Lite Week?

Not that there isn’t a lot going on, but things worked out where I volunteered to step in and help out at Church by essentially cooking lunch next Sunday. Given the time of year, there are some dietary restrictions to consider.

So, right now looking at doing a no-meat (other than the anchovies, which are allowed right now) puttanesca sauce and a basic vegetarian/vegan red sauce along with two types of pasta as main course. To add to that, I am going to try to make two loaves of homemade sourdough bread; a cheese board; giardiniera (both hot and mild); some sweets; and, some salad.

Yesterday, I did a bit of looking around and did pick up some of the sweets (good price) and some fresh ingredients for making my Italian Seasoning blend. That got done, and smells wonderful. Been needing to make some more of that. Also, you can do something like this on a surprisingly small budget if you do as much as possible at home and shop smart.

On a less fun note, I’m having to deal with the post awful (our dear loved USPS) deciding to no longer deliver my mail. This actually first happened to the housemate, who started having his mail returned to sender despite there being no forward or other order submitted. Multiple trips to the local post office by him and the landlord, where no one knew nothing and could figure nothing out.

So, a couple of weeks ago it started happening to me. Letters from Social Security, etc. got returned to sender, and it was capped off this weekend by a package of OTC (that actually makes a measurable difference in my blood work) getting forwarded/returned. Visited the local post office, and they acted as though the landlord and housemate had not already been down there five or more times for something similar.

I, nicely (no, really, I tried to be very nice and polite) pointed out that this was impacting both issues with SSA and lawyers, and that the package constituted a medical impact. The manager claimed to not have a clue about what was going on or any prior problems at our address.

So, began yesterday informing people I shop with online that if they use USPS in any way for delivery that I could no longer be a customer. Pinged the Rep and Senator on social media as well. Plan formal requests to their offices as well. I really didn’t need this right now, especially as I had to scramble Saturday to find and get a replacement for the OTC that could be delivered ASAP. I’m sure the lawyers are going to be just thrilled with not being able to mail me things.

So, it may be a lite week. Hoping to get to some things, as there is a LOT going on. Meantime, be alert and be prepared. Keep your family and friends close, and your things where you can find them in the dark.

Getting hit by lightning is not fun! If you would like to help me in my recovery efforts, which include moving once we have medical issues cleared up, feel free to hit the fundraiser at A New Life on GiveSendGo, use the options in the Tip Jar in the upper right, or drop me a line to discuss other methods. It is thanks to your gifts and prayers that I am still going. Thank you.

6 thoughts on “Lite Week?”

  1. Yeah, USPS does horrible things to blood pressure. I mail-tracked my tax returns, and while the IRS one was fine, the state tax return is stuck in Portland, OR, and has been since 3/2. Trying to get “customer service” gives me the helpful note that I have to wait until after March 3rd to get action. Gets kind of frustrating when it’s 3/11 and I still got that crud. (Gave up and sent another copy Priority Mail–the state owes me money, and it’s worth it. That one escaped Portland overnight. Go figure.) And, there’s no way to avoid mail for the [redacted] state Department Of Revenue. (No compatible computers for Turbotax…)

    Other people (I use a mail drop–recommended) are having problems with bills. My power bill was late, and I had to go online to pay. The invoice was a week late.

    1. Some very unofficial word is that someone, somewhere, has decided that both the housemate and I don’t really live here. Our sleeping here, cooking here, eating here, and having it as our legal address is somehow fake. Therefore, we can’t get official mail (anything from the Feds, State, etc.) here. Have asked a Senator’s office for help, and am reaching out to see if anyone else can help. With no way to get most mail or packages sent via USPS, it’s about like being declared a non-person.

  2. I recently tracked an incoming package to a distribution center less than 20 miles from my house, only to see it shipped out the next morning to Salt Lake City. It finally was delivered 3 days later. 🙄

  3. A buddy of mine had someone forward his mail to someplace in Texas. Without his knowledge or consent. Bills and medications were not received. Complaints to the people behind the desk were met with shrugs.

    A vitriolic nastygram to the postmaster general (in Washington DC) got immediate response, and very cooperative postal personnel in the local office.

    Apparently this has been happening more and more, and they have only recently begun requiring a picture ID to submit a change of address form.

    1. That is good to know! I’ve gotten the office of one of my Senator’s involved, and will be looking at taking it up with the PG. Thank you!

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