Update 15 Dec 23

Physical Therapy goes well, and I’m glad to say both sessions this week kicked my rump. That’s how progress gets made and you know you had a good session. Even better, we are seeing progress almost every visit in terms of range of motion, and the only day we didn’t get improvement we sorta held steady and suspect that overdoing it at home may have gotten things to tighten up.

I could tell you my therapist is mean and evil, but I don’t think I could keep a straight face. She knows her stuff, has a decent sense of humor and the absurd, and knows me well enough to know how and when to push, and when to slow me down. The entire staff there is good, though I suspect that one of the other therapists was, in this life or another, a Marine DI from some of her demeanor. It’s done me good though, as if I am not doing something right, or not keeping proper posture, I hear about it. Sometimes from multiple at once.

Right now, we are still waiting to hear if insurance will approve new sessions. Meantime, doing them anyway which technically puts me on the hook for the costs, but really do expect them to be approved. If not, hope they are good with a payment plan.

Have had some days here recently where I wasn’t feeling good. Apologies if it showed in the writing or lack of writing. Weather changes, particularly in winter, can and do knock me for a loop sometimes. We’ve had a number of them lately, including the weather trying to decide if it is winter or what. Between that and other, interesting is the term I think I will go with.

Thanks to those of you who suggested here or by e-mail not to let the new and quite possibly false diagnoses that ended up in my file at one provider stand unchallenged. I’ve reached out today to my GP and a specialist about them, and am hoping they may can find out who made the diagnoses and on what basis since I’ve not been able to get that info. I’m also looking into doing any testing needed to confirm or disprove them next year. Hopefully it will be something quick, easy, and preferably non-invasive. I’m a bit over being stuck and or cut.

I’m taking my car to the mechanic next Wednesday to see if we can get the coolant leak fixed. There are days I don’t lose much, and there are days it goes empty fast. I’m using it almost exclusively for PT, and taking the bus otherwise. Here’s hoping the fix is easy and cheap. Dislike not being able to try to do anything myself, but it is about three more weeks before I’m supposed to do anything other than lift a coffee cup with the left arm. Between weakness and mobility, doing things of any sort is still a bit limited. Quite limited, actually.

A few weeks ago I began attending a new Church, as you may know from previous posts. Had a nice meeting with the priest the other day, and we discussed a number of things. Short version is, the next step is no immediate step. I will continue to attend, take part, and otherwise see how things go and if I still feel like this is the right home for me. And, to be fair, for them to be sure I’m right for them. If so, about this time next year, then I will become a member.

I have known people who joined a church purely for social reasons, which is not what I think is a good idea. Social is nice, but what is important is the spirit and finding a spiritual home that is good for your soul rather than your social standing. A home where faith is strengthened, supported, and spiritual growth encouraged. So far, I’m finding that at this Church and am glad that no one is wanting to rush things. It is important to take the time to make sure things are right and to do things right for the sake of your soul. That the priest feels that way is another plus in my book.

Otherwise, life goes on. The cats that belong to the landlord and housemate got out the other night, which led to interesting times. One, the cat I call Cappy, which is short for Captain Neurotic, ended up on the neighbors porch and the next morning demanded they let him in. I’m still laughing because the neighbor contacted my landlord about the cat, not recognizing him at first, but asking for help since it was being demanding and appeared to be pregnant. Cue me rolling on the floor laughing when I found this out, as Cappy is sweet, not that bright, and — I have to admit — effeminate. And fat. To the point his movements can sound like a person walking upstairs, which has resulted in both my having to go upstairs to check and my referring to him as ‘lardbutt’ a time or three.

Cappy is black and white, not quite a tuxedo cat. Flash, or little stinker (yes, I do sometimes replace stinker with a different s word), is a ginger mog. He’s the one that knows what he is not supposed to do, and every morning makes a list of the rules he’s going to break that day. Rolls his Rs beautifully and has some markings that look more like a Bengal than just a ginger mog. Flash, of course, was no where to be found. Which means that after PT yesterday, I walked around the house and then started doing search grids for several blocks around while still smarting a bit from PT. No joy. I was happy at no street pizza being sighted, as I do like them a little bit. Landlord got some advice, and put out one of the covered litter boxes they use, a blanket, and a pet bed. Sure enough, after I went to bed last night, Flash turned up on the porch and deigned to come on in. Little bleep. He had to be around hearing me (and everyone else) calling for him. Oh well, I needed the two plus miles I walked anyway, did me some good.

Did have a talk with Cappy at one point though. Don’t think he liked his new nickname of “Preggo” and he actually talked back to me when I told him that if I had a pet it would be Lassie and why Lassie was superior to him. Including that Lassie would have found a way to tell me where Flash was hiding, and then shown me the location. Neither one of them is in any danger of being asked to join the feline version of MENSA, but do find it interesting that the ‘stupid’ one is the one that found shelter and then demanded to be let in out of the cold.

Here’s to hoping PT continues to go well and stays ahead of where we were at the same time with the other shoulder. Here’s also to hoping we can disprove the main interesting diagnosis that was added, if not all of them. Meantime, take care, stay safe, and enjoy all the time you can with family and friends. Keep your things where you can find them in the dark, and be prepared. More soon.

Getting hit by lightning is not fun! If you would like to help me in my recovery efforts, which include moving once we have medical issues cleared up, feel free to hit the fundraiser at A New Life on GiveSendGo, use the options in the Tip Jar in the upper right, or drop me a line to discuss other methods. It is thanks to your gifts and prayers that I am still going. Thank you.