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I mentioned yesterday that I want to implement my GOTH (Go/Gone To Hell, the plan for when it has gone to hell and plans A-Z are out the window) plan to move out West early next year. Between texting with a friend and some exchanges elsewhere, thought it might be good to lay out the plan and the decision matrix behind it. Or behind them, as I actually have a couple of them, one for getting out West and one just to get out of Indy at need. Let me explain a bit.

The fact is, I do agree with those who have recommended I move out West for my health. I felt much better out there, and loved the area around Tombstone in particular. However, a two week trip is not enough time to explore, then explore in detail, any one area. The good GOTH plan for moving out West is basically to get out there, then explore and move to a final location if and as needed. The ultimate GOTH plan being, of course, to load up as much as possible if things come completely apart in the world and head West.

I do have a GOTH plan to stay in state and just get away from Indy at need. This would be activated if health issues cropped up that needed to be addressed or required long-term care. Since my insurance would not transfer out of state, I would need to stay in state but want to get out of very blue Indianapolis. I want out regardless, as the current administration has turned this city into a hellhole where I end up praying for the dead and wounded each morning. May rant on that a bit more later.

Thing is, the decision matrix behind each is much the same. While I do appreciate suggestions on where to go, they have to be evaluated in context of the decision matrix.

First Block: Housing Cost. After getting hit by lightning, I did take early retirement from Social Security (SS). I do have a small stipend to go with it, but pretty much wherever you draw the poverty line, I’m at or below it. Yes, I have filed for disability and am now in the kabuki dance that process has become. Initial claim denied, things dragging along while they wait for you to either die of natural causes or suicide. After all, the death benefit is a pittance compared to what they may have to pay out if you win your case. Yes, I am cynical at the racket and lawyer enrichment program the process has become. Not joking about the hoping you die in the years they drag it out either, as they really are hoping for that.

So, I have a limited range I can afford in regards rent, which is what I probably should do while I go out, explore, and look to settle. That said, I got some advice back a couple of years ago and have taken what steps I can to restore my credit rating and otherwise make myself a candidate to buy a home. Don’t have a down payment or anything, just working the score and to hopefully get where I might can build up such a payment.

Now, what I’m looking for is someplace where I can live and have all my stuff that is in storage there, whether still in storage in the house/garage or where I can use it. I miss my books and kitchen gear! It would be nice if I had some semi-secure area in which to do a bit of gardening. In fact, would love to build and use some raised beds for herbs and various vegetables.

I would consider an apartment or space in a senior residence if such location tolerated cigars, drinking, and was run by people who believe in preparedness. So long as I have my stuff and the the ability to do a small bit of gardening, and not have to put up with strict rules…

Second Block: Red area only. If things go as they seem to be going, blue cities and areas are going to become deathtraps. If you thought the summer of love a couple of years ago was bad, I’m very worried we ain’t seen nuthin yet (name that song!).

Third Block: Medical. Wherever I do settle down needs to be within about thirty minutes of a decent primary care facility. I hope not to need such, and really want to avoid doctors and hospitals as much as I can, but that’s not likely. On top of that, I need to be within one to two hours of top-level medical care. The local can treat routine, but if there are heart or other issues, I need to be within transfer distance or easy driving distance.

Fourth Block: Gun and Defense Laws. Thanks to people like Guy Relford, Indiana has some of the best gun laws in the nation. There are very few place I can’t enter while carrying, and our Stand Your Ground and Castle Doctrine laws are very good. I really wish we could get the law changed to allow you to protect your property/place of business, but don’t see that happening soon. Also, municipalities can’t do their own thing and override state law on firearms and self-defense. So, looking for as close to what we have here in the areas where I’m considering moving.

Fifth Block: People. As much as part of me would love to go be a desert hermit somewhere, I do need to be around people. I need to be where people can and will check on me. I also very much want to be around people who are into being prepared and share some similar interests. Which means I need to find people like some of you, or members of Baen’s Bar, the MHI crowd, etc. I also want enough community where I might could even look at dating. After all, I might find some sweet young thing with vision problems or such that might be interested in me. I can dream.

Sixth Block: Resources. The area needs to have a decent grocery store and be within reasonable driving distance (again, one to two hours) of specialty/larger food centers such as a good international grocery. Decent food is nice. It would be nice if they have the same pharmacy I’m using, but that’s workable. There also has to be a Y or gym that gives seniors a discount and has what I need for my workout and health. Also, looking at some fairly distinct religious options. If the area has a couple of other specialty options (cigar store, cough), that’s a plus.

