Cookware Question (Updated)

I had picked up some Wilton cake pans for cooking and baking as I caught a deal on themn and I’ve had very good luck with the brand before. Didn’t have a choice on the non-stick, as I really prefer plain metal. Hugely disappointed this morning that after cooking some chicken yesterday to find that the non-stick coating is flaking off one of the pans and into the food. Entire tray of enchiladas gets to hit the trash.

Not sure you can see them, but there are also some bubbles forming on the bottom of the pan.

So, anyone got any recommendations for some good bakeware since I’m likely to have to replace the Wilton pans completely?

UPDATE I: Whatever else happens, I have to commend Wilton’s customer service. I got a reply yesterday that was friendly, professional, and not scripted. I sent them the information they requested and the two photos above. I also offered to ship them the pan if they wanted to examine it. Today they took me up on that and are paying to have it shipped back. They also asked me to confirm my mailing address as they are offering to ship me a replacement. Will keep posted on how things go.

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  1. I’ve had good luck with Fat Daddio’s pans. Not non-stick, anodized aluminum. Line with parchment and baked goods pop right out.

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