I Live

Sorta. The surgery went well and if all the care had matched, I think I would be well ahead of last time. That said, the Friday night shift had issues and I can’t say too much yet but will say I went several hours “off protocol” in regards pain or icing. Still trying to recover and get going. Glad to be discharged as I was prepared to leave AMA rather than deal with that night shift again as am not sure I would have survived.

5 thoughts on “I Live”

  1. That is awful. Can you talk to anyone about it? Glad you are getting out of the hospital

  2. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Exposure to the modern US hospital system really does leave one both impressed and depressed simultaneously. The very best is very, very good, but the worst, though reputedly better than third world medical care during a simultaneous monsoon and coup de tat, makes one wonder about the stacked probabilities it takes to get the group of people down at the lower tail of the bell curve employed in health care all being assigned to the same units and shifts.

  3. Had a similar experience at what is likely the best shock/trauma hospital in the country. One example – during the Friday overnight shift I was sipping ice water, nurse came in to take temp, it read 84deg. When I told her it was low because I was sipping ice water she said “Oh no, that’s a normal temperature.” Getting my pain meds that night was a nightmare – they wouldn’t answer the call button. IV stopped and they ignored the alarm for hours.

    I had a 5 broken ribs, deflated lung, and a chest tube installed earlier that day. Day shift and all Drs were amazing – but I feared the night shifts! Nothing even close to what you’ve endured, but I feel for you.

    Hang in there – pulling for you!

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