Musical Interlude

Sorry for the odd posting schedule, but the body and I have been having a disagreement about eating that has been playing hob with me for a week now. Rather than gripe about that, I thought I would share a little bit of music. Three very different artists, all of whom I would love to see in concert. Which says a lot given my thoughts on crowds and loud these days.

First up, Lindsey Stirling. Beyond cute, with both inner and outer beauty shining through. If I were younger and Mormon…, as who wouldn’t be charmed by a true class act. I’ve been fascinated by violins since an early age and it was what I wanted to play in band, but economics (could borrow versus buy) said trumpet. Was given one very briefly for a play, and had it taken away as I was actually practicing with it and getting good while the character was supposed to play horribly. Right now, my looking at getting a guitar as opposed to a violin to see if I can learn to play after the lightning strike is mostly economics. Would love to see her in concert as you can tell she puts her all into each performance.

If you haven’t listened to her, start with Shadows and then explore. As for the class act designation, this is just one of the good things she’s done for others. Think it’s a separate clip, but note that when she plays with the young lady she clearly takes second fiddle (pun intended) so the girl can shine. That is true class.

Next up, and very different, is The Hu. Metal meets Mongolia in a way that takes tradition and turns it into something new and very enjoyable. Love their videos. Start with Yuve Yuve Yu and explore. Be sure to catch the mix of Black Thunder featuring two members of Bad Wolves. I keep seeing their music pop up in interesting places, and seem to recall that two members of the band invented a language for one of the Star Trek vehicles and may have even had a cameo. Oh, and if you just want audio and no video, check out their YT Channel as it has just audio of most of their work as well as videos. Would love to see them in concert, though I can’t afford the cheap seats much less the VIP package.

Finally, there is Loreena McKennitt. There’s a lot in her work to unpack, and I had the hair stand up on my arms listening to her sing a true and potent curse (May God reward you well for your treatment of me). Most of the world knows her for her rendition of Bonny Portmore (I think it the best), and if you get the chance to listen to All Soul’s Night on Halloween night sitting in front of a fire, do so. I used to have all her CDs, wish I still did. She ranges from truly ancient tunes to more modern pieces with ease, and my inner Celt is always happy with her takes on Celtic music. Explore and enjoy. She’s coming here to Indy in a couple of months and I’m looking at going if budget and surgery allows. Seriously will check the date of the show before setting the date for the new shoulder.

Something different for the morning, and we will see what the afternoon holds.

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