smile and a lot of enthusiasm the times I saw her, and her love of music was obvious. She was older, but still moved pretty good and even volunteered to work in the bookstore. The last time I got to chat with her was in that role, where when I said it was dangerous to my budget to enter the store she laughed and said I needed to spend more there.

I did not know her husband (call him S), who did not attend (any) Church, but have since learned that M had let a few people know that he was not doing well. Apparently, on Sunday, M had a massive and unrecoverable stroke and is comatose. Her husband passed a short time later. She will likely pass soon herself.

Please join me in praying for them both. Thank you.