An Interesting Possibility

Präsident der Republik Grisham has earned two posts here recently (one here and one here) with her overweening arrogance and complete disregard for the Constitution and law. For all that it would be easy to believe the latest act (after all, this is a creature that closed grocery stores as part of overly draconian lockdown restrictions), is just more totalitarian rule, Jeff Goldstein (aka Protein Wisdom) has a different take. One thing I’ve learned over the years is to carefully consider such takes from him.

His take is that the act is orchestrated and meant to fail, for a reason. The idea being to set up a basis to claim or create a federal “right” to such an emergency mandate via the 10th amendment. As he notes, shades of Woodrow Wilson. Progressives are already jumping in to say ‘why not’ do so.

My own hope remains that this gets shot down thoroughly and completely, and that Grisham faces severe official and unofficial sanctions as a warning to others. The cynic in me doubts that will happen, but one can still hope as without such I fear others will only be emboldened. I also hope Jeff is wrong, or that as this issue is being dealt with in the courts, steps can be taken to eliminate any effort to try to do a federal end-run via the 10th.

Oh, two quick things. For those wondering, the title I use for her was the title for the president of East Germany. Seems fitting. For those wondering why I’m not considering NM when I look at moving the the SW, it’s her actions, the simps and gimps of the legislature who went along with them, and the fact that she was voted back into office (similar to human petri dish High Tax Holcomb) by the people who’s rights and liberties she trampled during the lockdowns. No thanks.

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2 thoughts on “An Interesting Possibility”

  1. The massive growth of Albuquerque and Santa Fe in the 2006-2012 period led to a lot of the “California magia” running a state that used to be poor and educated, but pretty free and Wild West. Now, we’re just poor and uneducated.

  2. Many of us have already suggested this.

    It was a trial balloon. And Leftist opposition to it was orchestrated.

    The Left are nothing if not masters of theater.

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