Seventh Block: Water. Area needs to have decent water and no near-term water/aquifer issues.

Eighth Block: Border. Given all that is going on with the Southern border, prefer to keep my distance and ensure that where I do end up is defensible on several levels.

There are a couple of other minor qualifiers, but that hits the most important ones. Now, let’s take a quick look at how this plays out.

New Mexico is out, particularly given the current Reichsgovernor. Pity, there are some wonderful locations there and I love the area north of Santa Fe. Dean Ing used to highly recommend Ruidoso and the area around it.

Benson, Arizona is one area where I’ve looked. If I win the lottery and can convince the owner of the Titan missile silo to sell, I’d head there in a heartbeat. Near Tombstone, decent/acceptable primary care, easy transport by ground or air to advanced care in Tuscon, gym, don’t have to try to surf space debris down to it, etc. Drawbacks are primarily in the resource area, and the fact it is a blue area. Water is also an issue. They have a rental tax that pushes things out into barely afford/can’t afford area. Yes, there are nearby cities that don’t, but the resources, people, and water problems just get worse. Sierra Vista has a higher cost of living than I can go right now. The border is a huge issue for the area.

I really love the area around Ft. Davis, Texas. Alpine fits many aspects of the matrix, but between the border and being more than two hours to get to major medical and other resources…

Right now, two places that are under consideration are San Angelo and Abilene, Texas. Both offer a lot of good resources and fit pretty much all the right boxes in the matrix. Abilene is ahead in some ways because it has a few more resources and is a bit closer to Dallas/Ft. Worth.

I really would like to visit the area around Winslow and Flagstaff, Arizona as there may be some good options there.

One option that has been suggested by several parties is to find some place to store my stuff and use an RV to explore. The primary drawback to that is finances, but it would be a good way to go. If I can find a way to do it, it would be well worth doing I think.

In terms of in-state GOTH, the same considerations apply. I would probably need to be within one to two hours of Indy, probably not too far from either I-65 or I-74 south of Indianapolis. Well away from Indy and the ring counties (I have a very impolite way of referring to the area). North does nothing to mitigate weather and there are resource issues. South, while sparser pickings, seems to be the better option.

Rants on the hellhole Indy has become, the Indy GOP (the party of higher taxes and bigger government — seriously, when the Dems say you need to cut taxes…), and related issues can wait for another day.

If you have suggestions that fit the matrix, please do sound off.

Getting hit by lightning is not fun! If you would like to help me in my recovery efforts, which include moving once we have medical issues cleared up, feel free to hit the fundraiser at A New Life on GiveSendGo, use the options in the Tip Jar in the upper right, or drop me a line to discuss other methods. It is thanks to your gifts and prayers that I am still going. Thank you.

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  1. I toured the Titan Missile Museum south of Tucson – a fascinating place to go to. Even got a pic of myself sitting at a console, hand on the key, wearing a shirt that had NUKE AND PAVE printed on the front of it in large not friendly letters. The thing that stuck with me is that the missile there is exposed to view from above with a big porthole in the top of it so that passing spy satellites can continue to confirm it is in fact a dewat. With all that has happened recently and what we have seen with the post Soviet Russian military, I do have to wonder how many assets they might still have targeted at it or other Titan silos.

    The other thing that stuck with me is that the initial targeting system for the Titan missiles depending on a theodolite.

    Winslow is a hole, IMO. Flagstaff is nice but bound to be on the expensive side. Williams is nice also

    1. One, targeting remains a concern to me as well. Truly hoping they have updated, as if not I am likely to be very briefly amused and annoyed when they nuke some vacant lots, a strip mall, etc. Well within total destruction zone for one of those. If not, have a chance since the most likely current targets are all away from me, though one is close enough I could be in the potential conflagration zone.

      Two, think that if it does go that way, lots of targets likely to escape. Suspect only 20 percent or less of systems will work at need.

      Three, still laugh at the diplomatic kerfluffle that broke out when the Alabama Space and Rocket Center decided to refurbish one of the rockets on display, hauled it in, and promptly had people screaming at them from State and elsewhere because the Soviets/Russians went ballistic at it being moved where they couldn’t see it. My memory is that it was something of a self-inflicted would by ASROC.

      Four, thanks for the heads-up on the towns!

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