The Upcoming Election

This post is going to be a bit weird on some levels. I’ve been staying away from some of the politics as I think it far too early and far too many are looking to attack their own allies for any reason. I’ve seen some vicious races over the years, local and otherwise, but nothing quite like what is going on right now.

The catalyst for this post is this post by Sarah Hoyt. I want and need to acknowledge that Sarah has done a lot for me over the last few years, and I respect her and appreciate that which was done. She is a long-time and astute watcher of politics, who has approached it with the obsession of a sniper and an eye that comes from outside our system. That’s important as the people I’m finding who get what is going on come from outside our system. In fact, they are survivors of communism and socialism elsewhere, and include people like Sarah and a survivor of Mao.

Right now, my prime mode in regards the Republican race for president is mostly disgust. The number of people demanding I pick a side/candidate right now you traitorous piece of bleep is amazing. For the record, I do not owe ANY politician my loyalty, and that’s not how American politics is supposed to work. What is supposed to happen is that you, the politician, work to EARN my vote. If you demand it, my immediate and permanent response is going to be Fuck You. It’s like respect: if you demand it, you don’t deserve it. If your supporters and proxies demand it, and you don’t call them out, you don’t deserve it or my vote.

The fact is, I have enjoyed Trump, and his entry into politics and the swamp remind me more than a little bit of Rodney Dangerfield in CaddyShack. The reactions of the establishment in both cases are almost identical. I do give thanks for the work he and Mitch did in regards the Supreme Court and judges in general. He did a lot of good, but that doesn’t negate the fact he made a lot of bad choices as well. I voted for him twice, and if he is the Republican candidate I will vote for him again as anything is better than the Biden Regency and puppet show.

The fact is, if RDS is the candidate, I will vote for him. He’s got a very solid record as governor and while I get that a number don’t like or trust him, his accomplishments — including standing up to Trump on reopening Florida during COVID — speak for themselves. Not only competent himself, he’s made a lot of good personnel choices.

Outside of those two, I am not likely to vote for any of the other challengers. The problem with voting for the lesser of two evils, and it’s hard to find evil on the order of the Biden Crime Family, is that you are still voting for evil. Stop it.

Thing is, I think all the foaming-at-the-mouth hysteria and outrage is pointless. It’s pointless for two reasons. First, unless we secure the election it will be a crock. Show me any real effort by the RNC to secure the election and keep it honest. There’s not one and bleating about beating the margin of fraud is a crock. Second, is something I’ve asked in private and will say out loud now as well: Given all the Banana Republic things going on right now, do you really think they will let Trump (or RDS to be honest) live to take office? Whether it’s the Biden Regency or the DNC, they have pulled the trigger on things that can’t be walked back. What makes you think they will stop there in the quest for power?

No, I don’t think all is lost. It doesn’t matter if the Republic is dead, or just beaten comatose. There’s a thing called the Golden Hour, and recent vets get what I mean. It may well be hard and even ugly, but there is a chance to restore the Republic. It’s not gone yet. As Sarah has pointed out many times before, you can see the wheels starting to come off the progressive/marxist efforts. It is indeed one reason they are pushing so hard on so many fronts. It’s an effort to get things in place in the hopes they may be made permanent once they are in permanent power.

Fuck that. Fight back, now. Refuse to go along with the trans mafia, and all the ridiculous takes of the day. Refuse to bow down to the mob. Laugh at them. Fight any mandates and grabs for power, from digitized currency and debanking to efforts to force you to buy government approved appliances. Resist, fight, and mock them. Remember, they can’t stand being laughed at, so laugh and share the laughter. Mock them mercilessly.

Get active locally. Make sure who you vote for is indeed who they say they are, and start taking back local school boards and governments. Make sure the election monitors are fair, balanced, and aboveboard. If you don’t, the larger isn’t going to matter. There is still time, if you act now. Toss out Uniparty and get some real and good people in place.

Otherwise, the alternative is not good. It will make hard and ugly look like an ice cream social. No one sane wants that. Normal is gone and not coming back. The best we can hope for is to create a new normal, one better grounded in liberty and designed to withstand the storms of marxism.

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  1. Amen brother,

    Tough times are coming no later than next year. The Democrats have started on the escalation ladder with the indictments and there is no turning back for them, they are now in a must-win situation and will do whatever it takes to retain power.

