Quick Reads

Well, they are quick to post but may not be so quick to read. 🙂 Sorry, been a busy morning that has seen me luck out on some groceries and get some good news in that regard. Finally back home, and wanted to share some goodies.

First, let me just say that abolishing SAC was possibly the most stupid military decision of the last fifty years. Heck, it may have been more stupid than Pickett’s charge to go back even further. When you read this, understand that the shade of General LeMay is probably trying to reanimate his corpse so he can get a baseball bat and go visit the parody of SAC that is Strategic Command. My blood pressure does not thank VodkaPundit at Instapundit for the Hat Tip, even if I do.

Then, go read David Strom’s excellent take on the political grifters and would-be thieves (if you won’t release funds, or try to give them to other charities, you are a thief) at GoFundMe. Pro Tip: Use GiveSendGo, good people who don’t play politics.

If you aren’t reading Victory Girls, you should be. Be sure to check out the approaching death of women’s sports. On a similar note, Jazz Shaw has a good post on how metoo abandoned women’s sports.

Finally, go read this on wind power by Beege Welborn at HotAir. Also, congratulate her on a year at the site.

More in a bit.

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