It’s Not About Russell Brand

I really hadn’t paid much attention to Russell Brand, even as a number of libertarians and conservatives began to embrace him as he started speaking out against the narrative. For all that I was surprised and a little pleased that he seemed to be waking up and speaking out, he wasn’t anyone who I was in a hurry to metaphorically embrace.

To be blunt, Russell Brand was a degenerate sleazeball with few or any redeeming values. In point of fact, both he and Jonathan Ross deserve to be stomped into mudholes for any number of things they did. Both should be on their knees giving abject, sincere, and unconditional apologies to the shade of Andrew Sachs and to any and all of his living family — particularly his granddaughter who they attacked and trashed. Not that I ever expect to see either one of them do so, as that requires honor, integrity, and self-honesty; in short, things I think both creatures lack.

According to some, Brand — at least — has turned over a new leaf. I have no direct knowledge, but hope that is true. People can change, both if they want to and — most of all — with God’s help. I do sincerely hope he has done so.

Whether he truly has or not, his departure from the narrative has earned him the ire of his/our “betters.” Our would-be masters, to be quite honest. He has engaged in heresy, and as with the Inquisition of old, he must be punished for going against the dogma of the religion of progressive thought. Make no mistake, it is indeed a secular religion replacing God with the state and singularly lacking in Grace and Mercy. In this theology, no one has died for your sins, and those who sin must be martyred and seen to be martyred both figuratively and even literally. The latter is already here, but will increase in the days ahead.

So, for the sin of going against the new religion of state, Russell Brand is facing a number of accusations in the media over past behavior. While he has acknowledged that his behavior was bad in the past, he categorically denies the worst of these new accusations. What’s important here is not that he is being accused of rape and more; but, that the accusations are being made in and through the media of the state (literally and figuratively) in England. Not in a court of law where he would have at least some rights to discovery, to cross examine, or otherwise mount a legal defense. This is all being done in the media, state controlled media, and what’s more the government is stepping in to ensure he is not allowed to mount a defense. To the point of threatening Americans and American-owned companies.

Enter Member of Parliment Caroline Dinenage who as chair of the “Culture, Media, and Sport” committee of parliment who has taken it upon herself to do everything in her power to deny Brand not just a chance to defend himself, but to even earn a living. A man she has already convicted in her own mind, though she seems to be trying hard to keep this from ever reaching a court of law. According to her, the accusation itself is proof enough of guilt, and to hell with centuries of English law. To get a good idea of her crusade, read this thread including all the letters she’s written.

The fanaticism is clearly evident, and make no mistake it is the fanaticism that has seen innocents burned at the stake, and innocent women and children herded into the gas chambers or into pits to be shot and/or buried alive. Yes, it is my opinion that she shows, in these letters and other utterances, that same level of fanaticism and dedication to the new religion of state. It is my opinion that she would have fit in perfectly with the National Socialists of Germany, and particularly with the Democratic Socialists of East Germany. Her efforts here make the Soviet show trials of the past look like the height of fairness and honesty.

I do hope Russell Brand understands that even if he were to apologize profusely for any real or imagined actions of the past, it will not matter. If anything, it will only make it worse and I suspect Dinenage and others will derive great mental and even physical pleasure from his humiliation and destruction. Without Grace and Mercy, any such apology will only be used as further evidence of guilt and the need to absolutely destroy the target.

Such creatures exist here and we’ve already seen them in action. Long before the Biden Regency conspired to eliminate free speech and other rights, we had and have various movements that thrived on accusations, and proved that many would apologize and grovel even without proof or legal challenge. We’ve also seen the courts and law enforcement corrupted into a multi-tiered engine of the state, and the new religion of state.

What’s happening now is not about Russell Brand. It’s about power and control — over you. Fight back. Refuse to grovel. Pray for them. It all works and is needed. Do not take the knee, but stand. They really can’t handle that and even as they double-down on those who do so, it allows others to stand. Courage is contagious. Spread it.

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