The Moscow Gambit

Yes, I do hear a good bit that I don’t share. Sometimes it is because the info is suspect or can’t be verified. Sometimes it is because the info is flat out wrong. Sometimes, it is because it appears to be quite genuine and I don’t want to mess up what (may) be going on.

In regards the drone attack on Moscow, I’m simply going to suggest noting the very, very, extremely precise wording out of certain quarters. There is a world of difference between a party not being involved and not being directly involved. Which begs questions about who was directly involved and why.

Russia has had a lot of mysterious fires and such since the invasion started. Been a number of accidents rail and otherwise. Now, a larger drone attack on Moscow. Tie this in with other things going on…

The old wolf smiles and begins to whistle to himself as he contemplates the board…

9 thoughts on “The Moscow Gambit”

  1. we are going to get our hair mussed. the outstanding question is what those in charge ( lol ) think is an acceptable amount of mussed. I fear we are heading towards a serious FAFO moment

  2. Russia has made it clear that in the case of serious attacks on Russia they will attack the decision making centers of the attackers. This means Washington, London, Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Warsaw… With modern weapons the response need not be nuclear. Imagine what a few cruise missiles into the NYSE would do.

    One Russian leader (Lavrov?) pointed out that the Atlantic is not a defensive moat, it is a highway for the delivery of weapons to American territory.

    While we continually inch towards a general European/North American war, we are also provoking the Chinese. And, of course, there is always the North Koreans, the true Joker in the Deck. They can actually carry out nuclear strikes on mainland America.

    FAFO, indeed.

    If you live in a major city, you need to get out. A two hour commute will look real good when, not if, the SHTF.

    And lurking in the background is the black underclass. Waiting.

  3. I think it would be incredibly stupid for Russia to expand the war, nor do I think Winnie the Xi (who is senior partner) would want it yet. As for FAFO, the question is with what? For a number of reasons, I don’t think the nuclear threat is what is portrayed (see previous posts). Conventional? Ah, right. With what they have, they could do damage nuclear or non-nuclear, but only at a truly existential threat to themselves.

    1. For your information, LW, I have observed the internet poster known as Bob Sykes for some time, and while I prefer not to say this about most people with whom I merely disagree, I believe he is actually that rara avis a foreign operative. Press him hard enough and his English slips. Plus of course his is the straight Moscow party line.

      Not that you shouldn’t cast your pearls before swine, but to know who you’re talking to. Note the bit about the blacks at the end. Usual Grima Wormtongue act.

      1. Yeah, had already figured that. My reply was more for anyone coming by than for the two FAFO/concern trolls/operatives. Thought about deleting him, but glad to let his machinations and bigotry shine forth for the world to see. Small, but important IMO. Thanks for the heads-up! It, and your comments, are much appreciated.

  4. I’m not trying to be a concern troll – I honestly think we have too many people pushing boundaries and so far there has not been significant pushing back from some of the players. Don’t know what direction it will come – and with past actions like pipeline sabotage already in play, I expect it to be infrastructure / economic related at first. The laws of unintended consequences will rapidly aggravate the situation. And the West by and large is still greatly distracted with our own navel gazing and luxury worries – the FWPs so many think are oh so important. Its just that we are not resilient like we once were.

    1. Well, can’t argue that the Biden Regency, and far too many others in DC, don’t have the first flippin clue as to what they are doing other than money laundering and such. If they had had even a slight clue, the invasion would not have occurred in the first place. I do see room for the law of unintended consequences to come into play, but also think Vladimir’s options are limited and growing more so right now. It would take a serious case of the stupids on many parts for it to be escalated conventional or otherwise. When I saw the FAFO earlier, it caused you to peg as a Russian asset as that is a phrase du jour for them right now.

      1. I use FAFO as a modern 2A folk would, fwiw. But that is not something that can be ascertained by simply reading a comment. Sucks that it is one more thing getting fouled by Russians.

        I am related by blood to someone who used to make a living making and selling Pysanky, back during the height of the Cold War. He used to tell people that every egg he did was another link in the chains holding back the Russian devil. caught some grief from the anti-war crowd back then, because they were so sure the West were the villains.

        1. Yep, it truly is. Pysanky is beauty! Sadly, they still are convinced the West are the villains, and acting accordingly.

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