    I caution people to not focus on new COVID restrictions, fear is the payload, COVID is merely the launch vehicle. The method of sowing fear for 2024 will be portraying Trump, MAGA, and the Right in general as extremists, threats to the Republic. The Democrats have been quite explicit about that/ Remember what happened 1 year ago today? Biden’s “The Battle for the Soul of the Nation:” speech in Philadelphia where he said “Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic”? He didn’t come up with that on his own.

    They aren’t kidding around. For the next 14 months and accelerating come Spring there will be a sophisticated information warfare campaign waged by the Left to paint the Right as illegitimate . Not now, it’s too early but some ground work will be laid. The Jacksonville shootings is one warning. Expect similar incidents come Spring which will be translated into calls for political action as Republicans are blamed for both gun and racial violence. I expect other direct, probably even false flag actions designed to put Trump and his supporters as beyond the pale. Remember the FBI-orchestrated attempted kidnapping of Michigan Governor Whitmer in 2020? Expect something similar but directed against election officials. Violence, steady stream of MAGA-related plots, plenty of visuals

    We were scenario-planning the other day and one of my buddies remarked that the reaction to the Audrey Hale massacre is a model, not that she was a killer but that she was considered by many a martyr. What are the odds that some teenager denied “gender affirming care” in a red state kills himself as a political protest? Say lighting themselves on fire like the Buddhist monk in 1963 S. Vietnam? Oh my and you thought they made George Floyd a secular martyr… we haven’t seen anything yet.

    That’s what the Left is good at. Taking singular events and creating movements and demands for systemic action around them. There will be dead children, killed by racists, killed by AR-15s, killed by being denied gender-affirming care

    Trump goes to trial in March and in DC I see a guaranteed conviction say… mid-May. At that time the Republican nomination will be sewn up one way or the other and that’s when we’ll see various secretaries of state announcing Trump will be removed from the ballot. Perhaps it will go to the Supreme Court and when they order him reinstated the Democrats will have their excuse to go full nullification.

    Polarizing the electorate and isolating Trump is one part of the play. The second is creating the grounds for a large-scale, what, a revolution? In October 2020 when it seemed they would get decisive majorities in the House and Senate, the Democrats talked openly of blowing the system apart by eliminating the filibuster, federalizing elections, packing the Supreme Court, adding states. That is all still on the table. In fact they would welcome violence both before and after the election because they can both blame it on the Right and win the battle. After that, the Deluge

    The Democrats displayed a blueprint in 2020 for post-election chaos through their representatives on the Transition Integrity Project ( and I expect them to implement something like that if Trump wins. The Left has impressive resources for post-election action; they have control of the security services which can decapitate leadership and cut communications, have the ability through their non-profit and community groups to launch massive street protests, and they control the media and the military. They would welcome confrontation because it would legitimize what they plan to do AFTER the election.

    It’s coming. Everything we have seen over the past 3 years points to it. What can we do? First, admit nobody is 10 feet tall and that, yes, they can be beaten. It takes organization and preparation to fight the information warfare battles between now and the Election. Get a kid who has detransitioned. Get some black gun owners. Take some of the worst offenders in the media and Democratic Party and humiliate them. You cannot beat them, not quite yet, but you can knock them off their stride, break their cadence and momentum, sow doubt and that is good enough. It’s all about ops

    Build your Committees of Correspondence both locally and interconnect them nation-wide for the pre and post-Election action. Get people in the face of the Secretaries of State now and ask them how to plan to secure the elections. No more Georgia drop boxes, no more Wisconsin nursing homes, no more Maricopa Counties. If things fall apart post-Election as I fear it will we will need to have our governors be the center of resistance. The way you defeat a coup isn’t so much to defeat it head-on, but rather break its momentum in order to undermine its sense of inevitability. A coup wins because people see it as a winner, it loses if people shy away from it. An Abbott, DeSantis or anyone with sufficient armed forces being the locus of resistance will be key. Also beyond time to start having our own infiltrators/moles in the security agencies, there are those who are willing, just got to reach out

    We never did do an after-action on lessons learned from Jan. 6 and I fear from conversations that many of us think that just showing up with AR-15s will do the trick. Got to be smart, quick, and have a plan

    The good news? When the ball drops, don’t worry about the highways leading into DC, I got that covered.

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