The Injunction

Präsident der Republik Grisham has been hit with an injunction (full text here) for two parts of her “emergency” public health order setting aside both the U.S. and New Mexico constitutions. I had wondered who would be representing Grisham as the NM Attorney General had come out against her order.

Turns out, Grisham’s office has its own Chief General Counsel, one Holly Agajanian (more here, here, and here (paywall) and it is worth noting she was an assistant DA in the Manhattan DA’s office). Ms. Agajanian was stuck with arguing that the emergency health order wasn’t a law but an executive action, and therefore it was legal for it to suspend the Constitution. In reading the injunction, don’t think the judge bought that but a full hearing will take place in a few weeks where all sides can present full (and new) arguments.

Let me reiterate: this needs to be stomped hard and flat, and Grisham needs to pay a personal price for this outrageous act. If both are not done, I would be willing to bet we will see others trying this tack within a year. The judge needs to make clear this is not allowed and is not to be considered; and, Grisham needs to pay a legal and tangible cost for her high-handed actions. Impeachment and removal from office is a start. She paid no price for her high-handed actions during lockdown, and so feels she will face no consequences for this. For all our sake, and the sake of the Republic, she needs to be mistaken.

Keep an eye on this one, think there’s a lot more going on than is obvious right now.

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4 thoughts on “The Injunction”

  1. Here’s hoping that a judicial exorcism and an impeachment finishes the job, so as to “encourage the others.”

  2. It needs to go beyond “impeachment.” Grisholm needs to be financially crippled at the state level – NM governors probably have some sort of pension and post-office benefits and those need to be eradicated for her.

    Then she needs to be made toxic for anyone who might considering hiring her. Exactly how that could be done within the confines of slander and libel law is an exercise for some sharp attorneys, but ex-pols always seem to have “sugar daddy companies” who put them on the payroll to get the benefit of a former governor’s name on the letterhead; it needs to become known that doing so will cost that, and every other business considering her as an employee, dearly.

    If she winds up as the night janitor in the Podunk Village DMV office because that’s the best she can get, that needs to be shouted to the heavens, loudly and perpetually.

    No halfway measures.


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