Moving On!

Yesterday afternoon I had my post-op visit wth the PA. Overall, it went very well.

The dressing and incision tape were removed, which was an interesting but not painful sensation. What I did feel was weird, but not even that unpleasant. A small segment of the incision looks like it wants to misbehave, so I’m on antibiotics four times a day for ten days. We are NOT playing games or taking chances with infection!

Her manipulation of my shoulder proved interesting. While we hit some issues, the range 0f (possible) motion was amazing. While I am to continue to wear the brace (my version of the cone of shame) for two more weeks, I am also now to take it off several times a day to do arm curls and straighten it out. Still no weight in that hand yet, and I’m good with that.

Big surprise is that if all the paperwork goes through, I have my first real PT session tomorrow. May be a couple of other firsts tucked in there, will see.

More soon.

3 thoughts on “Moving On!”

  1. Hooray for the progress!!! Boo on the infection! I hope the antibiotics kick it quickly.

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